Gajim - 2016-10-01

  1. mmlosh @"once debian includes something like 0.5 or 0.8" -- are they going for that? that would be nice
  2. Link Mauve mmlosh, it was a joke about them always including terribly old versions. :p
  3. mmlosh well. I just looked at the version there. Now I get the joke, 'cause its 0.15
  4. Link Mauve 0.8 was like three years ago, 0.5 in 2010. :p
  5. Link Mauve mmlosh, ah, we were talking about poezio, not Gajim.
  6. Link Mauve Gajim is at 0.16.5 currently.
  7. mmlosh OOOh. that didn't fit into the scrollback
  8. mmlosh Regarding gajim - could my SRV functionality be stuck?
  9. mmlosh gajim is not resolving the XMPP SRV record and goes directly for
  10. mmlosh I mean: Expected: a) resolve SRV b) get "" c) resolve A
  11. mmlosh but that srv request does not happen. The resolver ges only the A request for lb1-hap, which gajim *should not* know about without doing that srv lookup first
  12. Link Mauve mmlosh, it probably did and cached it?
  13. mmlosh obviously. But why and where?
  14. Link Mauve Although that’s generally not a random program’s role to cache that stuff.
  15. mmlosh agreed
  16. mmlosh and even if so, it should re-do that srv request if connection fails
  17. mmlosh thats what just happened. They migrated and the srv is now pointing for "", but my gajim did not get the memo
  18. Link Mauve Ah, that might be a cache in your resolver instead; how did you determine Gajim doesn’t ask, and not just like, get the old value due to the TTL?
  19. mmlosh I did the SRV lookup by dig. That didn't hit any cache
  20. mmlosh I also looked at tcpdump. There are no srv requests. And I am sure that glibc stub resolver does not chace anything across reboots
  21. mmlosh Actually, there is not a single packet before the lb1-hap A request
  22. mmlosh something must be rotten on my end, obviously. Let me try with a reboot
  23. Link Mauve mmlosh, make sure you didn’t set that as a forced host in your account.
  24. mmlosh I did that so I could connect to the new domain
  25. mmlosh well. that is super-odd
  26. mmlosh this reboot helped. No more ghosts :)
  27. mmlosh So, a correction: the SRV request actually happens after reboot It has a TTL of 3600. So unless they fixed the SRV super-recently, it should have expired by itself.
  28. mmlosh the important part is, that it works. Thanks for the (moral) support :)
  29. stefano Hi, I use Gajim 0.16.5 and got a stacktrace from Gajim out of nothing. The program was in the background. No other infos. So i tink a bug report is useles?
  30. stefano
  31. Link Mauve stefano, I think it’s a valid bug, the code seems to make the assumption it will always get a full JID while it was apparently called with a bare JID in your case.
  32. Link Mauve arune, linus, ^
  33. stefano Is there a know problem with the tracker mail server? I tried to register and verify my email but i don't got a mail. Tried to click on „Resend Email“, waited a few minutes, look in my spam folder, check if the given email address is right.
  34. Link Mauve No idea, maybe send an email to Asterix about that.
  35. stefano Link Mauve, thanks. I drop a message on XMPP because i found the JID faster that a mail address.
  36. Link Mauve He’s generally not online currently.
  37. lovetox stefano, i hope we get a new issue tacker in some days
  38. stefano Ok. In the meantime i parked my two tracebacks on I report them when the new tracker is online. If somebody is interested, this is the traceback i got when i try to quit gajim:
  39. lovetox thanks for reporting
  40. arune lovetox: new issuetracker??
  41. lovetox Asterix is playing around with gitlab :)
  42. ciblia GIt: What is the logic of that scary red X showing message was not sent? I have it all the time with one person and when I send something from Conversations, the red Xes disappear soon and turn into green checkmarks.
  43. praveen lovetox: hosted instance or
  44. lovetox self hosted
  45. lovetox ciblia: send a message, and look in the xml console
  46. lovetox if a received result comes back from the contact
  47. lovetox what do you mean with "all of the time"
  48. ciblia it seems like unnecressary scare to user
  49. lovetox literaly with every message
  50. ciblia literally with every message until I say something with Conversations and then they probably check the message and all marks turn green
  51. lovetox hm do you have activated "show icon when your messages are received"
  52. lovetox in preference
  53. lovetox first page
  54. ciblia Yes
  55. lovetox does it help if you deactivate that
  56. ciblia Seems so. The only difference is that now I got message of the person being idle (away for over 5 minutes)
  57. lovetox what client does you contact use?
  58. ciblia I think Conversations at the moment, but also has Gajim which I imagine to be the latest stable version
  59. lovetox hm and you use encryption?
