Gajim - 2016-09-21

  1. Holger I need this diff to make XEP-0249 invitations work:
  2. Holger
  3. Asterix Holger: already in repos:
  4. Holger Asterix: Funny, just three weeks old. I ran into this today :-)
  5. Holger Asterix: Thanks!
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  7. lovetox_ Asterix, how far are you in releasing 0.16.6?
  8. treaki hi folks
  9. treaki i want to get rid of following message:
  10. treaki hello???
  11. lovetox_ yes
  12. lovetox_ why you want to get rid of it?
  13. treaki ah now its working, lookes like high latency somehow, it took more then 10 secounds to see my own message, sry
  14. treaki following message:
  15. lovetox_ do you mean the green status text that appears in the chatwindow when you join
  16. treaki ‎Jeder Teilnehmer darf Ihre vollständige Jabber-ID sehen
  17. treaki means like this is a warning message about that every user in this room is able to see your full jabber-id
  18. treaki is displayed a cupple of times in all converences of one of my accounts
  19. lovetox_ can you make a screenshot
  20. treaki so my question is, how can i disable this type of message to be displayed (but logged) on only this account?
  21. treaki thanks in advance
  22. treaki one moment plz
  23. lovetox_ if you mean the one line, that displays if you join the chat, i dont think you can get rid of it without changing code
  24. lovetox_ but may i ask why you want to get rid of it, its displays only if you join the chat
  25. treaki there you are:
  26. lovetox_ hm ok
  27. lovetox_ that shouldnt be that way
  28. treaki because the screen get filled up with if you have a zwangstrennung (daily disconnect) or an instable connection...
  29. lovetox_ seems like you rejoin that room every few minutes
  30. lovetox_ let me try something
  31. lovetox_ it seems like you dont have stream management
  32. lovetox_ or better your server doesnt have it
  33. lovetox_ basically what your server does is everytime you have a timeout, he disconnects you from all chatrooms
  34. lovetox_ when you come online again you rejoin them so the message is displayed
  35. treaki yea its not a real jabber server, just a xmpp (like) interface for another system
  36. lovetox_ if you have stream management you dont disconnect, and can resume your session
  37. treaki (like the facebook chat)
  38. treaki therby it is not working completely correct...
  39. lovetox_ so to answer your question, there is no option to disable that message
  40. lovetox_ you could try and change the code of gajim
  41. lovetox_ or use a better jabber server
  42. lovetox_ but are you not using
  43. treaki so it would be grate if there would be an option for such kinds of non correctly acting servers in gajim like doing many more keep alive tries and obmiting the display of some messages (like this)
  44. treaki i am not a python programmer so i am unfortunately unable to do so, thats the reason why i am asking about here :)
  45. lovetox_ so you are using gajim normally with
  46. lovetox_ h
  47. lovetox_ its very unlikely that something like this get integrated, stream management is something that is quite a standard feature now
  48. lovetox_ i think you would have better chance to ask your server admin to upgrade his server
  49. lovetox_ to support that
  50. cippaciong lovetox_, are you having problems with your server?
  51. lovetox_ yes
  52. lovetox_ has currently problems with s2s connections
  53. cippaciong You are flooding me with errors :)
  54. lovetox_ ok reconnected
  55. lovetox_ hope it stopped now
  56. baitisj Is there a way of telling Gajim to supply "/" characters when trying to use an IRC transport? For example, I want to connect to #trueos/
  57. baitisj So, in the room: field, I have , which seems like it won't work well.
  58. baitisj Maybe I should be using / for the / character...