Gajim - 2016-10-04

  1. arune lovetox, great, I'm testing
  2. arune lovetox! it's working great!! it started in the exact same position and with the exact same size!
  3. arune oh, I didn't notice the send button being right-aligned again also!
  4. arune I think you can release 1.0 now :) (or beta-release!!)
  5. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #8401 (Window width not correctly restored in single win mode) created Bug description When starting gajim, the window width is not restored correctly, the size increases. Steps to reproduce Start gajim Activate single window mode Notice window width Quit gajim Start gajim Notice window width increased Software versions Gajim version:0.16.6 and 0.16.10/gtk3 OS version: Windows 7 GTK+ Version: 3.18.9 PyGobject? Version: 3.18.[…]
  6. arune that was my
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  9. linus Yeah I fixed the send button a while back, took a while to get merged though
  10. linus I don't think it's release ready yet
  11. linus Plus we only just had a release
  12. arune linus, but a beta ?
  13. linus I guess
  14. linus The one thing that I'd say really needs doing before a proper release is fixing all the alignment issuws
  15. linus Which are caused by the use of deprecated properties
  16. Link Mauve Whenever you feel like you’ve eliminated all of the issues I sent the other day, let me know so I’ll do another run. :D
  17. arune maybe an issue in the system would be nice to be able to track fixes and even find the file you linked to the other day
  18. Link Mauve arune, it was
  19. Link Mauve I didn’t report them as issues because I would have created like tens of them.
  20. lovetox Link Mauve, i fixed some of the issues in your file
  21. lovetox others i cant replicate, and on others im still working
  22. lovetox for example that: Right-clicking on a MUC participant brings the context menu at the far right of the screen.
  23. lovetox not happening, on windows, or ubuntu
  24. lovetox additional infos would be nice
  25. lovetox what gtk version are you using
  26. Link Mauve lovetox, ah, I did test on 3.20 but I’m now on 3.22, I could test again if you want.
  27. Link Mauve On ArchLinux, with Weston.
  28. lovetox i hate already the question, to think that things work differently in each gtk sub version
  29. lovetox is a horrible thought i dont really want to have
  30. lovetox would be nice if you could test again, with the latest hg
  31. Link Mauve Please remind me tonight. :)
  32. Link Mauve (Otherwise I might forget.)
  33. lovetox k will do
  34. lovetox arune
  35. lovetox i think there are bigger issues that need to be fixed
  36. lovetox i really have thread problemes, where the whole programm suddenly is blocked
  37. lovetox i really wonder that you didnt notice that , or maybe it isnt happening with you
  38. Link Mauve lovetox, I had that before, and it got fixed when updating to 3.20 IIRC.
  39. Link Mauve Make sure you are always on the latest release, 3.22 atm.
  40. lovetox why?
  41. Link Mauve lovetox, bugfixes.
  42. Link Mauve lovetox, fyi.
  43. lovetox em, yeah tough gajim is for people with gtk 3.x and not 3.22
  44. Link Mauve Imo that’s a wrong goal, but if you can workaround bugs from older releases it would be helpful.
  45. Link Mauve Just, don’t spend too much time on that.
  46. lovetox how is that a wrong goal, if gajim would be for 3.22 i would immediatly stop using it, because windows gtk is on 3.18
  47. lovetox also everyone who uses ubuntu is on 3.18
  48. lovetox and thats only 16.04
  49. Link Mauve Uh, really? :/
  50. lovetox gtk sub version shouldnt break compatibility, or no serious dev would use them
  51. Link Mauve It’s not a compatibility breakage here, it’s a bug fix.
  52. Link Mauve At least if you are encountering the same bug I had on 3.18.
  53. linus Debian stable only has 3.14
  54. linus (3.14.5)
  55. Link Mauve You may want to find out which commit changed that between 3.18 and 3.20 and ask your distribution to backport it.
