Gajim - 2016-10-16

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  2. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #8449 (0.16.6-1 Emoticons = Disabled don't work in preferences) updated Hi, i can reproduce this, even if the preference show it still as static-big, they are still deactivated, as in you dont see the button anymore in the chatwindow, and they dont show up in chat is that right?
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  4. linus Aw yes!
  5. linus That should be useful for windows support, right?
  6. x3m1o5g9h3r6s hi, may I get some help please?
  7. SouL x3m1o5g9h3r6s, ask your question, someone will answer :)
  8. Link Mauve Someone may* answer. :p
  9. x3m1o5g9h3r6s I get an error everytime I start gajim, 'could not import gst' ... I've looked it up and it has to do with the audio/video thing, it said to install gtstreamer to solve it... I did but still get the warning. I'm on windows.... and also about the OMEMO pluging, it supposedly shows the orange icon when it's working, but I have it installed (and activated in the plugins window) in two different devices just to try it out.... but I get no icon anywhere, so it looks like it's not working
  10. x3m1o5g9h3r6s and also everytime I close gajim it shows a runtime error
  11. linus I think lovetox is the one who knows most about running on windows
  12. linus but he doesn't seem to be here now
  13. x3m1o5g9h3r6s I see. Thanks. I'll stay around
  14. lovetox linus, nice but its the same work
  15. lovetox if i install pygobject from github or from pip, to build on windows is not so much different
  16. linus Oh ok
  17. lovetox the problem or work on windows instead of unix is
  18. lovetox that the GTK libs are not in windows
  19. lovetox so you have to get the compiled version from somewhere
  20. lovetox or do it yourself
  21. lovetox which is definitly not that easy
  22. linus Right
  23. linus Yeah
  24. lovetox pygobject are only the python bindings for the C GTK lib if i understand this correctly
  25. linus And the same for pip to compile the bindings
  26. lovetox yeah i forgot about that
  27. lovetox pygobject has to be compiled also
  28. lovetox so in that sense if pip does that now
  29. lovetox its better
  30. linus It doesn't really properly either
  31. linus Just delegates to the same old autotools scripts
  32. lovetox x3m1o5g9h3r6s
  33. lovetox on which windows version are you?
  34. lovetox ok Linux question for linus
  35. linus Uh oj
  36. linus Uh oh*
  37. lovetox something really simply i never really got until now
  38. lovetox so i open a folder on the HD
  39. lovetox with the file manager
  40. lovetox and want to copy i file into it
  41. lovetox not in home dir
  42. lovetox so it doesnt work
  43. lovetox because not sudo
  44. lovetox so whats the quickest way to achieve that i can copy the file into this folder
  45. lovetox without console
  46. linus The best way is not to. GUIs shouldn't ever really have root access
  47. lovetox so you dont know a way ?
  48. linus I do know a way but it's a very bad idea, because GUIs aren't designed with security in mind
  49. linus You can in principle run a file manager as root, but you shouldn't
  50. lovetox why not just ask for root password?
  51. lovetox like if i install something ftrom the package manager gui, software center or what its called
  52. lovetox it just asks me for the password
  53. Link Mauve lovetox, and then have it stay in memory or even in swap for a while?
  54. linus That's different, those are specific actions invoked through policykit
  55. lovetox this goes on, if i want to edit a python file
  56. lovetox i cant without first starting my editor with sudo
  57. lovetox seriously this workflow sucks
  58. linus Or DBus or something, in any case there's a reasonably secure mechanism for the GUI to request a specific action and get feedback
  59. Link Mauve lovetox, you generally don’t want to do that either.
  60. lovetox so how you do it?
  61. Link Mauve For the same reasons you shouldn’t run a file manager as root.
  62. linus If you're editing a python file it should be in your home directory :)
  63. Link Mauve +1
  64. lovetox if i edit a line in some python package i cant have that in my home dir
  65. lovetox or maybe it could be somehow but its really not worth the work
  66. lovetox why is software not installed into the home dir per default then?
  67. linus You should install it in your home dit
  68. linus Dir*
  69. linus Using pip install --user -e
  70. lovetox this needs extra knowledge again
  71. lovetox gajim installs itself into usr/share
  72. lovetox this is protected
  73. lovetox despite the name "usr"
  74. linus Yes, as it should be
  75. lovetox why its called usr
  76. linus usr as in user-space. It's a historical name which isn't really good
  77. linus Userspace is everything that's not kernel
  78. lovetox ah ok
  79. lovetox sublime asks me for my root password, thankfully
  80. Link Mauve Actually no, Gajim does that because it was made on Debian, it should actually install itself in /usr/lib/python<version>/site-packages/gajim, like every other Python program.
