Gajim - 2016-10-12

  1. lovetox gajim supports
  2. lovetox
  3. lovetox i never heard of anyone using this
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  5. andrewdied Lovetox: xep-0258 is a bit specialized, but it's cool that gajim supports it.
  6. andrewdied Human resources departments could use it too, for personal information.
  7. linus Or it could be used in conjunction with other-client based auth? I think?
  8. linus In order to log into your account on an untrusted machine (by authorising it from a trusted one) and then not be able to auth any further machines from the untrusted one
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  10. Link Mauve lovetox: military people especially love it, they wouldn’t allow a client not supporting 0258.
  11. SouL I tried once to read that XEP but I got confused
  12. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #8447 (Probleme on Opening a conversation window with a new message) updated hi, which gajim version are you using? does this happen every time you open a conversation window, with every contact?
  13. Asterix Holger: Hi, have you tested the new debian package?
  14. Holger Asterix: No sorry, will do this evening when I'm back home. (It's not so easy to test at my workplace.)
  15. Asterix ok thanks
  16. lovetox Asterix
  17. lovetox thanks is working now
  18. andrewdied Soul: definitely confusing.
  19. andrewdied Fires anyone know of a server that supports xep 258?
  20. andrewdied Er, does...
  21. SouL andrewdied, I need to read it again because I still don't know what is all about xD
  22. Link Mauve andrewdied, M-Link does.
  23. andrewdied It's basically a fancy security classification label. It looks like it's written with the military in mind, so you can allow only certain classification groups to talk to each other, or allow only certain messages to be searched in archive.
  24. andrewdied Link mauve:thanks.
  25. lovetox kind of cool gajim can do this
  26. lovetox but its very specialized, i dont know if any company that wants to use this, would use gajim for it
  27. lovetox on the other hand, there maybe was someone who wanted the in gajim for some reason
  28. lovetox Asterix?
  29. andrewdied I think it is one of those features that is either completely unnecessary, or absolutely essential.
  30. SouL I still don't get it lol
  31. Asterix #5772
  32. bot Asterix: (XEP-0258 security label support)
  33. Asterix Dave Cridland did the patch
  34. Holger From what I've heard it's used by military indeed.
  35. Holger Asterix: The new Debian package seems to work fine for me.
  36. Asterix nice. Thanks
  37. Holger The 'title' of chat windows (e.g. the room JID in MUC windows) is white on a light background, at least with my (default?) GTK theme. Is it meant to be that way?
  38. lovetox mine is white on orange
  39. lovetox in ubuntu
  40. Asterix you can change style in pref window -> style
  41. Holger
  42. Holger Ah.
  43. lovetox hm gajim leaks presence to contacts that are not allowed to see the status
  44. lovetox
  45. lovetox i dont understand why subscription states are described like that
  46. lovetox subscription='none': you aren't interested in the item's presence, and neither is the item interested in yours.
  47. lovetox why its not about, if i want to send presence
  48. lovetox when i dont allow someone to see my status
  49. lovetox what subscription state i am in?
  50. Asterix to
  51. Asterix I mean, you see this contact as to
  52. Asterix he see you as from
  53. lovetox if i revoked the right that the contact can see my status
  54. lovetox what is that
  55. lovetox to?
  56. Asterix it's what I just said. you see this contact as to
  57. Asterix he sees you as from
  58. lovetox ok get it
  59. lovetox its still idiotic described in the xep
  60. lovetox subscription='to': You are interested in the item's presence information, but the contact is not interested in yours.
  61. lovetox if the contact is interested or not, plays no role
  62. Asterix he is not interested or you don't allow him to ... it's the same
  63. lovetox iam not interested to send my status updates
  64. lovetox yeah that thats the "same" is not obvious if you read this :)
  65. lovetox thanks :)