  60. ciblia OMEMO which has another issue of my messages suddenly stopped being visible on my Conversations even if it's trusted in settings.
  61. lovetox so first i agree, red X is not really a good UI design
  62. lovetox i would make sure that your contact is receiving the messages
  63. lovetox because i wrote with someone on conversations just now, and the x goes away after a second
  64. lovetox it could also depend on the network he is on
  65. lovetox we can only let the read x go away if we get a response
  66. ciblia when it's pointed, it says that the message hasn't been received and if it stays for longer, the message has probably been lost. They are receiving the messages at least after I have messaged from Conversations. I don't know their network, but there hasn't been an issue in the past and they are on the same XMPP server.
  67. lovetox but there seems to be an issue, if you cant receive your own messages anymore suddenly
  68. lovetox can you check if conversations is in gajim trusted and vica versa
  69. lovetox though in gajim that would be under tab "own devices"
  70. lovetox you can make it visible on any contact
  71. ciblia Conversations in Gajim is trusted, but it seems like it's untrusted in reality. Gajim in Conversations is trusted as I see the messages I send from there on Gajim.
  72. ciblia Where do I find the own devices tab? I am only able to find my devices on the same tab where all other fingerprints Gajim has encountered are.
  73. lovetox just open a chat window with any person
  74. lovetox icon -> fingerprints
  75. lovetox own devices
  76. ciblia Icon being the fish? There is only fingerprints where there is only known fingerprints where I see all fingerprints from the contact and Gajim fingerprint
  77. lovetox then you are on a super old version
  78. ciblia That shouldn't be possible
  79. lovetox so what version are you on?
  80. ciblia That is the case -.-
  81. ciblia For some reason installed says I have OMEMO 0.7.0, but in the available tab I have no version of OMEMO installed. I also don't have any AUR package installed.
  82. lovetox hm..
  83. lovetox weird
  84. lovetox just update via gajim interface
  85. lovetox package is only needed for the first time, if you are missing dependencys
  86. lovetox or do it via AUR
  87. ciblia that made the plugin disappear entirely, but now I am on 0.9.0 after quitting and starting and enabling
  88. lovetox thats good, look in the console for any errors
  89. lovetox we had some migrating issues
  90. lovetox from early versions
  91. ciblia the version was 0.7.0 and now I see own devices tab which tells me I am talking on different account than I thought on Gajim, but I see that all other clients are untrusted. Thanks
  92. lovetox beware
  93. lovetox in the "other devices" tab
  94. lovetox are only your other devices
  95. lovetox if you want your own fingerprint you have to go to the plugin config
  96. lovetox ah no
  97. lovetox sorry
  98. lovetox i changed that alredy
  99. lovetox haha
  100. lovetox its actually in the same window :D
  101. ciblia I was going to ask what is that "Own Fingerprint: 506148B5 CC48623E 5F01E7C6 68F08FF5 8BB02D2A DA7449C2 E24F2BC2 0A054F6B" thing
  102. lovetox thats the fingerprint from the account you are using with gajim on that device
  103. ciblia so I thought
  104. lovetox haha
  105. lovetox maybe this also was the reason for the long standing read Xs
  106. lovetox but im not sure
  107. lovetox we will switch to something different in gtk3 version
  108. lovetox conversation uses a slightly other standard for seeing and received
  109. ciblia I guess that is easy to test. Conversations started receiving messages after being trusted by the way.
  110. lovetox ours is a bit outdated and not very useful
  111. ciblia Immediate green checkmark
  112. ciblia Why Gajim didn't communicate me that I was using ancient version of OMEMO and there would have been more recent one in available plugins? Different signature or something that F-Droid tends to give?
  113. cuc hm is there a gtk3 branch for gajim? i only find a closed branch called "gtk3" in the trac-browser
  114. linus cuc, default branch is gtk3
  115. cuc ah
  116. linus gajim-plugins has a branch named gtk3 which goes with gajim's default branch. It's a bit confusing...
  117. cuc thx... is it usable already? :)
  118. Link Mauve ciblia, haha, signatures, Gajim has none of that.
  119. ciblia doesn't want to hear that every time she downloads a Gajim plugin it connects to HTTP://
  120. Link Mauve I highly dislike programs who try to be a package manager while they know nothing of that.
  121. Link Mauve ciblia, ftp://, even worse. :)
  122. ciblia D:
  123. Link Mauve ciblia, since you are on ArchLinux, imo it’s better to package plugins and keep that up to date, pacman is a much better package manager than Gajim.
  124. linus cuc, I'm using it
  125. ciblia Link Mauve, so I should uninstall that plugin I installed with Gajim, quit Gajim and install that AUR package? And just to confirm, Gajim doesn't download plugins over insecure connection without any kind of checking that the plugin hasn't been tampered with?