  81. linus Yeah, anything that was installed by the package manager should be left alone
  82. Link Mauve elghinn once started a rewrite of Gajim’s autotools scripts to use setuptools instead, but then he disappeared.
  83. linus Except if it's in /etc (config files for the defaults for all users or for services)
  84. lovetox so how do i do this now efficiently
  85. lovetox i want to copy that file into the gajim dir
  86. lovetox whats the fastest way
  87. linus If you're working on gajim, don't use the package
  88. linus Clone gajim's source and then run it using in the source dir
  89. lovetox yeah i should do that
  90. lovetox i had it only installed to thst the nightly anyway
  91. lovetox another question, i read alot about sockets in python, yesterday
  92. lovetox but on thing i didnt find
  93. lovetox every example only makes one write and one read
  94. lovetox is it true that the socket closes after one write and one read
  95. lovetox ?
  96. linus Uh
  97. linus No
  98. lovetox i only can make it so that i write my xml to a server
  99. lovetox and then i get back the answer
  100. lovetox but thats it
  101. lovetox i upload the code later
  102. lovetox maybe someone could have a look
  103. linus Will do
  104. lovetox
  105. lovetox there you go
  106. lovetox its not eleborate
  107. lovetox i just want to test io_add_watch on windows
  108. lovetox and learn how it works
  109. lovetox if run this this results in
  110. lovetox
  111. lovetox i want that i can write again to the socket, after getting the xml from the server
  112. lovetox but it blocks or hangs or does something i cant see, it never does anything from the point on i receive something
  113. Link Mauve lovetox, you should only add your file descriptor to the event loop once, with every type of interrupt you want to receive.
  114. Link Mauve In your case, FLAG_READ_WRITE.
  115. lovetox hm ok let me try that :)
  116. Link Mauve lovetox, also you should not send twice in a row, you should only send the starttls element once you received the stream:features.
  117. lovetox i do this
  118. Link Mauve Basically never remove the fd from the listener, that’s your error.
  119. lovetox once START is sent, the watch is removed
  120. Link Mauve Nope, you don’t. :p
  121. lovetox then i listen for IN
  122. Link Mauve Yeah, don’t do that.
  123. lovetox okok let me adapt, i know i wanted it to do like that at start also, listen to the sock constantly and catching events
  124. lovetox but gajim does it really differently
  125. lovetox so i thought this has be done that way maybe
  126. lovetox but i will try
  127. lovetox but if i do it like that the sock lets me write indefinitly
  128. lovetox it never goes into receiving mode
  129. lovetox i have to tell somehow that im finished writing or not?
  130. linus lovetox, no
  131. linus it's bidirectional
  132. linus there is no receiving mode
  133. linus yeah, if you just get rid of the io_add_watch lines except in __init__ and the source_remove lines, it works
  134. lovetox
  135. lovetox like that maybe?
  136. lovetox for me this results in endless OUT EVENT
  137. lovetox there never comes a IN EVENT
  138. Link Mauve lovetox, you just write too fast.
  139. Link Mauve You should wait until you received the stream:features before you send exactly one <starttls/>.
  140. linus And I'm not sure but you may need to set blocking after connecting, so it blocks until it has connected? Not sure about that one
  141. Link Mauve Generally applications aren’t architected around that event loop for writing.
  142. Link Mauve linus, nah, that’s not a good idea.
  143. lovetox Link Mauve i write exactly one time after that connected is true and i dont write anymore
  144. linus ok
  145. lovetox i just wait for an IN event so i can recv
  146. lovetox but it never comes
  147. Link Mauve lovetox, nope, any time you receive an OUT interrupt, you write again.
  148. lovetox i was under the impression that this means, the socket is writeable not that i write something
  149. Link Mauve Yes, but you do anytime the socket is writeable.
  150. lovetox do i not have to issue send to write something?
  151. lovetox its only called once in my application
  152. linus I see a reply: <stream:error><xml-not-well-formed xmlns='urn:ietf:params:xml:ns:xmpp-streams'></xml-not-well-formed></stream:error>
  153. lovetox linus could you paste the exact output you get from my last version of the script
  154. Link Mauve lovetox, ah, I see.
  155. linus too much :p
  156. Link Mauve (I was still on the old version.)
  157. Link Mauve At any time the socket is writeable, if you are connected you return.
  158. Link Mauve Before your function had a chance to check if there was something to read.
  159. lovetox i thought the watch tells me when i can read
  160. lovetox annd issues a IN event
  161. lovetox how do i check if i can write?
