Gajim - 2016-09-30

  1. bullgard4 [Debian stable] '~$ aptitude why libdns100' prints: "i dnsutils Depends on libdns100 (= 1:9.9.5.dfsg-9+deb8u7)~$ aptitude why dnsutils i gajim Hängt ab von dnsutils
  2. bullgard4 So why does gajim depend on dnsutils?
  3. arune bullgard4: to do srv lookups?
  4. linus eugh, it calls nslookup? Wouldn't it be nicer to depend on libasyncns seeing as it's also an option and it's a library that doesn't require calling an external process?
  5. lovetox linus, if i google libasyncs a package from 2008 comes up
  6. lovetox hm no sorry
  7. lovetox i found it
  8. lovetox but is dns-utils not a package that is installed from start
  9. lovetox maybe thats why
  10. lovetox gajim can also work with libasyncs
  11. linus No, dns-utils isn't installed by default
  12. linus Windows has nslookup by default I think, but it's a different tool as well
  13. lovetox then we should ask Asterix what his reasoning was behin that
  14. linus Probably that it's available by default on windows
  15. Link Mauve Recent GLib has Gio handling DNS lookups just fine, fyi.
  16. Link Mauve You should move to that, it will work as expected on every platform.
  17. lovetox intersting thanks Link Mauve
  18. lovetox what is recent though
  19. lovetox gtk 18.9 is the highest we can go
  20. lovetox when i search for dns glibc
  21. lovetox all i get are, drmatic security exploit news posts ;:D
  22. linus lovetox, glib not glibc
  23. linus Link Mauve, perfect! I think I'll write that, that way we can get rid of both libasyncns and the terrible nslookup hacks
  24. Link Mauve Yes.
  25. lovetox if you write that
  26. lovetox please implement
  27. Link Mauve I happen to have a GLib hacker sitting right in front of me, if you need anything. :)
  28. lovetox mhm for windows latest GLib is
  29. lovetox glib 2.46.2
  30. lovetox so i think this should be no problem
  31. linus lovetox, that's not the responsibility of the resolver as far as I can tell so far
  32. Link Mauve Indeed, nothing to do with it.
  33. linus well with gajim you never know... :p
  34. lovetox hm maybe i understanding something wrong but
  35. lovetox if i put in
  36. lovetox to get the port on which a service is running
  37. lovetox i need a dns query or not?
  38. lovetox i thought thats what we need the dns lib for
  39. lovetox at least when the port is in a dns entry specified on the domain
  40. Link Mauve Yes, you actually need to do multiple ones.
  41. linus yes, but the resolver only sends the queries
  42. linus it's up to the code calling the resolver to decide which name and record type to query
  43. lovetox ah ok
  44. lovetox because thats all in
  45. lovetox hardcoded :)
  46. lovetox i think you need to do work in this file
  47. lovetox so i meant to add the query to xmpps
  48. linus no, it's not hardcoded in
  49. linus the only reference I see to _xmpp-client for instance is in the code that runs if you run on its own
  50. linus gajim/src/common/ tells the resolver what to resolve
  51. lovetox you are right sorry
  52. linus line 1192
  53. lovetox indeed i did look at that line where you can run it on its own
  54. bullgard4 arune, What does "srv" stand for? "server"?
  55. Link Mauve bullgard4, service.
  56. Link Mauve It’s a DNS record type that allows you to match a service (for example _xmpp-client._tcp) to one or multiple hostname-port couples, with priority and weight.
  57. bullgard4 arune, And what do you mean by "service lookup"?
  58. lovetox you have to query a domain
  59. lovetox
  60. lovetox for its information
  61. lovetox IP, ports etc
  62. lovetox thats called a lookup
  63. bullgard4 arune, Link Mauve, lovetox: Thank you for explaining.
  64. lovetox linus, Link Mauve
  65. lovetox the one thing i spend very much time on since i learned python
  66. lovetox is what is a string, what is unicode, what is an encoding
  67. linus sounds accurate :p
  68. linus python 2 got it all wrong, python 3 fixed it, but the result is even more confusion x)
  69. lovetox but now that i read the 50th guide about it
  70. lovetox i think i hang on to a simple rule
  71. lovetox at least in python3
  72. lovetox if i write something to disk, i encode it for example utf-8
  73. linus in python 3 it's simple. str (unicode) is text, bytes is bytes
  74. lovetox if read something from disc, i decode it into unicode
  75. lovetox does that sound right?
