Gajim - 2016-09-09

  1. rhn hi! is Gajim still alive?
  2. linus rhn: yes
  3. rhn good :) I hope my old impression is wrong
  4. rhn I think you should update the wiki -
  5. rhn this channel is not listed and some user groups are out of date
  6. rhn the README is also out of date, and I'm not sure how to interpret that
  7. rhn namely: says Python2.5+ is required, while fails with an obvious syntax error in line 226: print(_('Gajim needs X server to run. Quiting...'), file=sys.stderr)
  8. linus Alive doesn't imply ideally maintained sadly
  9. mathieui rhn, the hg version?
  10. rhn this more like says poorly maintained to me :( new people can't fix bugs when it's not clear if the readme is wrong or the bug is in the code
  11. mathieui the default branch is python3-only afaik
  12. rhn mathieui, yes
  13. rhn the actual bug I'm hitting - messages from contacts not in roster arrive to me just fine, even if I have the "ignore" option checked
  14. rhn I'd like to fix it, but, well, there's the above
  15. rhn don't get me wrong, I love Gajim and have used it for the better part of a decade, so having problems like this actually makes me sad
  16. rhn so, which one is a bug? the readme or the code? will anyone look at it after I submit a patch?
  17. linus tmolitor merges patches quite a bit
  18. linus And the readme has the bug in the default branch
  19. rhn linus, thank you
  20. rhn I'll get to it if when I have enough time to install all the dependencies which are not present in distribution repos...
  21. lovetox i dont get it, you used gajim for a decade
  22. lovetox but cant start it because of this error?
  23. lovetox oh wrong branch as it seems
  24. lovetox what dependency are you talking about?
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  26. lovetox i hate trac
  27. stefano Why?
  28. lovetox just the look of it, old, outdated
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  33. arune lovetox: maybe the text about dependency should be under the installation chapter
  34. arune lovetox: for both httpupload plugin and URLimagepreview plugin ☺