  162. linus you're notified of it by an OUT event
  163. lovetox but OUT means write, not read
  164. lovetox linus please could you post me the first 20 lines or so from my exact script
  165. lovetox i fear that this works differently on windows
  166. linus [Errno 115] Operation now in progress <class 'BlockingIOError'> <flags G_IO_OUT of type GIOCondition> OUT EVENT <?xml version='1.0'?><stream:stream to='' xmlns='jabber:client' xmlns:stream='' version='1.0'> <flags G_IO_OUT of type GIOCondition> OUT EVENT <flags G_IO_OUT of type GIOCondition> OUT EVENT <flags G_IO_OUT of type GIOCondition> OUT EVENT <flags G_IO_OUT of type GIOCondition> OUT EVENT <flags G_IO_OUT of type GIOCondition> OUT EVENT <flags G_IO_OUT of type GIOCondition> OUT EVENT <flags G_IO_OUT of type GIOCondition> OUT EVENT <flags G_IO_OUT of type GIOCondition> OUT EVENT
  167. linus it doesn't actually manage to open the socket by the looks of it
  168. lovetox thats what i see also...
  169. lovetox it does if you remove the watch
  170. lovetox and add a new watch with READ
  171. linus oh, that's what's meant to happen apparently
  172. lovetox i just want to exchange 3 messages, i send <stream>, server sends <stream> i send tls
  173. lovetox thats it more i dont need
  174. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #8350 (Filetransfer between conversations and gajim and enabled otr does not …) updated The same problem occurs when using OMEMO as encryption. So it is not a problem with OTR but with receiving encrypted files in general. OS version: Linux Mint 18 gajim installed via repository
  175. linus lovetox,
  176. linus of course, "if b'stream:features' in recv and b'starttls' in recv:" isn't how you'd want to check it in a real client, but you get the idea :)
  177. linus So the changes I've made are A, making sure to receive the features before sending the STARTTLS message; B, checking the IOConditions with & (because more than one can be available at once);
  178. lovetox thanks, but this does exactly the same for me
  179. lovetox
  180. lovetox i added print condition
  181. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #8350 (Filetransfer between conversations and gajim and enabled otr does not …) closed invalid: there are to ways of sending files in gajim the first is via JINGLE, thats the normal send button you see in the ChatWindow?. JINGLE is p2p, its very fragile, and at the moment it does not work with OMEMO or OTR.´ OTR in general has no defined filetransfer specifications, so i dont know anyone who does that. then there […]
  182. linus weird, I get
  183. linus uh
  184. linus are you sure you ran my code?
  185. linus I'm pretty sure you didn't as the BlockingIOError message doesn't have the traceback and stuff
  186. lovetox it has i didnt copy it
  187. lovetox it behaves differently on windows i think
  188. lovetox but thats a good start, now i can open maybe a stackflow question, why this behaves differently and how io_add_watch is correctly used on windows
  189. lovetox thats exactly the reason why i cant use the linux idlequeue in nbxmpp
  190. linus brb downloading wine :p
  191. linus oh wait I'd need to install pygtk and stuff too
  192. linus nah screw that
  193. lovetox yeah to much :)
  194. lovetox i will open a stackflow question and hope someone can help, there is no documentation on that function for windows anywhere
  195. linus We should just stop supporting windows :p
  196. lovetox then gajim would lose one of it big plus :)
  197. lovetox there is no xmpp client on windows except pidgin
  198. linus Nah, windows support is a disadvantage
  199. linus holds back development
  200. linus :p
  201. lovetox actually i wrote sometime back on a client for windows
  202. lovetox there is now a xmpp lib for c'
  203. lovetox c#
  204. linus Cool
  205. linus There's also Kaiwa for example
  206. linus (web client)
  207. lovetox web is good, there should be a good web client
  208. lovetox though i wouldnt want to use it every day at home
  209. arune linus: actually gajim in default branch works better in Windows than in Linux for me.
