Gajim - 2016-10-10

  1. lovetox we can have other methods for servers not implementing unique stanza id
  2. lovetox infact we save not much
  3. lovetox we should save every bit of information a stanza has :)
  4. lovetox right now its, jid, timestamp, msg
  5. lovetox not much you can do with that later
  6. tmolitor holger: I'm using this module for about 9 months on my private server and it works quite's especially useful for long hibernated smacks session because by using this module the timestamp of the messages is correct even if they get delivered to you several minutes later when you resume your smacks session...
  7. tmolitor lovetox: so you suggest to save the complete message stanza in the history db instead of only the message itself?
  8. tmolitor lovetox: that would be the same MAM does currently (it also saves the complete stanza on the server)...
  9. lovetox not the complete stanza
  10. lovetox but as much information as we can extract that are useful
  11. lovetox archive id, stanza id, delay timestamp
  12. lovetox i have 10.000 msgs in my db
  13. lovetox and its not even 1MB big
  14. arune +1 for displaying messages in the chat window. That would increase the user experience a lot!
  15. arune However, if you chat on another client while gajim is online with the chat window closed, gajim shows that there are unread messages but when opening the chat window of a contact this messages received are not even shown!
  16. tmolitor arune: this is a bug as far as I know...
  17. tmolitor gajim thinks that your messages sent from another ressource are those "new" least this is my experience...
  18. tmolitor lovetox: okay...what data do you exactly want to store in the db? I'll add it then :)
  19. tmolitor holger: I revised my mod_delay prosody module and here is the new version....I also wrote a module to silence mod_smacks error stanzas sent back to the sender when a hibernated session times out...
  20. tmolitor on my server mam is enabled, so those messages aren't lost and sending errors back to the users merely confuses my users rather than being useful in any way...
  21. tmolitor
  22. tmolitor
  23. tmolitor lovetox: my database is 12MiB big...
  24. tmolitor lovetox: 55289 messages in the db...
  25. Maranda MAM shouldn't store error messages...
  26. Maranda Not afair the draft
  27. tmolitor Maranda, it doesn't...but if you send a message and the receiver is in smacks hibernations state you get an error back as soon as the hibernation of the receiver times out...
  28. Maranda But that's not MAM related
  29. tmolitor if the receiver comes online again he can fetch the "lost" message from mam, so there is no need to send an error to the least in my setup...
  30. Maranda It's smacks doing that 😅
  31. tmolitor if you don't have mam such error messages are needed to flag lost messages...
  32. tmolitor I didn't say anything else ;)
  33. tmolitor but it's mam related because you need mam to be able to deactivate such error messages wthout loosing messages ;)
  34. arune tmolitor, yes, that seems to be the case
  35. arune tmolitor, but not only that. If I have the chat closed and get incoming messages but read them on another client, there are still a message symbol on the contact but when opening the chat there is no new messages in the chat window
  36. arune tmolitor, I created
  37. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #8445 (Multi-client incoming and outgoing messages) created Bug description New message symbol displayed for messages sent and received with another logged in client, but when opening the chat window, nothing from that conversation is displayed. Steps to reproduce Be logged in with client 1 and 2 (can be instances of Gajim) Close all chat windows on client 2 (Only) send messages on client 1 Look in client 2 and see that […]
  38. Asterix yeah gajim-default is available as tarball and debian package (not tested yet)
  39. lovetox arune i dont have that problem
  40. lovetox every message is available in every window
  41. lovetox if that wouldnt work, you could call gajim multidevice capable
  42. lovetox i mean thats basic stuff
  43. Comrade DOS Maybe it related to specific configuration of jabber-server?
  44. lovetox i dont see how, because if gajim gets a notification it received a message
  45. lovetox you are basically saying carbons dont work
  46. arune lovetox, you mean ticket 8445?
  47. arune lovetox, make sure the chat windows are closed and not automatically opened on incoming messages
  48. arune lovetox, messages are there in the log, but not when the chat window is opened if they were already opened in another client
  49. lovetox maybe you are talking about mam messages?
  50. lovetox do you have enabled that lines are restored from your previous chats?
  51. lovetox or is the chatwindow always empty when you open the window
  52. lovetox hm no either way messages are displayed in chat
  53. lovetox do you use some kind of encryption?
  54. Holger tmolitor: "by using this module the timestamp of the messages is correct even if they get delivered to you several minutes later when you resume your smacks session" -- so Prosody usually doesn't add a <delay/> tag in that case? (XEP-0198 says the server should do that.)
