Gajim - 2016-09-18

  1. de-facto hmm how can i receive messages from an account which is shown as offline in Gajim?
  2. lovetox maybe he is invisible
  3. lovetox ?
  4. de-facto i can see contact online in Conversations, but in Gajim its not displayed and the icon in the conversation is grayed out
  5. de-facto yet i do chat
  6. de-facto but the connection is very glitchy there
  7. de-facto hmm it says " ist jetzt Verfügbar" meaning "is now available" or such, jet its grayed out and not visible in contacts list
  8. de-facto *yet
  9. de-facto that is after disabling and reconnecting the account from my end
  10. de-facto i chat with the contact, so it really i available
  11. de-facto might be a bug in Gajim maybe...
  12. Link Mauve de-facto, XML logs from your connection to that message being received would be useful.
  13. de-facto hmm i think gajim knows its available (displaying that in green in chat window)
  14. de-facto but for some reaon the status in contact list and on top of the tab is offline
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  16. lovetox de-facto: maybe your contact doesnt let you see his online status
  17. lovetox you could try to delte him from gajim and readd him
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  21. stefano Why post the bot sometimes an pastebin link instate of the actual message?
  22. Asterix because message is too long
  23. Asterix long messages are automatically put in pastbin
  24. Asterix arune: commits in 0.16 branch will go to default. I'll transfer them later
  25. arune Asterix, aha, thanks
  26. linus Asterix: did you see the thing about the SSL vuln?
  27. arune Asterix, [10:22:35 PM] linus: (about ) 22:19 < durin42> sphalerite: whomever runs that server needs to upgrade it 22:19 < durin42> sphalerite: (That server is vulnerable to Lucky13)
  28. linus Yeah that
  29. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Changeset [16115:9db52e975b8a]: [gdr_gdr] Improve error message when a groupchat is in roster as a … [gdr_[…] • Ticket #8380 (Confusing error message - "%s is not the name of a group chat.") closed fixed: In 16115:9db52e975b8a: [gdr_gdr] Improve […]
  30. lovetox Asterix
  31. lovetox could you look at this ticket also
  32. lovetox
  33. lovetox i think this would be an easy fix
  34. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim Plugins • Ticket #140 (Customize settings for detecting image in url and detection by …) updated Ok, thanks for the information. I see in page ​ fixed list of extensions and understand that plugin is detecting image via extension. So we can close this ticket, all works well!
  35. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim Plugins • Ticket #140 (Customize settings for detecting image in url and detection by …) closed worksforme