  210. linus really? wow
  211. arune Kaiwa is not maintained unfortunately
  212. linus Kaiwa's not bad
  213. linus oh
  214. linus didn't know that
  215. arune Or, it depends on what you mean by maintained, but no real work done for over a year
  216. lovetox the offer MAM
  217. lovetox web for me means
  218. lovetox i can acess from anywhere
  219. lovetox but i wouldnt want to leave my data anywhere
  220. lovetox so a webclient should save as little as possible on the actual computer in my opinion
  221. arune lovetox: but you can host it yourself of course
  222. linus And features are usually easier to remove than to add :)
  223. lovetox i didnt mean that as something bad
  224. lovetox its of course good that it supports the future
  225. lovetox its just what i observed that the more features a web client gets
  226. lovetox the more it loses its big plus
  227. lovetox that it is mobile
  228. lovetox that i can acess it from anywhere without downloading all my data
  229. arune By default kaiwa joins all mucs on the server instead of using bookmarks, great huh?
  230. linus nice lol
  231. lovetox gajim just needs someone who really knows his stuff with GTK
  232. lovetox i think we are having some issue from the porting
  233. lovetox like looking at the architecture if its a good model, with the events dispatcher and how we manipulate the UI
  234. lovetox often some stuff is added with idle_add
  235. lovetox often just not
  236. lovetox for no apperent reason
  237. linus Yeah I don't think it is
  238. linus At least the overall control flow isn't very clear to someone like me who's only spent a little time working with the code
  239. lovetox thats the biggest issue i have, the most time im trying to find out the flow of the data
  240. lovetox with all the classes that inherit from sometimes multiple other classes
  241. lovetox its not easy
  242. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim Plugins • Ticket #147 (0.16.6-1 From the pictures sent via http-upload only last one shown …) created It happens on sender's side. I check that real URL is different.
  243. frankwahlmeyer Hallo id like to install the new version. Is there an update function in the old gadjim hich ican use?
  244. frankwahlmeyer sorry for my englisch
  245. linus Nicht dass ich wüsste. Einfach die neue Version runterladen und installieren denke ich
  246. frankwahlmeyer ich habs heute schon mal probiert aber der will dann die alte Deinstallieren. ich hab schiss das dann alle kontakte und chatverläufe weg sind
  247. linus Glaube nicht. lovetox?
  248. frankwahlmeyer Also soll ichs mal einfach wagen und schauen was passiert?
  249. linus Kontakte sollten auf keinen Fall weg sein
  250. linus Bei den Chatverläufen kommt es auf den Server an
  251. frankwahlmeyer ok auf die Chatverläufe könnte ich zur Not noch verzichten
  252. linus Die gehen wahrscheinlich auch nicht verloren
  253. frankwahlmeyer und habe ich als Serveradressen
  254. frankwahlmeyer bevor ich jetzt lange rumüberlege probiere ich es mal einfach aus
  255. linus OK
  256. linus scheint kein MAM zu unterstützen, das heißt dass die Chatverläufe nicht auf dem Server gespeichert werden, aber sie werden auch lokal gespeichert und gehen denke ich nicht verloren
  257. Asterix please speak english in this room
  258. linus OK sorry
  259. frankwahlmeyer ok sorry
  260. frankwahlmeyer Ok linus i'll try it and give in an few minutes response
  261. frankwahlmeyer Thank you
  262. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim Plugins • Ticket #147 (0.16.6-1 From the pictures sent via http-upload only last one shown …) updated Please make a better description. You don't want the developer spending time to even understand your issue.
  263. frankwahlmeyer Hallo Linus it works all chats and kontakts are availaibel inclusive omemo fingerprints i think thats it Thank you for your help
  264. linus Great
  265. lovetox frankwahlmeyer, with an deinstall neither your chatlogs nor your contacts should be lost
  266. lovetox if you want to make sure just save
  267. lovetox C:\Users\xxxx\AppData\Roaming\Gajim
  268. lovetox to somewhere else
  269. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Changeset [16175:738aa5082b6a]: prevent traceback when a wrong timezone arrive. prevent traceback when a wrong timezone arrive. • Changeset [16176:50f60d56cbd7]: prevent traceback when a wrong timezone arrive. prevent traceback when a wrong timezone arrive.
  270. lovetox Asterix
  271. Asterix ?
  272. lovetox how can i pull everything from hg the changes
  273. lovetox and add
  274. lovetox the ones i did but not pushed to the server yet
  275. lovetox on top of them
  276. lovetox or merge them or push them to the server
  277. Asterix I use hg rebase
  278. lovetox ahhh i didnt know this existed
  279. Asterix hg rebase -b YOUR_ID -d LAST_ID
  280. Asterix GN
  281. lovetox gn
  282. lovetox hg pull --rebase
  283. lovetox thats what i was looking for
  284. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Changeset [16177:6c0ecfa7a1bd]: Fix alignment in Account Window Fix alignment in Account Window