  55. Holger tmolitor: "I also wrote a module to silence mod_smacks error stanzas sent back to the sender when a hibernated session times out" -- yes I added such a feature to ejabberd a while back, I think it really improves the UX.
  56. arune lovetox, the clients are always connected
  57. arune no encryption
  58. lovetox and this happens on all your clients?! what if you write something from conversations
  59. lovetox do you have restore lines enabled?
  60. lovetox would be insteresting what happens
  61. arune restore_lines = 4
  62. arune lovetox, singel window mode if that could make any difference
  63. Asterix restore_timeout?
  64. arune 60
  65. lovetox it doesnt make a difference
  66. lovetox you say you see the messages in the history log?
  67. lovetox but not in the chat window?
  68. lovetox so 4 lines are restored
  69. lovetox but the message is not under it?
  70. lovetox seems really weird
  71. lovetox i cant reproduce this at all
  72. arune cool :/
  73. arune messages are in the history viewer yes
  74. Asterix with correct timestamp?
  75. arune arh, seems to work in default branch, but in 0.16.6 the message is there the second time I open the chat window for the contact, but not the first time
  76. arune Asterix, correct timestamp yes
  77. Asterix hmmm what's the difference between first time and second time :/
  78. arune maybe I have to screencapture the sequence :)
  79. arune but maybe I should just give a damn, it seems to work fine in default
  80. arune you can close 8445 please
  81. arune whats this: <!-- In 2016-10-10 13:13:36 --> <r xmlns='urn:xmpp:sm:2'/> smacks ping?
  82. Asterix stram managment
  83. Asterix XEP:198
  84. Asterix XEP 198
  85. Asterix bot: ho wake up!
  86. Asterix !XEP 198
  87. Asterix !xep 198
  88. bot Asterix: XEP-0198: Stream Management See:
  89. Asterix haaaa
  90. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #8445 (Multi-client incoming and outgoing messages) updated This does seem to work in default branch and also for my friends so maybe I have some strange config. Please close. • Ticket #8445 (Multi-client incoming and outgoing messages) closed worksforme
  91. lovetox omg
  92. lovetox to print one line of text to the window
  93. lovetox thats like 200 lines of code
  94. Asterix yes, it's quite complexe to handle all sort of spacial things to print
  95. Asterix yes, it's quite complexe to handle all sort of special things to print
  96. Asterix ho, LMC icon isn't printed in chat in default: 10/10/2016 14:13:37 (E) gajim.c.ged Error while running an even handler: <bound method GroupchatControl._nec_gc_message_received of <groupchat_control.GroupchatControl object at 0x7f13bb097e10>> Traceback (most recent call last): File "/home/asterix/gajim/src/common/", line 93, in raise_event if handler(*args, **kwargs): File "/home/asterix/gajim/src/", line 1034, in _nec_gc_message_received obj.xhtml_msgtxt, obj.nick, old_txt) File "/home/asterix/gajim/src/", line 478, in correct_last_sent_message self.show_corrected_message_warning(i2, tt_txt) File "/home/asterix/gajim/src/", line 457, in show_corrected_message_warning img = TextViewImage(anchor, text) File "/home/asterix/gajim/src/", line 81, in __init__ self.anchor.plaintext = text AttributeError: 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'plaintext'
  97. lovetox what is LMC?
  98. lovetox correction symbol?
  99. Asterix yes
  100. Asterix Last MEssage Correction
  101. lovetox asterix can you tell me what does the self.marks_queue
  102. lovetox in
  103. lovetox print_conversation_line
  104. lovetox why do we have a queue with marks?
  105. lovetox and how can it be full?
  106. Asterix # One mark at the begining then 2 marks between each lines size = gajim.config.get('max_conversation_lines') size = 2 * size - 1 self.marks_queue = Queue.Queue(size)
  107. Asterix it's IIRC to remove line when there are more that max_conversation_lines
  108. Asterix to know where the line starts / stops
  109. Asterix if we can "attach" a timestamp to this mark, we could insert lines in the middle of others when we get MAM result ...
