Gajim - 2016-10-11

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  2. lovetox .
  3. arune why do I get the red X on every message I send to a contact on the same server which is online al the time?
  4. arune (indicates message not yet received by the remote end)
  5. arune my contact answers me every time so he does receive the messages, but this confuses my contacts
  6. arune I have two instances of gajim running (gtk3-version on windows 7 and 0.16.6 on Ubuntu) and Conversations running on my phone
  7. arune I doesn't matter which of the three clients I send from, I get an X in both Gajim clients for every message
  8. arune my contact is running one instance of Gajim 0.16.6 and Conversations on his phone, both online and he does not get the X when sending to me
  9. arune is the receiving client suppose to send a <received id='d34dcbda-07fd-4cfb-8b6e-dd6df50deba1' xmlns='urn:xmpp:receipts'/> for a message received?
  10. mathieui yes, if you asked for a receipt
  11. arune I don't always get those in the XML console but the X might not be displayed anyway
  12. arune seems related
  13. arune since my contacts have multiple clients connected
  14. linus
  15. linus
  16. linus who merged my previous patch without sanity-checking it? >.>
  17. linus for gajim-plugins
  18. linus this one
  19. linus Updated the patch
  20. lovetox why linus?
  21. lovetox it doesnt matter if you do additional_data or additional_data={}
  22. linus lovetox, it does if there's a parameter with a default value before it.
  23. lovetox the var is not used anyway
  24. linus As in it's a syntax error :)
  25. lovetox ah lol
  26. lovetox i cant import that fix
  27. lovetox did you roll back the previous one?
  28. lovetox i cant do this with the remote repo
  29. lovetox em linus
  30. lovetox ah damn my fault :(
  31. linus Why can't you import it?
  32. linus err
  33. linus you'll want this one
  34. linus
  35. linus That should work
  36. lovetox too late, i added it myself so it works
  37. lovetox works thanks
  38. lovetox i hope asterix will make gitlab available soon :/
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  41. Link Mauve linus, you should use None if you want to pass nothing to a function, also are you sure you wanted it to be a defaulted parameter?
  42. arune hm, answer_receipts is activated in ACE, still gajim does not send receipts, am I doing something wrong?
  43. arune oh oh, I've tested receipts on several of my users now and it seems broken in gajim 0.16.6
  44. lovetox Link Mauve, we dont know what we want, because this parameter is not in use in this plugin yet
  45. lovetox so when someone implements it, he can decide what is best :)
  46. Link Mauve lovetox, {} creates an object, you almost never want that.
  47. lovetox thats probably right i cant judge that, he did that because its done everywhere with this argument
  48. lovetox but i will keep it in mind once we use it :)
  49. lovetox arune: it works normal here
  50. lovetox ask for receipt get receipt
  51. arune lovetox, to a contact on both gajim 0.16.6 and conversations?
  52. lovetox no, but what would that have to do with it?
  53. lovetox one client is not aware of the other one
  54. lovetox they have to send both receipts
  55. arune also it seems tricky, for some contacts it asks for receips and gets them, for others it asks for receips and dont get them and for a third it doesnt ask for receips
  56. lovetox you can set that per account
  57. arune lovetox, related
  58. lovetox if its activated for one account
  59. lovetox it always shoudl ask for receipt or throw an error
  60. arune but still, both conversations and gajim supports and should announce support for receips, so it should just work
  61. lovetox so if you only do gajim -> gajim
  62. lovetox it always works?
  63. arune I think so yes
  64. arune :)
  65. lovetox and only gajim -> conversations
  66. arune I'll have to test on more contacts to be sure
  67. lovetox but not receiving from conversations can have mutliple reasons
  68. lovetox the important thing is that we ask
  69. lovetox the conditions to ask for receipt are
  70. lovetox we have to activated it
  71. lovetox and contact has to support it
  72. lovetox could be that you played with receipt option in conversations
  73. lovetox and gajim didnt pick up the change
  74. lovetox or conversation didnt announce the change
  75. lovetox so a relog after changing these options in conversation could be helpful
  76. lovetox also relog in gajim, and look at the xml console what the conversations client announces
  77. arune what a contact support, when is gajim checking that? at startup?
