Gajim - 2016-10-17

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  4. ameidocken Hello, I decided to switch to XMPP with OMEMO from other IMs, because it seems to be the best one in every way. The only thing that I found out to not be working properly is message history/archive syncing between devices which is crucial for me to use an IM client. I have two devices, Conversations on Cyanogenmod phone and gajim on Linux desktop. I observed that when a contact sends me a message when my desktop is turned off/hibernated/suspended the message never reaches the desktop client (only the phone). I'm pretty sure it's similar with Conversations (turned it off and message won't reach you. This is not an acceptable behaviour for me. Is this fixable? What can be done about this?
  5. linus ameidocken, does your server support XEP-0313, Message Archive Management?
  6. ameidocken I do not want server side archiving as this is potentially coliding with my desire for privacy, as I checked it's turned on. And also as I understand it can't be used together with OMEMO.
  7. ameidocken Whatsapp or Signal do not require this and I liked that about them.
  8. linus as far as I know there's no current implementation of synchronisation of history between multiple clients that doesn't rely on the server
  9. linus It would certainly be a nice feature
  10. Holger It will require both clients to be online at the same time, so it will sometimes work and sometimes not. Which is a horrible user experience, I think.
  11. Holger ameidocken: What's wrong with server-side archiving?
  12. lovetox ameidocken, the good about xmpp is, that you can host your own server :)
  13. linus ^
  14. ameidocken Unfortunately I can't host my own server, because I cannot obtain an IP from my ISP, this is not so simple, besides there's no reason to do this just for this feature as it can be done in other ways. The server can store the message until all the clients associated with a certain user receive it. This can be done in various ways. Fe. confirmation sent to the server for every message received by each client.
  15. ameidocken Server side archiving for more time than needed is bad, because unneeded and is a vulnerability.
  16. linus Like Holger said, it has some usability issues.
  17. linus That's probably a reason why it hasn't already been implemented.
  18. linus It's not a reason that it couldn't possibly be implemented though.
  19. lovetox lol you dont want to set up your server
  20. lovetox but a 1000 other people should
  21. lovetox create XEPs, adapt server software, adapt client software
  22. lovetox so you can have this :D
  23. lovetox you know a server has nothing to do with your ISP
  24. lovetox there are companys that sell servers for 20 euro a month
  25. ameidocken This wouldn't be owned by myself.
  26. lovetox and which server is?
  27. lovetox signals? whatsapp? the server you use currently?
  28. lovetox why do you trust these servers, and not the one you set up on your own
  29. lovetox because its not at home beside you?
  30. ameidocken Because I'd get the exact same thing as some then.
  31. lovetox can you configure teh server?
  32. lovetox no you cant
  33. lovetox so its not the same thing
  34. ameidocken Yeah, only slightly different, not worth the work in my opinion.
  35. lovetox so if you dont want to spend 20 euro a month and some work
  36. lovetox why should anyone spend there free time, to implement something you want?
  37. ameidocken linus, these issues can be omitted if implementing confirmations sent by each client that the message was received.
  38. ameidocken Ok lovetox, but what do I need to do to implement this? Any help? I'm only beginner programmer, I'm willing to do this if it's not to hard.
  39. ameidocken In both Conversations and gajim.
  40. ameidocken And I didn't really force anyone to do anything, I'm simply looking at ways to fix this.
  41. lovetox but you cant fix this, because, and i dont want to insult you, you dont have a clue about what you are talking here
  42. lovetox what you want is a lot of work for a lot of people
  43. lovetox its not going to the preference and switching one button
  44. ameidocken Well, perhaps some others will want this too.
  45. lovetox other people who want this set up theire own server and configure that he doesnt archive messages for longer than a day
  46. lovetox it doesnt get easier than this
  47. Holger ameidocken: I think the summary is that you could get the behavior you want by specifying a new extension and have implementations support it. This would require quite some effort, and the potential gain is not zero but probably small. So it probably won't be easy to motivate others.
  48. ameidocken Holger: would editing the MAM XEP instead of making new XEP make this easier?
  49. Holger ameidocken: One of the explicit goals of the MAM XEP is to keep things simple, so I doubt you'll convice the standards people to add something like this.
  50. Holger ameidocken: So my guess would be that a separate XEP (which extends MAM) will be easier in the end.
  51. ameidocken If I enable MAM in both my clients, will they always display the messages in right order (right now they sometimes are not, for example, a message 15 days old displayed after those that were just sent) and all of them will be available in both clients?
  52. Holger ameidocken: Note that I'm talking about the idea you mentioned in the Conversations room, i.e. have the server somehow keep track of the recipients devices and delete a message if all of them received it. If you just want client-to-client synchronization, you won't need a new XEP, as MAM supports this as-is (I just think the UX will be terrible).
  53. lovetox ameidocken, where are messages not in order?
  54. lovetox screenshot please
  55. Holger ameidocken: MAM allows for having all clients display all messages in the correct order. This works for me in Conversations, and in Gajim's separate history view. Gajim has trouble updating the normal chat window from MAM.