  56. Link Mauve (I just asked my GTK+ colleague if he could ping the company doing the Windows port.)
  57. lovetox there is a company? seems like one guy who does this for fun
  58. lovetox no support on any windows problems
  59. lovetox whatsoever
  60. lovetox some abandend sourceforge site
  61. lovetox translation in gtk on windows is not working since 2 years
  62. Link Mauve lovetox, the ones doing
  63. lovetox hm thanks
  64. lovetox will look into this
  65. Link Mauve lovetox, err, seriously?
  66. Link Mauve How do other projects manage?
  67. lovetox im not a professionel developer, i dont know what big projects use gtk i doubt they would on windows
  68. Link Mauve Pidgin for example.
  69. lovetox em yeah :D but i will install now, and see what version they are using
  70. arune lovetox, you can close
  71. lovetox i cant
  72. lovetox i dont have the rights
  73. arune aha :)
  74. lovetox on gajim-trac
  75. lovetox i asked asterix already about it though
  76. lovetox so i hope soon :)
  77. arune ok thx
  78. arune I just thought it would be good to log the fix
  79. lovetox yes
  80. lovetox oh Link Mauve
  81. Link Mauve Yes?
  82. lovetox piding is in C
  83. Link Mauve Yeah.
  84. lovetox there is maybe a misunderstanding
  85. arune I at least thought it would be possible to close the report you created yourself but no
  86. lovetox i was talking about pygi
  87. lovetox the python gtk
  88. lovetox :)
  89. Link Mauve lovetox, how is that different?
  90. Link Mauve pygi will just use g-i normally, like any other language would.
  91. lovetox yes but its a wrapper or not?
  92. Link Mauve Not really, it allows Python scripts to use introspection data most GLib libraries expose.
  93. lovetox yeah but it only allows to use the things it supports.
  94. lovetox and it only supports until 3.18
  95. lovetox i guess if you can directly use the gtk c lib
  96. lovetox gtk is as good on windows as anywhere else
  97. lovetox but im restricted to that project with using python
  98. lovetox
  99. Link Mauve I don’t think the gobject-introspection files changed at any point recently.
  100. Link Mauve They should be fully forward-compatible.
  101. lovetox i dont understand what you are trying to say, i should compile gtk myself and can use it with these python bindings the pygi project for win provides?
  102. Link Mauve Yeah, most likely.
  103. lovetox i would like to spend my time programming on gajim, not compiling libs, if that would be so easy there wouldnt be only one single project that is on 3.18.2 not even 3.18.9
  104. lovetox and this still wouldnt solve all the other distributions that are on the same version
  105. lovetox and this whole discussion is highly theoretical, im not considering this a gtk bug
  106. Link Mauve Ok.
  107. Link Mauve I don’t know much or anything about Windows, and I don’t know anybody working in that field either, sorry.
  108. Link Mauve I have many GTK+ and GLib developers around but we work pretty much only on Linux.
  109. lovetox good to know, thanks for your help, i really appreciate iot
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  113. lovetox spam spam spam
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  115. lovetox Link Mauve i dont get what is it you refer when you say gtk 3.22
  116. lovetox the GTK+ version
  117. lovetox or PyGObject
  118. lovetox for example ubuntu 16.04 has GTK+ 3.18.9
  119. lovetox and pyGObject 3.20
  120. lovetox or what does someone usually mean with that
  121. Link Mauve lovetox, I guess they just compiled an older GTK+ with a current python-gobject.
  122. lovetox normally they should be insync
  123. lovetox ok
  124. Link Mauve I currently have 3.22.1 for gtk3 and 3.22.0 for python-gobject here, on ArchLinux.
  125. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Changeset [16145:a3b8feebd691]: Better alignment for elements in ChatWindow and GroupChatWindow Better alignment for elements in ChatWindow? and GroupChatWindow?
  126. Link Mauve They get released at the same time, but you compile what you want how you want.
  127. Link Mauve They probably had their reasons.
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  130. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #8401 (Window width not correctly restored in single win mode) closed fixed
  131. Martin Hi, I just drop my "thanks" here for the new release!
  132. lovetox_ you are welcome
  133. lovetox_ :)