  110. lovetox lol
  111. lovetox i find out about the most settings in gajim over looking at code
  112. lovetox like once a week i go: oh shit gajim has a setting for that
  113. lovetox yesterday i learnded about fuzzy timestamp printing
  114. lovetox i find it amazing how many options have made it over the years into gajim
  115. lovetox but i think it really bloats the code, and makes it incredibly hard to change something without breaking something at the other end
  116. Asterix yes I Agree ... but I have no idea how much each option is used, and until now, if some are brocken, they are not enough used to have someone reporting that
  117. linus wahey, the fuzzy time printing doesn't work in default branch because it tries to use the decode method on a string :)
  118. Asterix hehe it seems you're the first one trying it in this branch then :)
  119. linus yep
  120. linus fixed it
  121. linus it's ugly though, I'm turning it back off x)
  122. linus Asterix: (for default branch)
  123. lovetox i wouldnt call prefered encoding
  124. lovetox even though it most likely doesnt matter here
  125. linus I removed that anyway
  126. linus that's what it used to do
  127. lovetox ah sry
  128. Asterix linus: pushed, thanks
  129. lovetox so asterix its not that easy, yes we could name the marks
  130. lovetox but thats not enough
  131. lovetox we have to iterate over all marks
  132. lovetox to find a place where we can insert
  133. Asterix yes, but that's not often that we need to insert a line in the middle ...
  134. lovetox yeah but we cant iterate over a queue or?
  135. lovetox and if it probably would be slow
  136. Asterix for the queue, we need to insert marks there too, so just creating a new queue and replace it will be ok
  137. lovetox i think you misunderstanding me
  138. lovetox when i have a queue
  139. lovetox with all marks
  140. lovetox what does that help me, if i have to know where to insert
  141. lovetox i have to find the correct place first
  142. lovetox that means i have to iterate over all marks, to find one where the timestamp is smaller and the next is bigger
  143. lovetox or something like that
  144. lovetox i cant do this with a queue
  145. lovetox so we would have to have a list besides the queue
  146. Asterix get a mark, get timestamp, and place it in a new queue when you find the correct place: get it, insert line, add new makrs in the new queue, and place the the just gotten mark in the new queue, finish to dequeue / enqueue in the new queue replace the old queue with the new one
  147. linus Gajim really needs unit tests
  148. lovetox yeah ok this seems incredibly inefficient but it would work
  149. Asterix linus: we have. Not enough, but we have
  150. Asterix lovetox: sur, not optimized. We can change data type for this queue so we can iterate more easily and insert data in the middle
  151. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Changeset [16160:5cc25f8ab431]: Fix fuzzy time Fix fuzzy time
  152. linus Asterix, how do I run them?
  153. Asterix linus: cd test / ./
  154. Asterix python3 in default branch. first line has not been updated to py3
  155. Asterix but that doesn't seem to work at all in default branch
  156. Asterix # define _ for i18n import __builtin__ __builtin__._ = lambda x: x
  157. Asterix doesn't work with py3
  158. Link Mauve It’s named builtins.
  159. Asterix yep, testing
  160. Asterix much better
  161. Asterix still some py3 upgrade to do: Traceback (most recent call last): File "/home/asterix/gajim/test/unit/", line 108, in test_legacy_accounts_handling self.assertEqual(["old"], self.contacts.get_accounts()) AssertionError: ['old'] != dict_keys(['old'])
  162. linus weird, those should test as equal, no?
  163. Link Mauve Nope.
  164. Link Mauve Different types.
  165. Link Mauve You can use list(self.contacts.get_accounts()) instead if you prefer.
  166. Link Mauve Or most likely, modify self.contacts.get_accounts to make it return a list.
  167. linus of course they're different types, but they are equal
  168. Link Mauve That doesn’t compute.
  169. Link Mauve If a carrot and a potato are the same price, are they equal?
  170. Link Mauve If you answer yes, you should write PHP instead of Python. :D
  171. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Changeset [16161:f196f08e65f9]: start running tests start running tests
  172. Asterix some fixes pushed. All don't run, for exmaple the resolver things as it has changed to use GIO now
  173. lovetox Asterix i read a bit now about it and i think we could achive the same result with a List instead of a Queue, List insertions get slow with really big lists, but i think that a list have to reach millions of entrys so that would be noticeable
  174. Comrade DOS lovetox: Just tried gajim from daily tarball and, seems, that deleting bookmarks node is not solution.
  175. Comrade DOS Server responded with <error code='503' type='cancel'>
  176. Comrade DOS To <purge node='storage:bookmarks'/> and <delete node='storage:bookmarks'/>
  177. lovetox did you find out which client saved your bookmarks to pep?
  178. Comrade DOS Nope.)
  179. Comrade DOS I have no idea.
  180. lovetox maybe Link Mauve knows how to delete bookmars from a node?