  56. lovetox but holger the order of messages has nothing to do with mam
  57. lovetox i mean it has if you use mam
  58. lovetox but if you dont use mam
  59. lovetox you dont need mam to display messages in order
  60. Holger Are you saying that Gajim has no UI issues with MAM if you don't use MAM? :-)
  61. lovetox i never saw that gajim messes up the order of messages
  62. linus ameidocken, the user experience issue is that messages missed by one client won't appear until it's online simultaneously with one that didn't IIUC.
  63. lovetox you?
  64. Holger lovetox: No you're right, I don't have an issue with ordering. I was responding to the "all of them will be available in both clients" part.
  65. lovetox ah sorry :)
  66. lovetox i was interested about the ordering
  67. ameidocken Okay, I think I meant this "Gajim has trouble updating the normal chat window from MAM.", because the history windows is correct as I checked now.
  68. linus It's not so much having trouble with it as not actually doing it
  69. linus Gajim only uses MAM to fill the history
  70. lovetox everything you get via MAM, is history
  71. lovetox history is for now in the history window :)
  72. linus I think it would be much nicer if it went in the main chat window too
  73. lovetox yeah tmolitor is working on this
  74. linus At least for recent history, like past week or so
  75. ameidocken >linus the user experience issue is that messages missed by one client won't appear until it's online simultaneously with one that didn't IIUC. Does this mean, both clients have to be online for the message archive to be updated to the newest correct state on the devices?
  76. linus No, I mean the UX issue with your solution
  77. linus Unless your idea was to have the server involved too, in which case it would be another layer of complexity
  78. ameidocken Ah, yes, I was mostly thinking about server handling this (as it's done with all the other messangers that have this feature), because it sounded easier to make right. Anyway, I'll try enabling MAM for a few weeks and see how that works. Other messangers have more cons.
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  82. arune lovetox: going over old issues? 😬
  83. arune Or just because you were fixing appindicator plugin anyway?
  84. lovetox i guess the appindicator plugin never worked correctly
  85. Link Mauve ameidocken, AFAIK in WhatsApp’s case they don’t do that server-side, they have one master device (the phone) that is required to be online if you want to use another client at the same time.
  86. Link Mauve In which case, said other client will retrieve the messages from the master device instead.
  87. ameidocken Yes, that's like a huge con of whatsapp.
  88. arune lovetox: it sort of works for me, it indicates incoming messages and lists by user
  89. arune But it isn't useful on a multi client setup since incoming messages isn't removed when read on other decice
  90. lovetox but that has nothing to do with the appindicator
  91. lovetox messages are also not removed in normal gajim
  92. arune Exactly, but this makes the appindicator bad because it's always full of old messages
  93. lovetox i dont understand
  94. lovetox gajim is also full of old messages..
  95. lovetox if you start the programm you have to remove them
  96. lovetox if you are using appindicator or not
  97. lovetox or do i understand something not correctly
  98. arune That is correct yes
  99. lovetox in default we get rid of this hopefully soon
  100. arune 👌👌👌
  101. fireglow Hi. Got a segfault. 0.16.6 on FreeBSD. I removed some contacts with another client, and now gajim crashes when I try to log into the account. The crash also happens with ~/.config/gajim and ~/.local/share/gajim cleaned, which is a bit weird...
  102. fireglow when gajim connects, it crashes. But quite often, it just hangs at Connecting
  103. ameidocken If I want to translate, is downloading language.po and editing it enough?
  104. ameidocken Or perhaps some way to translate only what is not translated?
  105. Asterix ameidocken:
  106. lovetox fireglow
  107. Asterix run make update-po to update po files before translating them
  108. lovetox indeed weird, no idea what that could be
  109. fireglow lovetox: I'll fiddle around a bit. I remember having this issue before, no idea what I did then. I'll keep you updated.
  110. Asterix fireglow:
  111. Asterix fireglow: but that may be a python not correctly compiled? maybe you should re-install python and python modules
  112. Asterix ameidocken: in the po file you'll have the already translated strings. You can use poedit to fill the po file
  113. fireglow Asterix: could also be related to python, yes. I'll see what I can find.
  114. fireglow the bloody thing works just fine in gdb :P
  115. lovetox hehe
  116. ameidocken Can you perhaps just send me the file with untranslated lines and lines that I could correct that I could just edit in gedit and send back after finishing?
  117. ameidocken How do I run ./autogen in gajim dir?
  118. ameidocken How do I translate the omemo related plugins?
  119. Asterix ameidocken: I can, but not this evening. I have to go. For plugins translation, there is a plugin to have that. Same thing, I need to update po files there too
  120. lovetox ameidocken, you cant translate omemo right now
  121. lovetox i didnt add the necessary parts in the code yet
  122. lovetox its also still in heavy development, strings change all the time
  123. lovetox once its in a relative stable condition i will add the files
  124. ameidocken Ok, I think I obtained the right file now.
  125. ameidocken So I just translate the lines that are blue, check the yellow ones, save and I'm done?
  126. fireglow everything works perfectly now. I think a reload of the secadm rules for HardenedBSD did it, so the fault was probably pythons.
  127. lovetox glad to hear :)
  128. lovetox ameidocken, sorry i have no clue about translating
  129. lovetox but its not special in gajim
  130. lovetox just read a manual for POEdit
  131. lovetox its everywhere the same