Gajim - 2016-09-16

  1. baitisj looks for all in the participants roster
  2. knittel Hi :)
  3. arune but hm, I should not be notified of my own messages sent from other devices
  4. Link Mauve Sorry, I gave up on reading the logs while I am on vacations, but did something happen since I reported a few user-facing issues on the default branch?
  5. lovetox Link Mauve that was like 2 days ago :D
  6. lovetox yes we talked about it, as soon as someone has time we will work on that txt from you
  7. lovetox :)
  8. linus Apparently URLs like xmpp:// explode gajim 0.16.5 when clicked
  9. linus not sure what the conditions are in detail. Just that a friend said that it thoroughly breaks his
  10. lovetox omg
  11. lovetox one million tracebacks
  12. lovetox and they dont stop coming
  13. lovetox should be fixed as soon as possible
  14. lovetox i look into it
  15. linus hahaha
  16. linus the fact that it doesn't happen on the default branch might be helpful
  17. lovetox only breaks in groupchat
  18. linus it broke in both for my friend
  19. linus hm
  20. linus (about ) 22:19 < durin42> sphalerite: whomever runs that server needs to upgrade it 22:19 < durin42> sphalerite: (That server is vulnerable to Lucky13)
  21. linus asterix isn't here, does anyone else maintain the servers?
  22. lovetox no
  23. lovetox
  24. lovetox because thats the correct way
  25. lovetox for a xmpp jid to be posted
  26. lovetox hm but we shouldnt display this as link then
  27. linus It is a valid URI, so I think we should
  28. linus IIUC
  29. lovetox are you sure this doesnt happen in default?
  30. linus Well I clicked the link and nothing bad happend
  31. lovetox but a window opened to the contact
  32. lovetox and what shows the tab of that new window
  33. lovetox the correct jid?
  34. lovetox
  35. lovetox xmpp://
  36. linus It opens a tab with // and pops up a dialog saying that it's an invalid JID
  37. lovetox no it doesnt work in default also
  38. linus Which seems like the right behaviour to me
  39. lovetox but it is a valid jid
  40. lovetox we split only xmpp: from it
  41. lovetox so // is in it
  42. lovetox which makes it invalid
  43. linus Exactly
  44. linus Which is the right behaviour, I'd say
  45. lovetox omg it sucks so hard
  46. lovetox that gajim requests all MAM messages at start
  47. lovetox i cant do anything for 5 minutes, because i didnt start gajim on that pc for 1 week
  48. linus Heh, and then it doesn't even display them
  49. linus Anyway, xmpp:// conforms to the general URI syntax but isn't a valid XMPP URI
  50. lovetox is this normal that it is so slow for me
  51. lovetox that cant be more than a few MB data
  52. lovetox and it needs minutes
  53. linus But I think gajim should only care about the former, and offer to open it by making it clickable and giving an appropriate visual cue
  54. linus It should care about it being an invalid XMPP URI when it is asked to open it
  55. lovetox yes though thats cosmetic
  56. lovetox thats not the reason your friend says it crashes
  57. linus Yeah
  58. linus Just responding to > hm but we shouldnt display this as link then
  59. lovetox you should probably restart your client
  60. linus Anyway, it behaves as expected for me
  61. lovetox look at your xml console
  62. lovetox then you see what acutally happens in this bug
  63. lovetox after you click the link
  64. lovetox you dont need to restart, closing the chat window is enough to make it stop