Gajim - 2016-09-15

  1. ok
  2. lovetox =)
  3. lovetox just paste it into chat
  4. @lovetox: heres the trace
  5. Traceback (most recent call last): File "C:\Users\stefan\AppData\Roaming\Gajim\Plugins\omemo\", line 340, in cleardevice_button_clicked_cb self.plugin.clear_device_list(account) File "src\plugins\", line 107, in wrapper File "C:\Users\stefan\AppData\Roaming\Gajim\Plugins\omemo\", line 831, in clear_device_list connection = gajim.connections[account].connection KeyError: ''
  6. lovetox did you maybe remove an account from gajim just recently?
  7. No. But I renamed one. (this one, and it is the only one)
  8. lovetox ahhh
  9. lovetox thats really bad
  10. lovetox now i know what happend
  11. lovetox first you should restart gajim
  12. BTW. when you try to configure the Plugin when no acct is configured, it crashes too
  13. lovetox ah thanks never tried that
  14. lovetox i will add this as bug
  15. lovetox please restart gajim
  16. ok
  17. done
  18. lovetox ok now hit the clear device button
  19. Wait. Now the list is even longer...
  20. cleared
  21. lovetox ok now go back to some chat window
  22. lovetox and check own devices
  23. lovetox the fingerprints
  24. lovetox most of them should be grey
  25. yes, all but 2
  26. lovetox yeah thats your 2 active devices
  27. lovetox what happend is
  28. lovetox if you rename an account
  29. lovetox gajim doesnt find the db anymore where the keys are stored, because the db is named after the account name
  30. I see.
  31. lovetox so gajim thinks there are no keys, and generates new ones for your account
  32. lovetox thats a current bug in the plugin
  33. lovetox that you should not rename accounts
  34. lovetox in the next version there will be a option to delete inactive (grey) keys
  35. that would have been my next question ;-)
  36. lovetox and your friends have to now accept your 2 active keys
  37. Ok. that's fine. Will not rename any more.
  38. lovetox yeah im sorry its unfortunate, i search for a solution with the account renaming in the next version
  39. lovetox of the plugin
  40. Gajim should perhaps have an internal name that stays constant and a display string that is eyecandy.
  41. lovetox exactly
  42. lovetox i didnt find this constant name until now i hope there is one
  43. lovetox but i have to get into it in the next days
  44. Well, ok, at least I now understand what happened.
  45. Many thanks for the prompt help.
  46. One other thing....
  47. I just recently "gave up" and turned over to Gajim because it has one other problem
  48. When the firewall settings on my PC change, and Gajim reconnects...
  49. ..there soemtimes is an error saying...
  50. ...Unencrypted connection, are you sure andsoon
  51. maybe some part of the TLS establishement got lost or so
  52. Sometimes it will not reconenct at al and I have to restart it
  53. Sometimes when it is iconified I think it will not even show that msg
  54. So when I roam betwene networks and the FW changes, it may stay offline withut me noticing.
  55. That's a bit bad and the reason I worked with Pidgin (...) so far
  56. lovetox hm gajim trys to reconnect after losing connection, but why does the FW change for Gajim? why is there no exception to the FW rule for gajim
  57. No it is not related to Gajim
  58. lovetox it could be that the TLS port is maybe blocked on some networks your join
  59. Just accept it. It *is so*
  60. As I said, I roam between networks with my laptop, and FW detects this and changes rules.
  61. Yes definitely. In one of the FW settinsg it is blocked.
  62. lovetox yeah but to solve this you should find out whats happening, which network is it, and what is blocked there
  63. No sure I understand
  64. But when I come back to the NW where nothing is blocked, Gajim should reconnect
  65. lovetox yeah
  66. lovetox and it does not?
  67. It seems that it tries to, but sometimes (not always) it fails as described
  68. lovetox and thats your server?
  69. lovetox
  70. Yes?
  71. lovetox ok
  72. lovetox maybe we should specify a port in the settings
  73. lovetox let me think
  74. Does not seem to be server related. Saw the same with Gajim+dukgo, but works with Pidgin.
  75. lovetox go to preference
  76. lovetox last tab -> config editor
  77. lovetox and search for connection_types
  78. tls ssl plain
  79. lovetox yeah delete the plain
  80. that was under Local
  81. under my count only tls plain
  82. lovetox you can delete that account
  83. deleting plain
  84. ok
  85. lovetox i dont really know for what it is, maybe for communication without internet over network maybe
  86. Hmm
  87. lovetox without the plain, gajim does not accept plain connections and doesnt search for it anymore
  88. lovetox i dont think you should see that message anymore
  89. When it happened, Gajim asked if I wanted to make an insecure connection, that's probably what plain is
  90. So next time it will not ask, but just fail? ;-)
  91. lovetox yeah and i think if you dont accept that, then it doesnt reconnect anymore
  92. lovetox or trys to reconnect anymore
  93. Makes sense
  94. lovetox yeah it will fail to connect, but i hope it trys to connect everytime you join a new network
  95. I cannot test right now, but will try to remember
  96. lovetox and before it was maybe, try ssl, tls, plain, and if plain also dont work
  97. lovetox stop
  98. lovetox so test if that solves the problem that gajim stays offline
  99. lovetox but maybe now you discover certain networks where gajim can never connect
  100. lovetox then there are strategies to get around the FW restrictions
  101. ;-)
  102. It that particular network only ports 80 and 443 are allowed
  103. And I have no ambitions to hack...
  104. lovetox you dont need to
  105. lovetox if your server accepts connections over 443 it should just be a configuration issue
  106. Yeah, that I could try. Is 443 commonly used for XMPP?
  107. lovetox normally its 5222
  108. lovetox question is what your server accepts
  109. lovetox could you ask the admin?
  110. lovetox if the server doesnt accept over 443
  111. lovetox ut will be hard
  112. That's OK. Will check if 443 works. If not I can live with that.
  113. More important is that reconnect works. Will try that with the changed settings next time.
  114. arune lovetox, do you have a new windows version cooking with some plugins for me? :)
  115. arune I've been running gtk3-version for a while and it works good
  116. lovetox without plugins? or did you manage to install them?
  117. lovetox omemo is ported already
  118. lovetox httpupload also
  119. lovetox from the important plugins only url_image_preview is missing
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  121. arune lovetox: without plugins so far, I'm using two computers with Synergy between them, so one has gajim 0.16.5
  122. arune With plugins of course
  123. lovetox
  124. lovetox here download that and put it into the plugin directory
  125. lovetox then you can download all other plugins
  126. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #8394 (XEP-0368: SRV records for XMPP over TLS) created problem Gajim does not fully support this XEP analysis Gajim querys for but not for enhancement recommendation this is easy to implement, and helps users who are on restricted networks
  127. arune Thx lovetox
  128. pericologiallo Hi all
  129. lovetox hi