  126. linus Has a few minor layout issues that just make it look a little bit bad, but it's perfectly usable.
  127. linus ciblia, I think lovetox was working on getting the plugin manager to use STARTTLS
  128. lovetox it always used SSL
  129. lovetox ah TLS
  130. ciblia :( you weren't joking
  131. ciblia oh, good
  132. linus oh, it did?
  133. lovetox it just didnt validate the certificate
  134. linus hahaha
  135. Link Mauve ciblia, it doesn’t check for tampering AFAIK.
  136. Link Mauve ciblia, but yes, that’s what I’d do.
  137. cuc lol
  138. cuc linus, ok ill try it out then thx
  139. ciblia but is at least secure connection and verifies the certificate?
  140. Link Mauve Encrypted connection, but doesn’t verify it.
  141. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #8397 (The process cannot access the file because it is being used by another …) created Bug description Repeated display () of an error box with the following message. Traceback (most recent call last): File "c:\python27\lib\site-packages\nbxmpp\", line 497, in dispatch File "src\common\", line 671, in _vCardCB File "src\", l[…]
  142. ciblia :(
  143. lovetox but its not that easy to do
  144. lovetox python didnt support verification until 3.4 i believe
  145. ciblia one IRC bot used that excuse too
  146. Link Mauve lovetox, good thing the next Gajim will work on it. :)
  147. lovetox yes, its working already on windows
  148. lovetox though guess what
  149. lovetox every linux distribution uses their own location for certs
  150. lovetox there is no standard
  151. lovetox i dont get it to work on linux
  152. lovetox always cert verification error :D
  153. Link Mauve lovetox, shouldn’t that be something the libraries used are already doing? :/
  154. cuc shouldnt the openssl api care about the cert location aka truststore?
  155. lovetox it should, python uses openssl
  156. lovetox but i dont get it to work :)
  157. lovetox it should be pretty easy in theory
  158. ciblia ok, all plugins that Gajim allowed me to uninstall uninstalled including that plugin installer itself and now I am in the AUR version. I wondered should I take git directly as I use Gajim git, but I thought stable is more stable and secure in case I forget to update it
  159. cuc gajim has git repo?
  160. ciblia no, but OMEMO plugin has
  161. cuc ah ok
  162. lovetox no dont use omemo git
  163. ciblia oh, sorry, I said gajim git, I meant gajim-hg is the AUR package
  164. cuc i dont use or know anything about hg so i would have liked the idea of a gajim-git repo ;)
  165. cuc pity
  166. lovetox we get some maybe soon
  167. cuc hooray!
  168. ciblia hg is Mercurial and I think you clone repo with "hg clone" command, but I am not sure and I don't know about it further
  169. lovetox ciblia, only omemo has a AUR package
  170. cuc yeah thats the only thing i knew... :)
  171. Link Mauve ciblia, current stable lacks many fixes that were included in later gajim_0.16 commits, I’d advise going for this branch instead.
  172. lovetox you would have to clone all other plugins from hg then
  173. lovetox or wait a few days, 0.16.6 should be ready any day now :)
  174. Link Mauve ciblia, in the gajim-hg package, add #branch=gajim_0.16 at the end of the source value to use this one instead of default.
  175. ciblia I went to gajim-hg a few weeks ago as few weeks earlier, I was told that some maintainer who is the only one who can make a release has gone missing or something
  176. Link Mauve ciblia, you can ask to take back maintainership by posting to aur-general@ AFAIK.
  177. lovetox not missing :) only has not enough time
  178. ciblia I haven't had issues with this one, and I think I prefer to use whatever the AUR maintainer wants to give
  179. ciblia Link Mauve, I meant Gajim maintainer outside Arch
  180. Link Mauve ciblia, ah no, better, you can now click “submit a request” and ask for orphaning, on AUR, nice.
  181. Link Mauve ciblia, oh ok.
  182. ciblia is already maintaining one scary AUR package
  183. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #8397 (The process cannot access the file because it is being used by another …) updated Ah, probably due to two instances running (waiting to confirm). Windows lose track of the roster where it is closed (to systray), and tries to start a new instance when clicking on the icon again.
  184. Link Mauve I maintain way too many, 33 packages currently…
  185. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Changeset [16131:cd9664c9b166]: Use UTF-8 to store VCards If we dont specify the encodi[…] • Changeset [16132:45d0adba4c72]: A[…] • Changeset [16133:89f5a9128f03]: F[…]
  186. Link Mauve tmolitor: I think you remember wrongly, I never asked you to do any thumbnail, I just suggested you to use XHTML-IM to send the image with the metadata that it is an image instead of using the terrible hack Conversations uses, it would be better to not have any thumbnail and instead just the image itself imo.