Gajim - 2016-09-19

  1. de-facto is there any plugin or secret variable which would enable Gajim to be able to display the "read until here" status of Conversations?
  2. stefano In not something like this already build into gajim? I think there is a line between the old and the new messages.
  3. stefano
  4. arune stefano, I think that line is restricted to what you have read with gajim, not read with other clients
  5. arune (your link became a gray rectangle but I could open it in gnome image viewer by clicking it)
  6. stefano Oh. Than i misunderstood the question.
  7. de-facto yes i meant Conversations displays "read until here" for the remote user having opened the message and is presumed to have read it
  8. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #8394 (XEP-0368: SRV records for XMPP over TLS) updated That's not that easy. Currently Gajim always connect with a PLAIN connexion, then negotiate TLS with STARTTLS. With xmpps-server, we have to connect with TLS directly. Maybe the 'ssl' mode of python-nbxmpp is perfect for that, so maybe no change is needed in python-nbxmpp. To b[…]
  9. lovetox de-facto, arune, stefano: this is called XEP ChatMarkers
  10. lovetox and is not implemented in gajim yet
  11. lovetox though it is planned
  12. de-facto thanks, didnt know that XEP before :)
  13. lovetox though gajim supports the received marker
  14. lovetox so you can see when a cleint received your message
  15. lovetox but not when it read it
  16. de-facto would be nice to have it on Gajim, because its a good indicator for when a mobile user looked at the screen to read (hence a good moment to continue with a conversation)
  17. lovetox you can activate the received marker in your preference
  18. lovetox first page last checkbox
  19. de-facto yes im using the received marker, it works pretty well
  20. lovetox its planned, its not that hard to do, but the current plan is to not add new features to the 0.16 branch (stable) of gajim
  21. lovetox and rather work everything into the new gtk3/python3 branch
  22. de-facto ok, nice to hear its on the agenda :)