Gajim - 2016-09-20

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  2. ciblia How should I troubleshoot Gajim WIndows not being able to connect to which Gajim Linux does without issues? Username and password is correct on both, copied from LastPass.
  3. linus ciblia: can you see anything if you run it from a command prompt?
  4. ciblia How do I do that on Windows?
  5. linus I really don't know many details, but if you have an exe just try typing the path to that in a cmd
  6. linus If you have a python script try the path to that
  7. Akasch you can drang&drop the exe into the cmd, and press enter
  8. ciblia Thanks, I will try
  9. ciblia Dropping shortcut to cmd.exe just opened Gajim normally and opening gajim.exe gave some Python related error and refused to start
  10. linus Try dragging gajim.exe into a running cmd
  11. ciblia Link Mauve, that is what I did
  12. Link Mauve Hmm?
  13. ciblia Link Mauve, sorry, I meant linus , tabfail
  14. Link Mauve Ok.
  15. ciblia the issue could probably also be caused by those patches OMEMO needs, I guess
  16. ciblia has finished whatever she was doing on Windows and can possibly forget the issue for now unless someone wants to think it more
  17. Akasch maybe you have to do an cd to the folder containing the gajim.exe
  18. ciblia it launched normally that way
  19. linus Windows <3
  20. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim Plugins • Ticket #142 (Show send/received pictures/files inline) updated Priority, Type changed XEP-0363 says nothing about displaying Images or Files, its just a Standard how to Upload Files to a server and send a Link over XMPP. Gajim fully supports that with the httpupload Plugin. Gajim can decrypt Pictures sent with httpupload with the url_image_preview Plugin. I will let this open because Files[…]
  21. lovetox if you want log output on windows
  22. lovetox start the exe with -l gajim=DEBUG
  23. lovetox and look into your gajim user directory there is a log file called gajim.log
  24. lovetox ciblia
  25. lovetox also OMEMO has nothing to with connecting to servers
  26. de-facto huh? "Error None: The room is currently overactive, please try again later"
  27. lovetox spam protection i think
  28. lovetox do it slower :)
  29. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim Plugins • Changeset [961:c77d2e02ad88]: Add missing import, remove unused imports - Fixes #143 Add missing import, remove unused imports - Fixes #143 • Ticket #143 (module "re" not loaded) closed fixed: In 961:c77d2e02ad88: Add missing import, remove unused imports - Fixes #143
  30. de-facto how can i "slowly" connect with Gajim? i just click on the icon and it connects me to my bookmarked rooms...
  31. de-facto is there a reconnect timeout somewhere i can raise?
  32. lovetox i think this is an server issue
  33. lovetox server sets certain limits
  34. de-facto ok
  35. lovetox i think all you can do is wait
  36. de-facto yeah it was this room here, so i just right clicked and "open connection" or such, it worked then
  37. ciblia lovetox: I must remember that later
  38. lovetox ciblia, you can even filte with for example gajim.plugin_system.omemo=DEBUG
  39. lovetox so you dont get EVERYTHING
  40. ciblia I see
  41. lovetox but you have to know the modules, so ask before you work on huge logs
  42. lovetox so for connection issue, like really cant connect to a server
  43. lovetox i would use something like gajim.c.connection=DEBUG