Gajim - 2016-09-22

  1. Link Mauve baitisj, I recently added support for XEP-0106 to biboumi, you may want to update it and start using that.
  2. baitisj Thanks, Link Mauve. I'll mention andrey.utkin here because I'm using his prosidy services...
  3. baitisj s/prosidy/prosody
  4. andrey.utkin cool, is there biboumi public service available?
  5. Link Mauve andrey.utkin, I think is public, but can be restarted at any moment.
  6. Link Mauve But it’s very simple to setup.
  7. baitisj I just attempted to register with the service and was unable to do so. I'll build a server and give it a try when I have time.
  8. baitisj Thanks for the tip, Link Mauve !
  9. andrey.utkin yeah, is not available
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  13. arune lovetox: I think sending inband image thumbnails was done because it was possible, few clients even supports it
  14. arune Thank for fixing 133
  15. lovetox i think that we do this is ok, but to make it possible to choose size is a little overboard
  16. arune The problem is that you force data onto the recipients (could be many in a muc eg) so the default size is set to really small
  17. arune So you don't see what it is
  18. lovetox yeah i agree the size it is now is basically useless
  19. lovetox i would agree on setting a bigger size something that is useful
  20. lovetox but not necessarily on giving the user choice what the size may be
  21. lovetox also a disable option is needed i think
  22. arune Maybe disable is what is really needed, and maybe it should be default disabled ☺
  23. lovetox i think so too :D
  24. tmolitor arune,lovetox: the xhtml thing was done because link mauve wanted it...but I don't like it, too and I'm happy to remove it...
  25. tmolitor I wanted to remove it when merging httpupload and image_preview anyway...
  26. lovetox can someone tell me
  27. lovetox
  28. lovetox what that means
  29. lovetox Deprecated since version 2.7.13:
  30. lovetox there is not python 2.7.13
  31. mathieui probably .12 then
  32. tmolitor maybe this was the initial version of python 3 before they decided to bump it to 3.0...
  33. mathieui no, quite a few versions of python2 were released since python3 happened
  34. tmolitor well...okay...I don't know then...
  35. lovetox why is gajim telling me that python bultin objects are insecure
  36. lovetox PyOpenSSL not found, falling back to Python builtin SSL objects (insecure)
  37. lovetox what does it mean, the inbuilt ssl lib?
  38. lovetox why would that be insecure, is it not also just a wrapper around openssl
  39. lovetox Asterix
  40. linus I believe it depends in the version
  41. Asterix no, pyopenssl is not included in python. The internal SSL handling of python don't support all features of pyopenssl
  42. Asterix so if you have python-openssl, it is used, else we use python SSL lib
  43. lovetox yes i get that, but why the statement that it is insecure
  44. lovetox is that comeon knowledge? has the inbulit ssl lib some bugs?
  45. Asterix it doen't check all fields of certificates
  46. Asterix I don't remember exactly the details ...
  47. lovetox hm ok, i just ask because i just wrote something that uses it
  48. lovetox so maybe i should use pyopenssl :)
  49. linus Asterix: but surely that wouldn't be a security issue providing it rejects anything with an unknown critical field
  50. lovetox no i think this line in the code comes from the history of the lib
  51. lovetox this sentence says it all i think
  52. lovetox From release version 2.7.9/3.4.3 on, Python by default attempts to perform certificate validation.
  53. lovetox i think it was not possible before
  54. lovetox you would have to write your own certification validator
  55. lovetox probably the gajim code was written before 2.7.9
  56. lovetox so validiation was not an option in the inbuilt lib