Gajim - 2016-10-19

  1. Link Mauve lovetox, with GTK+ 4.0 pretty close, continuing to use deprecated symbols is a certain guarantee Gajim won’t work against 4.0.
  2. Link Mauve It might not be a goal, you may wish to stay on 3.x forever, but imo that’s a bad idea.
  3. lovetox not forever
  4. lovetox lets say i want a release :D
  5. lovetox priority should be to get a gtk3 release
  6. lovetox to adapt depracted symbols will do nothing for that
  7. Link Mauve A good chunk of these issues are not deprecated symbols though.
  8. lovetox so im more interested in the "real" problems
  9. lovetox the tab override ok
  10. lovetox but other than that i dont see something
  11. Link Mauve I might do another round of Gajim testing one of these days.
  12. lovetox the parent window error i can not reproduce
  13. lovetox would be much appreciated :)
  14. zb hello everybody! got a short question regarding file transfers when one end is using BOSH to connect to the (same) server - is that supposed to work? both ends are using the newest gajim (windows)
  15. arune zb: are you using HttpUpload plugin for file transfer? Or built in jingle file transfer?
  16. linus What sort of file transfer? Jingle? That doesn't work most of the time anyway :p
  17. zb actually i don't even know that :D we've got a bytestream proxy running on the server... this seems to work for e.g. gaijm <-> conversations //(not using BOSH)
  18. zb btw, server's ejabberd, if that makes any difference
  19. lovetox zb if you dont have reason for needing p2p filetransfer
  20. lovetox try the httpupload plugin
  21. lovetox your jabber server has to support httpupload thoug
  22. zb lovetox: the only reason is it being 2016 and i'd very gladly just use p2p filetransfer :D
  23. zb but thanks for your suggestion, i'll give it a shot!
  24. zb just for my understanding: so if i'm sending files with gajim and the server's running a bytestream proxy, i am effectively using XEP-0260: Jingle SOCKS5 Bytestreams Transport Method ?
  25. lovetox thats the thing 2016 p2p is kind of out of style :D
  26. zb oh man, first moxie's telling my federated protocols are a thing of the past, and now this :D i think i need a drink :D
  27. zb telling me *
  28. lovetox the problem are smartphones, unstable connection all of the time
  29. lovetox hm zb i dont really know much about jingle , socks5 etc sorry
  30. zb strangely though, it works pretty well with conversation
  31. zb s
  32. lovetox between gajim and conversations?
  33. zb yes
  34. lovetox but not between gajim and gajim?
  35. zb yes
  36. zb when one of the gajims is connected via BOSH, at least. couldn't test wihtout so far
  37. lovetox yeah so this is not testing the same thing ..
  38. lovetox why do you need bosh?
  39. zb that's true. i was just asking if it _should_ be possible, or BOSH is a known culprit
  40. zb the other contact's behind a pretty stiff corporate firewall
  41. lovetox did you try
  42. lovetox
  43. lovetox or is tls ports also blocked
  44. lovetox i mean you would have to have a server that allows connectiong on 443
  45. zb ah i see!
  46. lovetox and you have to manually set the port in gajim
  47. lovetox gajim cant detect it from the SRV records
  48. zb thanks for the input, i'll see if i can make use of that
  49. lovetox or just try httpupload
  50. lovetox :)
  51. zb yea, i'm beginning to see your point with that :D
  52. lovetox i cant really say anything about jingle, because i dont use it
  53. lovetox httpupload has the added bonus
  54. lovetox that your contact doesnt have to be online to receive the file
  55. linus And it can go in the history
  56. arune And multi client
  57. Marzanna Do moderators actually review anonymous comments in gajim plugins trac?
  58. lovetox what are comments?
  59. lovetox you mean tickets?
  60. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim Plugins • Ticket #144 (OMEMO plugin or its integration bug - no fingerprint exchange happens) closed invalid: i dont see what we can do here, feel free to reopen if you have the feeling the plugin does something wrong here.
  61. Link Mauve lovetox, linus, please stop your FUD about p2p, it works very well for pretty much all purposes, and is totally not in opposition with HTTP, just complementary.
  62. Link Mauve I should really write that XEP I’ve been wanting to about a bittorrent Jingle transport.
  63. zak @Link Mauve: Thank you, I wanted to step in as well but decided not to start this discussion again.
  64. lovetox its just too much work
  65. lovetox why does a p2p transfer not work?
