Gajim - 2016-10-06

  1. lovetox linus da?
  2. lovetox Link Mauve?
  3. lovetox wie mach ich einen hardlink in linux
  4. lovetox also so das auch programme dem link folgen
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  6. Link Mauve lovetox, ln -s.
  7. lovetox danke
  8. Link Mauve Aber ich spreche kein Deutsch. :p
  9. lovetox thx
  10. lovetox ah lol
  11. lovetox :D
  12. Link Mauve Nur ein bischen.
  13. lovetox thats decent :)
  14. Link Mauve Nur ein bißchen.
  15. linus Link knows his links :p
  16. linus Although that wasn't quite accurate — ln -s creates a symbolic link, not a hard link
  17. linus Hard links are a bit different, and they're also usually not what you want
  18. Comrade DOS Hi. Looks like Gajim have some problem with bookmarks storage in ejabberd 3.2.x.
  19. lovetox hm can you be more specific
  20. lovetox and ejabbered newest version is 16.09
  21. lovetox 3.2 seems very old
  22. Comrade DOS jabber server have pep for bookmarks enabled
  23. Comrade DOS gajim saves bookmarks to storage, but reading them from pep
  24. lovetox yes that seems like a feature :)
  25. Comrade DOS ahahah
  26. lovetox what is the problem, you want to save it to pep?
  27. Comrade DOS problem in that there two versions of bookmarks
  28. lovetox what client do you use for storing bookmarks to pep?
  29. Comrade DOS Gajim)
  30. Comrade DOS btw, strict schema validator will drop the whole packet with this feature set and will be correct
  31. Comrade DOS I mean custom attr for bookmark
  32. Comrade DOS like minimize
  33. lovetox to what problem does this lead, besides xml stanzas, what is it that it not woring or wrong
  34. lovetox and how can i reproduce this
  35. Comrade DOS I user
  36. Comrade DOS So.
  37. Comrade DOS
  38. Comrade DOS I get this when try save bookmarks
  39. Comrade DOS
  40. Comrade DOS And get this then try connet to jabber server
  41. lovetox and to what problem does that lead?
  42. lovetox are you seeing bookmarks double, or how is this a problem for you?
  43. Comrade DOS settings for bookmarks doesn't saved
  44. Comrade DOS I try set autologin flag for
  45. Comrade DOS But then I reconnect it's gone
  46. Comrade DOS I also can't save new or delete old bookmark entries.
  47. lovetox the question is why are your bookmarks saved in a pubsub node
  48. lovetox when gajim doesnt do this
  49. lovetox if i login to my server, i get an error stanza if i query my bookmarks node in pubsub
  50. lovetox because it doesnt exist
  51. lovetox because gajim never stores data there
  52. lovetox so how did your bookmark get into pubsub
  53. Comrade DOS But why gajimg load data from pubsub instead of storage?
  54. lovetox it loads data from storage
  55. lovetox let me have a look again
  56. Comrade DOS I used several clients
  57. Comrade DOS tkabber one ot them
  58. linus
  59. linus Pubsub is the recommended way
  60. lovetox hm i have a look at it later, have to go now
  61. Comrade DOS thx
  62. lovetox so as it seems gajim supports storing to pubsub
  63. lovetox so question is why doesnt save it to pubsub
  64. lovetox we support publishing to pubsub only if the server supports ""
  65. lovetox why that exactly is i dont know
  66. lovetox Comrade DOS
  67. Comrade DOS hmm
  68. Comrade DOS let's me check
  69. lovetox so i know why
  70. lovetox because only the publish options let you set an access model
  71. lovetox means that only you can read your bookmarks
  72. lovetox
  73. lovetox see the first example "storing bookmarks
  74. lovetox infact your other jabber client should implement this best practies model
  75. lovetox and not publish to pubsub without setting these options
  76. Comrade DOS Hmm...
  77. lovetox i checked some other servers
  78. lovetox i find it weird that nobody supports that option
  79. Comrade DOS Seems that tkabber also use storage instead of pubsub.
  80. lovetox i talked to someone
  81. lovetox and it seems ejabbered doesnt support this out of the box
  82. Comrade DOS Hmm...
  83. Comrade DOS Looks like this problem is specific for Gajim
  84. Comrade DOS I try edit bookmarks from tkabber and then connected from Sawim and all work fine.
  85. lovetox gajim honors that xep
  86. lovetox but maybe this is a weird xep, im talking right now if this is needed today
  87. Comrade DOS So.
  88. Comrade DOS Gajim write bookmarks to private storage beacause can't find #publish-options but why it's read bookmarks from pubsub on connections instead of private storage?