  78. lovetox conversations has to announce <feature var='urn:xmpp:receipts'/>
  79. lovetox gajim querys that at startup
  80. asashnov Hi all! I'm playing with Openfire server (local installation) with message archive on server and Gajim. And could not see Gajim's XEP-0136 ability in action. When I switch Gajim from offline to online status in XML console I see only <feature var="urn:xmpp:archive:manage"/> in server's features, but do not see any attempt of Gajim to use it. Messages from conversation in another client are not retrieved from server, history in Gajim is only local. Am I missing a setting in Gajim to enable fetching message archive from server? I'm more interested in retrieving muc messages archive more, but want to see it at least for individual chats. XML console log: gajim-nightly 20161009-1 on Ubuntu 14.04 x64
  81. lovetox hm i never used that
  82. lovetox why are you not using MAM
  83. lovetox
  84. lovetox thats what everyone is using now
  85. linus Yeah gajim doesn't support message archiving
  86. lovetox sure linus? i saw much code regarding 0136
  87. linus Really? Then we should probably get rid of it x)
  88. lovetox
  89. lovetox also this says it does :)
  90. lovetox and if you have the option asashnov, try ejabbered or prosody
  91. lovetox i think these are the more feature rich servers and active developed ones
  92. lovetox linus
  93. lovetox do you know how to get the nightly of the default branch?
  94. linus No, I just run from hg
  95. lovetox i think its just apt-get install gajim-default-nightly
  96. linus Definitely not in Debian stable
  97. linus And I like having it live in my home rather than the whole system
  98. lovetox no you have to add gajim repo to your sources
  99. lovetox yeah, i just want to know if someone asks
  100. lovetox so that he doesnt have to run from hg
  101. linus I have no idea :)
  102. lovetox linus where is a application installed if i download it via package managment
  103. lovetox i only have a link or config in usr/share/applications
  104. lovetox but where are the actual files
  105. cuc dpkg -L package?
  106. lovetox ah found it
  107. lovetox just usr/share
  108. linus Yeah
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  110. Holger I get this when running the 'default' branch on my existing database:
  111. Holger
  112. Holger And I had to edit the 'gajim' wrapper to call 'python3' instead of 'python', as the latter is Python 2 on Debian (isn't 'python3' also the default name in upstream Python?). So maybe try 'python3' first and fall back to 'python' or something?
  113. Asterix Holger: for py2 / py3, I fixed that a few hours ago. should be ok now. You installed default branch from where?
  114. Holger Asterix: Ah, nice.
  115. lovetox Holger database has been updated in default, but i think there was no migration written
  116. Holger Asterix: I installed 'gajim-default-nightly' from <>.
  117. lovetox it should be enough to add this column
  118. lovetox to get it run
  119. Asterix Holger: ok so tomorow's package should call py3 directly
  120. Holger Asterix: Thanks!
  121. lovetox i will get working on the migration
  122. Asterix lovetox: migration is there and should be called ...
  123. Holger lovetox: No problem, I can cope with that. Just wanted to mention it in case you weren't aware.
  124. Asterix Holger: help -> about shows which version?
  125. Holger Asterix: 0.16.5-bbb2c16e481d
  126. Asterix ho ...
  127. Holger "dpkg -l gajim-default-nightly" says 20161011-1.
  128. Asterix ho yes
  129. Asterix is still 0.16.5
  130. lovetox so thats why the DB upgrade wasnt made
  131. lovetox i guess
  132. Asterix yes. fixing that
  133. Asterix Holger: done. DB upgrade should happen with tomorow's package
  134. Asterix GN guys
  135. lovetox n8
  136. Holger Asterix: Awesome, thanks a lot.
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  138. Link Mauve Holger, python2 is 2.x, python3 is 3.x, python can be either 2 or 3, see PEP-0394.
  139. Holger I see.