  181. lovetox
  182. lovetox did you try that?
  183. Link Mauve lovetox, just publish an empty list of bookmarks?
  184. linus
  185. lovetox thanks linus
  186. linus easier than expected :p
  187. Link Mauve linus, err, how does that even compile?
  188. Comrade DOS <feature-not-implemented xmlns='urn:ietf:params:xml:ns:xmpp-stanzas'/>
  189. Link Mauve >>> def a(a, b=True, c): pass ... File "<stdin>", line 1 SyntaxError: non-default argument follows default argument
  190. Comrade DOS <text xmlns='urn:ietf:params:xml:ns:xmpp-stanzas'>No module is handling this query</text>
  191. Comrade DOS Lol.
  192. linus Link Mauve, compile?
  193. Link Mauve linus, compile.
  194. linus Link Mauve, why would that not compile?
  195. Link Mauve As in, cpython won’t generate the pyc file.
  196. linus oooops
  197. linus yeah
  198. linus derp
  199. Link Mauve Because— yeah. :)
  200. lovetox Comrade DOS
  201. lovetox search for
  202. lovetox search for the methode get_bookmarks
  203. lovetox change the line
  204. lovetox if self.pubsub_supported and storage_type != 'xml':
  205. lovetox to
  206. lovetox if self.pubsub_supported and self.pubsub_publish_options_supported and storage_type != 'xml':
  207. lovetox tell me if this solves your problem
  208. Comrade DOS Hmm...
  209. Comrade DOS Looks like now it load bookmarks from private srorage.
  210. Comrade DOS But I can't change them any way.)
  211. lovetox of course you can change them
  212. lovetox why should that not work?
  213. Comrade DOS minimize="0"
  214. Comrade DOS This attr not specified in xep.
  215. Comrade DOS Server responded with <iq from='' to='' id='69' type='result'/>
  216. Link Mauve Comrade DOS, then it did it fine.
  217. Comrade DOS But actualy changes don't saved
  218. Link Mauve And indeed, minimize should possibly not be included in there.
  219. Link Mauve Comrade DOS, how did you check?
  220. Comrade DOS I removed one of my old bookmarks.
  221. Comrade DOS And reload client.
  222. Link Mauve is deeply sorry for having written this code, seven years ago.
  223. Comrade DOS Any custom attr should use prefix.
  224. Link Mauve Indeed, and I remember doing that long ago and Gajim would instead override what I added.
  225. lovetox where do you set minimize?
  226. lovetox or what is it that you want to save
  227. lovetox ah i see
  228. lovetox so you want it to mimize but it will not save that?
  229. Comrade DOS Nope.
  230. lovetox nope what?
  231. lovetox it is the minimize element you want to save?
  232. lovetox do you receive it in the request from the server?
  233. Comrade DOS I mean that then gajim set minimize attr to bookmark and try to save it server don't actualy save changes.
  234. lovetox but wrong, or do you dont even receive it
  235. Comrade DOS I don't change minimize attr.
  236. lovetox so the server sends you the minimize attr
  237. lovetox but in a wrong state
  238. Comrade DOS %)
  239. Comrade DOS Nope.
  240. Comrade DOS I change bookmark (name, autojoin, etc.) and try save it. Gajim set non-standard minimize attr for bookmark el and try send it to server.
  241. Comrade DOS Server accept it and send result response.
  242. lovetox and when you reload the client
  243. lovetox do you get the old bookmark back or none?
  244. Comrade DOS I got my bookmarks from private storage.
  245. Comrade DOS Without any changes.
  246. lovetox go to xml console, change bookmark, copy the xml stanza
  247. lovetox delete minimize attr
  248. lovetox send stanza again
  249. lovetox see what happens
  250. Comrade DOS
  251. Comrade DOS According this document conference element don't have minimize attr at all.
  252. lovetox yes and?
  253. lovetox you are guessing
  254. Comrade DOS So server just ignore stanza as invalid.
  255. lovetox you should prove that thats the problem
  256. lovetox thats a guess
  257. Comrade DOS
  258. Comrade DOS And as response from server <iq from='' to='' id='80' type='result'/>
  259. lovetox yeah why you dont delete the minimize out of that xml stanza
  260. lovetox and send it to the server?
  261. lovetox then look if the server saves the stanza
  262. Comrade DOS Yep, without minimize it works.
  263. Comrade DOS ok
  264. Comrade DOS so
  265. Comrade DOS I just commented common/ and now saving bookmarks work fine.
  266. danonyb Hi, who is the developer of the OMEMO Plugin?
