Gajim - 2016-10-20

  1. arune lovetox: I know xmpp client spark can use Windows credentials to log in an account, that would be even better (for my users)
  2. arune lovetox: spark uses gssapi/sasl
  3. Got some re-connect problem with Gajim here: when I start Gajim while computer is offline, and then go online later, Gajim does not re-try to connect by itself.
  4. Any way to change that?
  5. I tried increasing the (advanced config) parameter "try_reconnect_for_foo_secs" but it seems to have no effect.
  6. lovetox which OS?
  7. Windows 7
  8. lovetox on windows there is no way for gajim to know, when you are online and when not
  9. lovetox currently gajim try at start every minute
  10. lovetox but if this does not succeed for a longer time
  11. lovetox it goes up to 5 minutes
  12. lovetox reconnect intervall
  13. lovetox this is with gajim 0.16.6
  14. lovetox before it was even longer
  15. lovetox if you think it does not reconnect withhin 5 minutes, this could be a bug
  16. Ok will test again and report back
  17. Lovetox; I tested it again; here is what happens:
  18. Disabled network interfaces in Windows control panel. Started Gajim 0.16.5. Immediately got error from Gajim that it cannot connect. Status combobox in Gajim switched to "Abgemeldet" automatically. Activated network connection again. Then waited 20mins. Still not connected to XMPP server. Manually set the status Combobox in Gajim to "Verfügbar". Now it tried to reconnect but failed. Quit Gajim and restrated it. Now it connected OK.
  19. Link Mauve, 0.16.5 is outdated, please only test on 0.16.6.
  20. Link Mauve I have no idea if that particular point changed between them, but there are many fixes.
  21. lovetox it did
  22. lovetox like i said 10 lines above
  23. lovetox ‎[14:55:37] ‎lovetox‎: it goes up to 5 minutes ‎[14:55:43] ‎lovetox‎: reconnect intervall ‎[14:56:00] ‎lovetox‎: this is with gajim 0.16.6
  24. Will the OMEMO plugin still work if I simply install 0.16.6?
  25. lovetox of course
  26. ;-)
  27. lovetox the installer will deinstall the old gajim
  28. lovetox which does NOT delete your user data, config etc
  29. lovetox so no worries
  30. Will I have to re-download the plugin (I have no FTP conn from where I am now).
  31. lovetox no plugins are also user data
  32. lovetox which are not affected by the client install
  33. Ok will try when I have time. Need to ensure I can roll back when things break.
  34. lovetox if you want to make 100% sure
  35. lovetox save
  36. lovetox C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Roaming\Gajim
  37. lovetox this folder
  38. lovetox to somewhere else
  39. lovetox in that folder all data that are related to your account/user are saved
  40. lovetox but keep it in place for the update, or you will end up with an empty gajim install
  41. Thanks for the hint. Fixing things takes too much time, if you are not doing it for a hobby ;-)
  42. lovetox, i just tested your case
  43. lovetox and indeed gajim was never connected to a server in the first place
  44. lovetox it also dont trys to reconnect
  45. Lovetox, did you try it with 0.16.6?
  46. lovetox yes that has not changed
  47. ;-(
  48. lovetox we did only change the reconnect value to max 5 minutes
  49. lovetox but it isnt a reconnect, if you never was connected
  50. lovetox but i will take this on the list of things to fix
  51. Thanks!
  52. lovetox Link Mauve
  53. lovetox is beeing "invisible"
  54. lovetox a client hack, or is this written down in a xep, what that means
  55. lovetox ok found 3 xeps about it
  56. Link Mauve Right.
  57. Link Mauve Two big hacks, and one that should be used.
  58. lovetox the latest?
  59. lovetox thats the one
  60. Link Mauve Yeah, this one is nice.
  61. lovetox do you know if both ejabbered and prosody support this?
  62. lovetox ah i look myself :)