  76. linus yes. Because you can't write text to a disc, except with a pen, which might be a bad idea ;)
  77. lovetox ok yeah is just learnd if you use the open() function in python
  78. lovetox and you dont state an encoding
  79. lovetox it will use your system default
  80. Link Mauve lovetox, yes, that’s exactly how you do it, whenever you need to communicate with the outside you encode/decode to bytes, otherwise you always use str inside of your program.
  81. Link Mauve Obviously, if the actual data is some random chunk of binary then you still use bytes.
  82. lovetox Link Mauve
  83. lovetox you are gajims mount everest
  84. Link Mauve Am I? ^^'
  85. lovetox today i debuged a decoding error, that only happend with your vcard
  86. Link Mauve Haha. :D
  87. Link Mauve Is that maybe why opening the preferences crashes Gajim here?
  88. lovetox and just now in your vcard the spinner spinds endless, end i debug it
  89. lovetox seems like gajim doesnt support Fraction of a Second in entity time
  90. lovetox and never returns something to the vcard window
  91. lovetox so it never ends spining
  92. lovetox no thats probably because you played around with the audio settings?
  93. Link Mauve Oh.
  94. lovetox i wondered because you wrote that in your bug txt
  95. Link Mauve I don’t remember playing with that.
  96. lovetox and afterwards you keep telling me it crashes
  97. Link Mauve That one was *so* long ago. :D
  98. Link Mauve Like, 20 days ago.
  99. lovetox do you get nothing in the log
  100. lovetox when it happens?
  101. Link Mauve The crash? It’s a segfault AFAIK.
  102. Link Mauve Ah yes, I see, it’s due to me not running PulseAudio I guess.
  103. Link Mauve And Gajim somehow still tries to use it.
  104. lovetox i write that on the list :D
  105. lovetox what reason is there to display the fraction of the second?!
  106. lovetox i think i just cut that off the string and drop it
  107. Link Mauve lovetox, because that’s a normal ISO-8601 format?
  108. Link Mauve lovetox, is it this one?
  109. lovetox
  110. Link Mauve Of course, but in which container?
  111. Link Mauve This one only defines the format.
  112. lovetox yes
  113. lovetox 202
  114. Link Mauve Ok.
  115. lovetox i dont question why its in the xmpp standard
  116. Link Mauve lovetox, so Gajim’s parser doesn’t support 0082 correctly? :/
  117. lovetox i ask my self if there is a reason to show it to the user
  118. Link Mauve That’s a good question. :)
  119. lovetox i mean your time result is someway different anyway
  120. lovetox for example you dont trail the Z
  121. lovetox you put it in <tzo>Z</tzo>
  122. Link Mauve Z isn’t a timezone used on Earth. :p
  123. Link Mauve ±00:00 is an actual timezone (also named GMT), but it’s different from UTC.
  124. Link Mauve /pedantic
  125. lovetox The Time Zone Definition is mandatory and MUST be either UTC (denoted by addition of the character 'Z' to the end of the string) or some offset from UTC (denoted by addition of '[+|-]' and 'hh:mm' to the end of the string)
  126. lovetox thats yours: <utc>2016-09-30T16:16:52.721444</utc>
  127. lovetox i dont see a Z :D
  128. lovetox thats actually the problem gajim has
  129. lovetox it looks for the Z
  130. Link Mauve Oh, hmm…
  131. lovetox or an offset
  132. lovetox both are not found in your string
  133. lovetox so it exits with invalid time
  134. Link Mauve mathieui, ^
  135. lovetox also poezios version info is rather long
  136. lovetox <version>f252f66 2016-09-13 20:03:51 +0200</version>
  137. lovetox i think to ID the exact version, a commit hash is enough
  138. lovetox maybe date is useful
  139. Link Mauve That shouldn’t be an issue.
  140. lovetox it isnt
  141. lovetox i just wondered :)
  142. Link Mauve I mean, querying the version is something you do pretty much never.
  143. Link Mauve And released version have a much shorter <version>0.9</version>.
  144. lovetox i did it 100 times the last our in the vcard window ^^
  145. lovetox ah ok
  146. Link Mauve :D
  147. louiz’ but nobody uses the released versions :P
  148. Link Mauve I’ve seen more people use it than the git version.
  149. Link Mauve And I’m pretty sure it will change once Debian includes something like 0.8 or 0.5.
  150. lovetox .