  267. lovetox i am
  268. lovetox so how do we store mimize correctly
  269. lovetox because i dont see prefixes in the xep
  270. danonyb Hello lovetox, is the Plugin still in Beta?
  271. lovetox no
  272. danonyb lovetox: Is it stable?
  273. lovetox i would say so
  274. lovetox at least there where no issues reported in the last months, that suggest other way
  275. danonyb lovetox: Thank you. I will tell that to the others.
  276. lovetox getting it to running is the most common problem if you are on linux
  277. lovetox if you are on ARCH, use the AUR repository for the plugin not the gajim repo
  278. lovetox in debian testing is also a package for omemo
  279. lovetox on linux the most common problem are dependencies missing
  280. lovetox on windows it should work out of the box :)
  281. danonyb lovetox: What about other distributions like Fedora?
  282. danonyb Or Ubuntu
  283. lovetox i didnt found someone who can add and maintain a package there
  284. lovetox but it would be welcome :)
  285. Holger Won't Ubuntu auto-grab the Debian package, eventually?
  286. lovetox for other distris use the wiki
  287. lovetox
  288. danonyb lovetox: Thank you
  289. lovetox if you have problems tell me
  290. lovetox :)
  291. danonyb lovetox: Make that Plugin stable for all distributions. ^^
  292. danonyb It was just a joke.
  293. Comrade DOS >‎[20:19:45] ‎lovetox‎: so how do we store mimize correctly >‎[20:19:53] ‎lovetox‎: because i dont see prefixes in the xep It's xml feature.
  294. Comrade DOS So you just define yout own namespace and add attr with prefix that points on this namespace.
  295. linus <attr xmlns="urn:gajim:bookmarks" name="minimize">True</attr>
  296. linus or something :p
  297. Comrade DOS Maybe just flag el with namespace?
  298. Link Mauve linus, that’s illegal, urn:gajim should be registered before using it.
  299. linus Link Mauve, #yolo :p
  300. Comrade DOS <minimize xmlns="urn:gajim:bookmarks" />
  301. linus oh yeah that makes more sense
  302. Link Mauve I’d suggest or something.
  303. lovetox danonyb: i dont know what you mean with stable
  304. lovetox the plugin runs stable
  305. lovetox it doesnt crash, and does do what i should
  306. lovetox its just more or less hard to install on various platforms
  307. lovetox Link Mauve: but this is nowhere specified in the xep
  308. lovetox why should a server save that
  309. Link Mauve lovetox, that’s the issue I had, not with a server but with Gajim.
  310. danonyb lovetox: Do you mean the Plugin for linux or windows?
  311. lovetox for linux
  312. Link Mauve It would wipe out any foreign element whenever it would modify the bookmarks.
  313. lovetox for both it runs stable
  314. lovetox but on windows its easy to install
  315. lovetox on linux you have to download dependencies yourself
  316. lovetox that will never change if package maintainer not adding it to theire distributions
  317. Link Mauve So you technically don’t have any upgrade mechanism that works with both current Gajim and future Gajim.
  318. Link Mauve Short of putting that information in a different node.
  319. lovetox it works great btw with or
  320. Link Mauve Also note that this was about seven years ago, maybe Gajim started doing the correct thing since then.
  321. lovetox is there a way that the xep allows the server to save the additional information?
  322. Link Mauve lovetox, just like everything else in XMPP and XML, you can use namespaces to add any kind of foreign element.
  323. lovetox i know that i can add everything i want, but would the server save this information and serv it back to me on request
  324. Link Mauve lovetox, if it doesn’t special-case the 0048 PEP profile, yes.
  325. Link Mauve Or private XML profile.
  326. Link Mauve You can’t know what every server ever will do, but they have no reason to do something like that.
  327. lovetox <conference jid="" autojoin="1" name="test2"> <nick>lovetox</nick> <minimize xmlns=" " /> </conference>
  328. lovetox like that?
  329. Link Mauve lovetox, yes.
  330. lovetox ok i will test that, thanks
  331. lovetox Link Mauve
  332. lovetox what i dont understand is
  333. lovetox why is it illegal to add a attr to conference
  334. lovetox but it isnt to add an element
  335. lovetox ?!
  336. Comrade DOS Cuz you should define namespace in any way.
  337. Link Mauve lovetox, you can also add a namespaced attribute, that’s fine too.
  338. Comrade DOS But it not so prettily.)
  339. lovetox are you on a private server comrade dos?
