Gajim - 2016-09-23

  1. testmoo Hi. I was just wondering if gajim is still being actively developed as the latest release on the website is almost a year old. This is for my mother who uses windows so she can get messages on both conversations and on her desktop
  2. arune testmoo: it's being developed still yes
  3. testmoo arune: Awesome to hear thanks for your reply :-)
  4. arune Main focus is a gtk3/py3 version so only bug fixes go into 0.16.x
  5. arune But it's a big job for the new version
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  7. praveen I'm unable to increase the size of typing text area in gajim hg
  8. lovetox what branch?
  9. arune The typing area doesn't work well multiline in gtk3, at least not in Windows where I tested
  10. lovetox hm yeah i have to look into it
  11. lovetox arune do you have problems with windows not scrolling
  12. lovetox after messages arrive?
  13. arune lovetox: hm, not that I've noticed
  14. lovetox thats weird it happens to me all the time
  15. lovetox for example open the xml console
  16. lovetox and wait a bit
  17. lovetox look if it scrolls automatically to the end
  18. fireglow Hi! Lovely client you've build there! :)
  19. lovetox hi