  89. Comrade DOS In result I have two rosters verions.
  90. Comrade DOS In one I can only write and can't read and vice versa.
  91. lovetox you are right gajim reads from pubsub even if options is not supported
  92. Comrade DOS So it's right behaviour?
  93. lovetox its not optimal lets say it like that
  94. lovetox problem is
  95. lovetox there are only 2 big server distributions
  96. lovetox ejabbered
  97. lovetox and prosody
  98. lovetox prosody doesnt support publishing to pep
  99. lovetox so both has to be supported
  100. Comrade DOS Hmm...
  101. lovetox but i think
  102. Comrade DOS Tkabber use private storage in any way.
  103. lovetox gajim should publish to pubsub even without "options"
  104. lovetox at least others do it like that
  105. lovetox and the xep seems weird and old
  106. linus how about simply going for consistency and always falling back to private storage if options isn't supportred?
  107. lovetox so i try to find out what actually is the right way to publish
  108. linus (i.e. for both reads and writes)
  109. lovetox yes, i just want to find out if we not should go the way
  110. lovetox to publish without options
  111. lovetox because it seems others do it that way, and the xep makes not much sense ( told me someone who is into pubsub)
  112. linus options doesn't make much sense?
  113. lovetox not in regards to persisten_items, and acces_model
  114. lovetox at least Holger told me that
  115. Holger It makes no sense to me. Maybe I'm overlooking the idea behind that. I asked in the XSF room, FWIW.
  116. Link Mauve “10:09:36 lovetox> because gajim never stores data there”, actually I implemented that some seven years ago.
  117. lovetox i know :D
  118. Link Mauve Maybe seven years is too short to get servers to reliably expose 0223.
  119. lovetox i found that out later
  120. Link Mauve I’m looking at you Prosody.
  121. lovetox but or for example also dont support pubsub#options
  122. lovetox so gajim never publishes without that supported
  123. Comrade DOS You mena #publish-options?
  124. lovetox and there are clients, who publish without checking support for #options
  125. lovetox yes
  126. Comrade DOS Hmm...
  127. lovetox so it feels like nobody knows that xep
  128. lovetox or it is indeed not needed anymore :)
  129. Holger What exactly are servers supposed to announce?
  130. Comrade DOS I can't get which of xmpp-clients do that. Who put bookmarks to pubsub?)
  131. lovetox Holger:
  132. Comrade DOS I just checked 3 clients that I use and all of them use private storage.
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  134. Link Mauve “11:43:52 lovetox> gajim should publish to pubsub even without "options"”, no, otherwise you may leak all of your bookmarks to anyone knowing your JID.
  135. Link Mauve lovetox, if a server doesn’t support publish-options, does it reject any publish request containing one?
  136. Link Mauve Otherwise it would be a vulnerability.
  137. lovetox i dont know because gajim doesnt try
  138. Comrade DOS >‎[17:20:03] ‎Link Mauve‎: “11:43:52 lovetox> gajim should publish to pubsub even without "options"”, no, otherwise you may leak all of your bookmarks to anyone knowing your JID. also this can be reason for leaked password from password-protected confrencies
  139. lovetox it only publishes to pubsub IF options are supported
  140. Link Mauve Comrade DOS, yes, passwords are stored in the same store.
  141. linus ‎[11:43:52] ‎lovetox‎: gajim should publish to pubsub even without "options"
  142. Link Mauve lovetox, that’s the correct way.
  143. linus so you're saying it shouldn't after all
  144. lovetox i dont say anything, i have no clue from pubsub
  145. lovetox i just wanted to find out if this xep is still valid or not
  146. Link Mauve It is, but uses weird publish-options that are not defined in 0060.
  147. lovetox so it seems it is valid
  148. lovetox important part for me is: should gajim only publish if #publish-options are supported?
  149. Holger That would not be enough, right? The server would also have to support those two specific options.
  150. lovetox yeah i guess we would get an error back then
  151. Holger 0060 says "the service may treat the [publish-options] field as a precondition", so publishing the item should fail if the *node* isn't configured that way.
  152. Comrade DOS
  153. Holger That begins to make sense to me. But I don't see how this is supposed to work. The service *MAY* or may not treat things that way?!
  154. Holger Comrade DOS: Yes, "each field must specify whether it
  155. Holger defines METADATA to be attached to the item, a per-item OVERRIDE of the node
  156. Holger configuration, or a PRECONDITION to be checked against the node configuration"
  157. Holger How?
  158. Holger In the example it's just specified in the 'label' attribute.
  159. Holger And 0223 doesn't mention the PRECONDITION thing.
  160. Link Mauve Holger, I think we’ll have to go to the attic to get to that answer!
  161. Link Mauve Or maybe ask ralphm, he’s the best PubSub expert I know.
  162. Holger Apart from that, this is one of those cases where 0060 suddenly includes text I'm totally sure it didn't include yesterday, so I doubt it'll still be there tomorrow :-)