  340. Comrade DOS It's a matter of taste.
  341. Comrade DOS Nope, it's public server.
  342. lovetox which?
  343. Comrade DOS
  344. lovetox k thanks
  345. lovetox no english button nice
  346. Comrade DOS It's russian server.)
  347. Comrade DOS
  348. Comrade DOS Логин - login
  349. lovetox google translated that for me :)
  350. Comrade DOS Почта - email
  351. Comrade DOS Cool.)
  352. arune What's fuzzy timestamp?
  353. lovetox try it :)
  354. lovetox config editor :)
  355. arune I'm at conversations currently 😬
  356. lovetox i never tried it, but i think it only displays timestamps sometimes in the chat
  357. lovetox like if you dont need it in every line
  358. linus No, fuzzy timestamps is like "quarter to 8"
  359. arune We could have another setting, time-ago like conversations
  360. lovetox yeah more settings juhu
  361. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim Plugins • Changeset [972:1ef6c127f3ab]: Fix url_image_preview for gtk3 Fix url_image_preview for gtk3
  362. Asterix lovetox: I haven't read your last commit, bu t does it correctly read data even without the NS so old option aren't lost?
  363. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Changeset [16162:c9ab416e87df]: Store optional fields correctly in Bookmarks Store optional fields correctly in Bookmarks
  364. lovetox yes
  365. lovetox i commented it with
  366. lovetox # not there, try old Gajim behaviour
  367. lovetox Asterix, though i did that only for minimize and forgot in print status
  368. lovetox can you tell me for what is this "print_status = conf.getTagData('show_status')"
  369. lovetox was show_status some really old thing gajim once did?
  370. lovetox can we get rid of this?
  371. lovetox nevermind, i just let it in :)
  372. lovetox should not break anything now
  373. lovetox try it :)
  374. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Changeset [16163:bbb2c16e481d]: Support old print_status tag in Bookmarks Support old print_status tag in Bookmarks
  375. Asterix lovetox: I don't remember this show_status thing ...
  376. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #8446 (NameError: global name 'time_time' is not defined) created Bug description I get the following error message when I try to execute a '/ping' command: Traceback (most recent call last): File "/usr/lib64/python2.7/site-packages/gajim/command_system/implementation/", line 64, in execute_command parents.execute_command(name, arguments) File "/usr/lib64/python2.7/site-packages/gajim/command_system/framework.[…]
  377. zak Whoa... The compliance for the Jabber server is really bad.
  378. zak Why so?
  379. Asterix zak: because the last release of prosody don't support all that unfortunatly
  380. zak So all other features are included in a development version only??
  381. Link Mauve Asterix, I think only one of them isn’t supported by the latest stable release, csi.
  382. Link Mauve (0352)
  383. Asterix last time I tried, MAM was not supported in 0.9 branch
  384. Link Mauve It is, just not with the sql storage backend.
  385. Link Mauve But the memory and xmlarchive ones work fine AFAIK.
  386. zak says: Requires Prosody 0.9+
  387. Asterix I'll try then, but when I have time I continue on the gitlab convertion
  388. Link Mauve Asterix, for MAM, it should only be a matter of setting that in your global section: storage = { archive2 = "xmlarchive"; muc_log = "xmlarchive"; }
  389. Link Mauve I’m not sure the second is actually needed, maybe not.
  390. lovetox Link Mauve, but now that i think about it, is adding custom tags to a bookmark not useless, if you update the bookmark with another client, the extra tags would be gone?
  391. Link Mauve lovetox, that’s what I told you about (older?) Gajim clearing the markup I added.
  392. lovetox ahh yeah thats probably still happening
  393. lovetox i mean that would be really complicated to record the stanza and only add things?
  394. Link Mauve Not really, but it might not be done.
  395. Link Mauve That’s why I suggested to use a separate node for that.
  396. lovetox i guess gajim is probably the only client who adds something anyway
  397. Link Mauve Asterix, fyi, muc_log is still necessary, see:
  398. Asterix ok thanks
  399. Link Mauve You then need to add "mam" to your global modules_enabled, and "mam_muc" to the one on the MUC component.
  400. lovetox > If I double click the entry of the room in the Buddy list Gajim tries to make a personal conversation window with the conference room "user"
  401. lovetox why was this happening again?
  402. lovetox some users told me that
  403. lovetox but i never experienced it