Gajim - 2016-09-28

  1. lovetox_ linus help
  2. lovetox_ weirdest bug, when i add a second account to gajim, and restart and both connect, when i go to plugins the plugin list wont load anymore
  3. lovetox_ if i delete the account it loads just fine again
  4. lovetox_ wtf
  5. lovetox_ how can this even be connected
  6. lovetox_ its not happening in ubuntu damn
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  8. linus lovetox, I haven't the faintest. Crazy stuff like this is what I don't like about gajim >.>
  9. linus I'm guessing it didn't say anything on the log?
  10. lovetox i found out more
  11. lovetox if i add one specific account with a specific jid
  12. lovetox dns resolving stops working
  13. lovetox i would give it to you for testing but its my main account Oo
  14. lovetox thing is it happens on ubuntu and on windows
  15. lovetox so its definitly a bug
  16. linus It would be a bug even if it happened only on windows :p
  17. lovetox thank god i found out more
  18. lovetox i was going crazy
  19. lovetox so it has to do with the length of you contact list
  20. lovetox i think some GTK error thats not shown is blocking the whole programm
  21. lovetox i have one group General
  22. lovetox with 10 contacts
  23. lovetox if i minimize that group stream of xml comes in and everything works
  24. lovetox if i maximize
  25. lovetox console output stops imediatly
  26. lovetox lol
  27. linus Lovely
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  29. lovetox linus
  30. linus ?
  31. lovetox how do i debug with gdb
  32. lovetox its installed
  33. lovetox but if i type gdb python3
  34. lovetox the app doesnt run
  35. Link Mauve lovetox, press r.
  36. lovetox Reading symbols from python3...(no debugging symbols found)...done. "/home/phil/gajim/src/" is not a core dump: File format not recognized
  37. Link Mauve You want --args.
  38. linus gdb python3
  39. linus run
  40. linus Or use --args like Link Mauve says but I'm not sure of the exact syntax
  41. lovetox thanks working
  42. Link Mauve linus, just --args.
  43. lovetox why does python exist, if you have to implement things in C if you want them fast
  44. Link Mauve lovetox, for quick prototyping.
  45. vorner lovetox: Most of the time you don't really care enough if it is fast. Easy to write is more important, usually.
  46. linus I think C would quite probably be overkill. And lovetox, compare reading and writing C to Python
  47. lovetox yeah of course im a programming novice, and can easily understand and write stuff with python
  48. linus And there you have one reason :)
  49. vorner You can easily write in C too. But the chance of the result being correct is much lower. C bites. Besides, there's a lot more typing for the same program.
  50. lovetox yeah tough python is even slower on windows i feel, joining 3 mucs at start can be upt to 1 minutes
  51. lovetox maybe we should really let C parse the xml :)
  52. lovetox if thats the bottleneck
  53. Link Mauve lovetox, what do you think expat is written in?
  54. lovetox i dont know i didnt look into it :D
  55. Link Mauve Or libxml or whatever Gajim uses for its XML handling.
  56. lovetox so why does it need so long, because python can not handle the parsed xml fast enoguh?
  57. Link Mauve “import xml.parsers.expat”, so expat.
  58. Link Mauve (In /usr/lib/python3.5/site-packages/nbxmpp/
  59. Link Mauve lovetox, have you profiled to know it comes from XML parsing?
  60. Link Mauve In poezio for example it definitely doesn’t.
  61. lovetox i probably should profile it :)
  62. Link Mauve cProfile is nice for that.
  63. Link Mauve Even though it makes it slower.
  64. linus I don't know of any profiler that doesn't slow anything down :)
  65. Link Mauve perf.
  66. linus oh right
  67. linus but that doesn't really operate on the python level sooooo
  68. linus Yeah I doubt it's the parsing too
  69. lovetox though that shouldnt matter, if it slowes everything the same time down
  70. lovetox i mean for finding a bottleneck
  71. Link Mauve It actually does matter, because small functions are much more impacted than big functions, by the cProfile overhead.
  72. lovetox do i need python-dbg
  73. lovetox for gdb to work good?
  74. linus It can help
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