Gajim - 2016-09-24

  1. funkpirata Hi. I'm having gajim for windows crash on start. I have tried reinstalling and it does the same thing. On first install, it was working perfectly, until I closed it for the first time. This behaviour seems to be the same on windows 7 and 10.
  2. funkpirata I can't find any log files in the install dir to try and see what's going on. What should I do?
  3. funkpirata Okay I found the log file buried in appdata. It appears it's to do with a previous failed install of OMEMO plugin, it complains about missing axolotl.ecc.djbec. I deleted the OMEMO folder found in appdata/roaming/gajim/plugins and it is now starting fine.
  4. funkpirata I'm struggling to get python-axolotl installed on windows system to get OMEMO working. Someone mentioned to me a windows version with all dependencies built in? Is this available somewhere?
  5. funkpirata Yes I failed to find the snapshot with axolotl built in. Sorry for the search fail
  6. praveen lovetox: default branch
  7. praveen How do I enable gpg support? Enable gpg is greyed out. I have python3-gpgme installed
  8. arune funkpirata: I can't find it either, sorry
  9. funkpirata arune: It's all good I apparently failed to RTFM. On the plugins list for OMEMO it clearly states to see the github page for install instructions, which links to a build of Gajim for windows with python-axolotl built in.
  10. ciblia I got fed up with the "stable" Gajim and upgraded to gajim-hg from the AUR. As I now need to manually upgrade this every time something hapens, in case there is a security or other critical issue, should I be safe by following gajim-announce and gajim-devel mailing lists (to see the problem there and know to upgrade)?
  11. lovetox praveen: i dont have a clue, wait for Asterix to show up i think he can help you
  12. lovetox funkpirata, i hope your problems are solved, if not just say so :)
  13. lovetox ciblia, i hope we release 0.16.6 in the next days
  14. lovetox from that moment on i think there will only be really important security updates
  15. lovetox everything will focus on the gtk3 branch then
  16. lovetox to make it stable
  17. ciblia from the last time we talked and ther being no one to make a release, I have been waiting for announcement of Lovim as you seem to be the most active here or at least always replying to my stupid questions
  18. lovetox yeah i hope asterix has time to push this coming week
  19. lovetox we shouldnt wait anymore
  20. lovetox to many issues fixed in the nightly
  21. lovetox for announcements, i would just check once a month, or stay in the channel
  22. lovetox i mean i dont think there are really big security concerns
  23. lovetox for gajim core
  24. lovetox and for plugins like omemo, development is quite active, you get a update notification in gajim
  25. lovetox if something happens
  26. ciblia That can probably be replaced with running "pacaur -Syu --devel" once a month or whatever the command was for updating -<VCS> packages?
  27. lovetox im not a linux user, so i dont have any idea what you just said :D
  28. ciblia I see, I guess you must be somewhat familiar with Arch Linux for that
  29. lovetox but i guess in a year or so i become one, because i think im not down with win10
  30. ciblia :( you aren't the only one with that problem
  31. lovetox i have ubuntu and other distris in a vm
  32. lovetox but the thing that hinders me most to switch is just the UI feel
  33. lovetox and simple things just not working without hours of searching for solutions
  34. lovetox like i uninstalled once kubuntu after 2 hours, because it just was not possible that the num button is activated from start
  35. lovetox after 2 hours of installing stuff and writing stuff into configs
  36. lovetox i just thought why am i doing this, fuck this shit
  37. lovetox if something basic like that doesnt work, i dont think i want to discover the rest
  38. JKing lovetox: You're referring to Windows here?
  39. lovetox kubuntu
  40. JKing Ah.
  41. JKing I only used it very briefly. KDE rubs me the wrong way.
  42. lovetox some things are insanly easy on linux
  43. lovetox some other things i just dont get
  44. lovetox like i wanted to autostart an application before login to the system
  45. lovetox i needed 1 hour easy to make that happen
  46. cippaciong lovetox, I think the numlock thing was just hidden in the options :)
  47. lovetox nah cippaciong, the button in the option did nothing
  48. lovetox i installed xlock or something like this
  49. lovetox and fiddled in configs whatever
  50. lovetox was insane
  51. lovetox and 100 differnet posts, from people all with the same problem
  52. lovetox everyone different solved or not
  53. cippaciong I haven't use KDE for a while but I never had to do anything like that to enable the numlock
  54. JKing wonders if there's a way to get Windows to boot with Scroll Lock on now.
  55. cippaciong Maybe it was just a bug
  56. lovetox why is this button not activated from the start, who needs it disabled :D
  57. lovetox yeah maybe, maybe i just installed the wrong distri at the wrong time
  58. cippaciong I head many times Kubuntu is not the best distro for KDE but I never used it tbh so I can't tell you if it's true or not
  59. lovetox if i think about it why is that button on the keyboard AT ALL
  60. lovetox why would someone disable 1/4 of his keyboard
  61. cippaciong has a keyboard without numpad...
  62. lovetox thats just aweful :D
  63. lovetox i hate that
  64. lovetox i guess your passwords dont have a lot of numbers in them right?
  65. Akasch some peole use the navigation keys from the num block
  66. cippaciong lovetox, unless I have to insert only numbers, I'm faster using the upper row
  67. Akasch and if it is activatet on laptops it is eval
  68. cippaciong And, mouse is closer this way.
  69. lovetox nah there needs to be a campaign to get rid of the num key
  70. zak Hi lovetox. Yeah, Linux does have its quirks, but so does Windows, and I usually prefer the first ones.
  71. lovetox zak, i know, was not meant to be a childish win vs linux debate
  72. lovetox just wanted to share my experience
  73. lovetox i have the same on windows, for example to install a good debugger for python, its one or two commands and you are good to go
  74. zak ;-) I can tell lots of similar stories
  75. lovetox i didnt even find one till now that works on windows :D