  66. zak and there it goes again... :-(
  67. lovetox unending reasons
  68. zak everything needs work
  69. lovetox its better to depend on something that doesnt depend on how i connected to the server, or if im behind a router or not, or whatever
  70. lovetox i dont say its in opposite
  71. lovetox its just a way more complex way to transfer a file
  72. Link Mauve lovetox, how you are connected to the server doesn’t matter, your router should be no issue with ICE.
  73. linus There's nothing wrong with P2P, but the implementation in gajim just doesn't work for me
  74. Link Mauve And in any case, if your server provides a SOCKS5 proxy even without ICE you can do a non-p2p session.
  75. lovetox look, if someone asks for help, i can only help with what i know
  76. Link Mauve lovetox, FUD is not help. :p
  77. lovetox there is exactly one guy in the world, who knows how and when jingle transfer works in gajim
  78. lovetox and he is not here
  79. lovetox so my answer is, use something different if it doesnt work
  80. lovetox because if you wait for help oin that issue, you will wait a long time
  81. Link Mauve You could also just invite him here?
  82. Link Mauve He’s online pretty much all the time.
  83. zak That's not the point, the impression has been made that jingle ft is outdated in principle.
  84. lovetox zak that was maybe a bit over the top
  85. lovetox but next time i will ping Link Mauve
  86. linus I never intended to make that impression, if I did I extend apologies to all those affected
  87. lovetox and then you can tell him what in THEORIE should work and what not
  88. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim Plugins • Ticket #148 (http-upload and #anchor on images) created In personal chat Gajim send pictures with #anchor, while making downloads thumb an[…] • Ticket #149 (0.16.6-1 Sending pictures inband with XEP-0071 (XHTML-IM) problem) created Bug description Some contacts got inband image normally, but some others got "HTML ima[…] • Ticket #126 (Url Image preview displ[]
  89. Link Mauve lovetox, I wasn’t talking about me, I was talking about ThibG, who implemented it in Gajim in the first place.
  90. Marzanna lovetox, I mean comments in tickets
  91. lovetox i think there are only 2 moderators
  92. lovetox asterix and darlan
  93. lovetox on plugin trac you can register an account
  94. lovetox then you dont have that restriction
  95. Marzanna lovetox, I can register on gajim trac but not on plugins trac
  96. lovetox puh
  97. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim Plugins • Ticket #148 (http-upload and #anchor on images) updated are you talking about encrypted pictures? • Ticket #148 (http-upload and #anchor on images) updated your browser cant open the link because its encrypted..
  98. lovetox yeah i ask asterix so that become a moderator, then i can review them faster
  99. Marzanna I sent my comment around a month ago but it never got posted
  100. lovetox to what issue
  101. lovetox just tell me
  102. Marzanna I also sent a comment today
  103. Marzanna Seems it got approved
  104. Marzanna But not my old comment
  105. Marzanna Anyway my old comment is not actual now
  106. SouL Hmmm, how can I create a node in a PubSub service, please?
  107. lovetox maybe with discover service ui
  108. SouL I had to manually subscribe myself
  109. SouL and then the node appeared in the UI
  110. SouL I guess is something nobody uses
  111. SouL Don't worry ^^
  112. Link Mauve SouL, where did it appear?
  113. SouL In the window that appears after clicking to the PubSub service
  114. SouL "browse PubSub"
  115. zak Where are the history files located in Linux for Gajim?
  116. zak .local/share/gajim and .config/gajim are not it
  117. zak ah... hmm... seems they are stored in the first directory in "logs.db"? too bad
  118. zak I hoped to be able to "grep" through them
  119. lovetox you can search in the history manager or window
  120. zak ok, well it works. Thanks. Sometimes I still prefer the "plain and straight way"
  121. pitchum if you really want to use grep: sqlite3 ~/.local/share/gajim/logs.db "select * from logs" | grep search
  122. zak yes, extracting the logs is of course possible
  123. lovetox there is somewhere a python script that does that also
  124. lovetox
  125. zak Ah, cool.
  126. zak Thanks!
  127. lovetox we could really integrate this into gajim ^^
  128. zak yeah, something like "dump to disk" or so
  129. zak but only of low importance
  130. Link Mauve Hi, this would be of interest to Gajim, to remove the dependency on gnome-keyring:
  131. lovetox and libsecret is provided with gtk?
  132. lovetox it seems so
  133. lovetox yeah interesting
  134. lovetox more interesting would be a way to store passwords in the windows credential manager :)
  135. lovetox because now on windows they are stored in plain
  136. Link Mauve Apparently Windows has something like that starting with 10.
  137. Link Mauve And OS X too.