Gajim - 2016-09-08

  1. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim Plugins • Changeset [952:19bcffb26247]: Add encrypted file upload for windows Add encrypted file upload for windows
  2. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim Plugins • Changeset [953:876860d118c4]: Add encrypted file upload for windows Add encrypted file upload for windows
  3. mt may thanks to lovetox and all the others involved in the recent changes for httpupload, urlimagepreview etc!
  4. _dany-sy_ Test
  5. arune mt, does it work reliably?
  6. mt arune: tried encrypted httpupload just once, but that worked
  7. mt arune: urlimagepreview worked always since i enabled it last week
  8. cippaciong I use it daily and I'd say it works pretty well
  9. cippaciong I'm talking about httpupload, I don't use urlimagepreviewer
  10. arune great
  11. lovetox cippaciong
  12. lovetox try urlimage preview now
  13. lovetox it only is for pictures
  14. lovetox i think it works really great now
  15. lovetox like you would see in whatsapp or conversations
  16. cippaciong thanks lovetox, I will
  17. Martin I have a problem with carbons: When I type a message in Gajim, the cc shows in Conversations, but not vice versa. Gajim 0.16.5 (self-made backport) on Debian 8 (stable), Conversations 1.13.9 from F-Droid on CM12(?), Server is Prosody 0.9.7-2+deb8u3 on Debian 8 (stable).
  18. Martin Any ideas?
  19. arune Martin, check that carbons is enabled in gajim advanced config editor
  20. arune maybe you have an old config from when carbons wasnt default enabled
  21. Martin arune, yes, carbons were "deactivated". Now it is "activated", but the behaviour did not change. Do I have to restart Gajim?
  22. Martin arune: Now it works, thanks!
  23. arune 👌👌
  24. Martin arune: I had to logout/login my account
  25. Martin arune: What is 01F44C 01F44C ? :~)
  26. arune Emojis
  27. Martin Ah, "OK Hand Sign".
  28. Martin I need to write a plugin, that automatically converts Unicode to long description text :~)
  29. Martin Or proabably somebody did this already...
  30. arune Martin: there's a plugin
  31. lovetox Martin, we did add lincence information to httpupload plugin
  32. lovetox if you want you can now make a package
  33. lovetox are you in any xmpp chatrooms often? so i could reach you?
  34. Martin lovetox, the license is in the source file header, right? I'm not in any chat rooms so often, but feel free to contact me at or mailto:<same>.
  35. lovetox yes we put it in the source file
  36. qeaep mister: do y bleav in god
  37. arune Martin, install the emoticons pack plugin, restart, go into plugins again and there is a new tab where you can download emoticons packs, download twimoji resized and restart again, then go into preferences and select twimoji resized as Emoticons
  38. cippaciong arune: or noto
  39. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim Plugins • Changeset [954:0f55bb188e18]: Add preview of map coordinates Text messages that include geo … Add preview of map coordinates Text messages that include geo coordinates in the format ex: geo:48.2057365,16.3435941 are converted to a preview of the location on Google Maps
  40. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim Plugins • Ticket #108 (Geolinks treate[…] • Ticket #127 (Plugin won't install because of missing dependency) closed fixed: changeset:944 we use now cr[…] • Ticket #126 (Url Image previ[…]
  41. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim Plugins • Ticket #135 (Please include support for BMP images) closed fixed
  42. Martin arune, I'll try my luck with the emojis, thanks!
  43. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim Plugins • SetLocalitionPlugin edited update to recent changes (diff)
  44. Marzanna wow, Gajim now automatically downloads images!
  45. Marzanna But preview is still broken :(
  46. lovetox what do you mean with broken Marzanna?
  47. Marzanna lovetox,
  48. lovetox hm do you only see grey rectangles?
  49. lovetox or only sometime
  50. Marzanna lovetox, sometimes. Sometimes all pics are grey, sometimes not, But usually they become normal after some time. Some previews are partly rendered.
  51. Alex hi i have a problem with gajim. if gajim starts the window width is always 100%. i have gajim 0.16.5-f5209cb10665 and one window mode
  52. Alex i use ubuntu 15.10
  53. Alex if this the error?
  54. Martin Yet another license issue: It seems, that some of the gajim-plugins do not have any license information. httpupload has been fixed recently in this respect, but there are others, that do not contain license information: birthday_reminder, chatstate, clickable_nicknames, clients_icons, colored_tracebacks, emoticons_pack (which must also include the different licenses of all the zipped emoticons), file_sharing, flashing_keyboard, gui_for_me, hamster, image, juick, message_box_size, mpris2_support, now_listen, offline_bookmarks, plugins_translations, quick_replies, roster_tweaks, server_status_icons (which must also include the different licenses of all the icons), set_location, theme_switcher, url_image_preview, url_shortener, wicd_support, and wrong_layout. Of course, only the authors themselves can tell...