  163. Holger 0060 does this all the time.
  164. lovetox :D
  165. Link Mauve I do remember it being a condition for publishing an item.
  166. lovetox i let you xmpp nerds discuss this out, hopefully at the end someone tells me how it should be handled :D
  167. Holger Link Mauve: It says it MIGHT be a condition. Or an override. Or something else.
  168. Holger lovetox: I'm out of this and waiting for advice as well, sorry.
  169. Comrade DOS So.
  170. lovetox Comrade DOS: i would try to clear that pubsub bookmarks
  171. lovetox then all your clients are back on private storage
  172. Link Mauve I should go to work, it’s already half past noon, so I’m just wrapping up and leaving, sorry.
  173. Comrade DOS Looks like no one of jabber-servers does not support publish-options
  174. Comrade DOS Maybe just don't try read bookmarks from pubsub at all?
  175. Link Mauve I do remember implementing that in PSĜS, and it being present in at least Ejabberd, which I was using back then.
  176. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #8414 (Problems with receipt icons and emojis) updated Gajim version: 0.16.6
  177. Holger Link Mauve: ejabberd only has some very specific support for publish-options as required by XEP-0357 and I added that just recently. I doubt you were using publish-options back then.
  178. lovetox Comrade DOS: i think there will be a change in how gajim handles, reading /writing to pubsub, depending on the outcome of this discussion.
  179. lovetox but if you want a quick fix
  180. lovetox i would try to get the infos out of pubsub
  181. Comrade DOS I get how to fix it.
  182. Holger The infrastructure to use publish-options for other things is there, now. But from what I learned today I have no idea how the server should handle them for other things.
  183. Comrade DOS But I can live with this.)
  184. Link Mauve Holger, ugh, maybe I *thought* I was using it but it was silently ignoring it? /o\
  185. Holger Link Mauve: Maybe. It certainly doesn't announce support, not even today.
  186. Link Mauve Ok.
  187. Comrade DOS The best practices defined herein re-use the concepts already defined in XEP-0060 and XEP-0163. In order to optimize for object persistence of private information instead of transient event notifications related to semi-public data, a node MUST be configured as follows: Set pubsub#persist_items to true. Set pubsub#access_model to "whitelist".
  188. Holger Yes, that part makes sense.
  189. Holger The "publish-options" part might also make sense as an additional "safety layer", but as far as I can see, the details are underspecified, and no server implements this.
  190. witti Hello Guys! I'm using Gajim on Arch Linux and I want to use GPG with some of my contacts. I can add a key to my Account, but as soon as I enter my passphrase, I'm getting IO Errors from Does somebody know this problem and could help me with that? Thanks!
  191. linus Could you paste such an IO error?
  192. witti Of course:
  193. witti Gajim repeats asking for my passphrase over and over again after that, but it isn't working.
  194. witti If I'm using gpg-agent and the passphrase is saved I'll get the same error message, plus an additional one, that gpg-agent isn't running or the passphrase is wront.
  195. lovetox hm sorry witti i dont use pgp, but stay here i think some people might
  196. lovetox or you make an bugreport on trac.gajim.og
  197. lovetox or you make an bugreport on
  198. zak I can test it when I am home again next week.
  199. lovetox does anyone use emoticons plugin
  200. lovetox where can i see the new emoticons once i download a pack
  201. lovetox ?
  202. lovetox ok found it
  203. lovetox very not user friendly how to use another emoticon pack
  204. witti Thanks for your answers. I just found a fix for my GPG problem, I added the KEY_CONSIDERED status into the lists of, just like here: Now its working fine for me!
  205. tmolitor lovetox: yes, the emoticon thing is on my todo list, too :)
  206. lovetox witti
  207. lovetox but that was fixed
  208. lovetox
  209. lovetox do you not use gajim 0.16.6
  210. lovetox ?
  211. witti Sorry, I didn't say that I'm on 0.16.5... .6 isn't in my Repos yet and I don't want to upgrade manually.
  212. Link Mauve witti, I flagged the package out of date, now just waiting for eric to upload a new one.
  213. Link Mauve witti, in the meantime you can install abs, run `sudo abs`, then `cp -r /var/abs/extra/gajim /tmp; cd /tmp/gajim`, modify PKGBUILD to point to 0.16.6, then run `updpkgsums` and `makepkg -i`.
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  215. arune lovetox: was that in gtk3-branch instead of default??
  216. lovetox it was in the gtk3
  217. lovetox yesterday i changed some layout things in the plugin window
  218. lovetox and the handler was deleted
  219. lovetox or what do you mean
  220. arune Isn't default-branch gtk3?
  221. lovetox no
  222. lovetox not in the plugins repo
  223. arune Ahhh
  224. lovetox its a bit confusing :D
  225. arune Didn't notice the different repos