Gajim - 2016-09-06

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  2. lovetox system69
  3. lovetox yes
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  5. system69 lovetox
  6. system69 Hi
  7. system69 Wow
  8. lovetox hi
  9. system69 I'm looking to make a plugin for custom cipher rules
  10. system69 So like ciphering text before sent and recieved text...
  11. lovetox ciphering you mean encrypting?
  12. system69 Yes.
  13. lovetox with what encryption algorithm?
  14. lovetox i mean why dont you use one of the already supported ones
  15. lovetox PGP, OMEMO, OTR
  16. system69 Custom, the user produces a package and then hands it over to his friend to import... Only those two have the same algorithm and alphabet.
  17. system69 User could make a ROT13 and send to friend
  18. system69 They both use ROT13
  19. system69 Or a more complex...
  20. lovetox look at the OMEMO plugin you find everything you need there, like how and where you could hook in to which events and so on
  21. arune tmolitor: what's the "additional data" for?
  22. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #8388 (unable to start gajim - using default branch, latest commit) created Bug description Cannot launch gajim after an hg pull and hg up default. changeset: 16106:5a9f890059c2 pravi@shumbha:~/forge/gajim$ gajimhg Traceback (most recent call last): File "", line 180, in <module> import common.configpaths File "/home/pravi/forge/gajim/src/common/", line 153 self.add('MY_DATA', TYPE_DATA, len(profile) ? '[…]
  23. praveen tmolitor: seems your last commit broke gajim startup
  24. praveen available plugins is missing in default branch gajim?
  25. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #8388 (unable to start gajim - using default branch, latest commit) updated I can start gajim after reverting the last commit.
  26. lovetox praveen its a bit unfortunate
  27. lovetox you have to download the plugin_installer plugin from
  28. lovetox the gtk3 plugin repo
  29. lovetox
  30. lovetox after that you can download all other plugins from inside gajim
  31. praveen lovetox: how do I install the plugin? hg clone and copy it somewhere?
  32. lovetox copy it to the plugin folder
  33. lovetox that should do it
  34. tmolitor praveen, I fixed it, sorry!
  35. praveen tmolitor: cool, thanks
  36. lovetox tmolitor could you put the plugin_installer plugin
  37. lovetox into the plugin dir of default branch
  38. tmolitor arune: it can be used by plugins to add some arbitrary data to messages...that data can later be used in gui extension points displaying the can use it if you need some special data present in a message stanza to display the message correctly in the gui extension point later...
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  40. tmolitor arune: something like if an oob tag was present in the message and only show an image preview or download button for those messages, not for all urls received...
  41. tmolitor praveen, yeah, I thought python had a ternary operator...turns out I was wrong ;)
  42. tmolitor lovetox, no, asterix put it that way for a reason I think...and every time the plugin installer would be updated in the plugin repo you would have to copy it into the gajim repo....BUT: we could simply extend the launch.{bat,sh} script to clone the plugin_installer into the plugin directory if not already there...
  43. lovetox maybe asterix did that already for the nightly build
  44. lovetox i cant check
  45. praveen When I start a new profile and adds an account, gajim window becomes unresponsive for a long time till contact list is downloaded
  46. lovetox i experienced this too
  47. tmolitor lovetox: yes, in the nightly build script asterix copies the plugin installer into the plugin directory...
  48. praveen tmolitor, "so and so set the subject" message should be shown only if the subject changed, otherwise gajim thinks there is an activty in the muc which is not true
  49. praveen lovetox, I can't see the install plugins option even after copying plugin_installer to .local/share/gajim/plugins
  50. praveen lovetox, can't we have something linke git sub modules in hg?
  51. lovetox sure you copied from the gtk3 branch
  52. lovetox and not default
  53. lovetox because default means another think in the plugin repo
  54. praveen lovetox, ah ok, I'll try the gtk3 branch
  55. jsk Kk
  56. jsk Hello
  57. lovetox hi
  58. tmolitor praveen, you have to use the correct directory for your profile, if you use the -p option to start gajim...the dirname is plugins.<profilename> then
  59. tmolitor for the subject thing...could you create a ticket?
  60. lovetox tnolitor he can just leave the plugin in gajim source plugin folder
  61. lovetox its also checked for plugins
  62. lovetox not only the user directory
  63. lovetox but i think you knew that
  64. lovetox :D
  65. tmolitor lovetox: yes, but he told he copied the plugin into the .local/share8...] folder...
  66. lovetox yes i realized that after i wrote
  67. lovetox :)
  68. tmolitor :)
  69. praveen tmolitor:
  70. arune tmolitor: ok 👌
  71. praveen tmolitor: lovetox still can't load the plugins, opened a ticket #8389
  72. jsk Hack el planeta
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  74. lovetox so the plugin version check still doesnt work correctly
  75. praveen lovetox, yup :(
  76. lovetox the hash at the end breaks it
  77. praveen lovetox, closing/minimizing the muc crashes gajim
  78. lovetox everytime?
  79. lovetox i dont had that until now
  80. praveen lovetox: yes, just crashed even now
  81. lovetox hm very alpha this default branch :/
  82. praveen lovetox: now gajim won't even start, I have to create a new profile
  83. lovetox yeah but this could be related to the profile changes
  84. lovetox tmolitor did yesterday
  85. lovetox error messages would be great
  86. lovetox maybe test using gajim without a profile
  87. praveen lovetox: #8387
  88. jsk Eww
  89. jsk Gajim
  90. jsk Is there any gajim themes
  91. praveen lovetox: its crashing even with default profile
  92. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #8387 (gajim crashed when a new muc bookmark was added via conversations) updated I tried to minimize an muc and gajim crashed, now it won't even start again unless I create a new profile. • gajim-muc-crash.error.log attached to Ticket #8387 gajim crash debug log
  93. praveen lovetox, after removing .local/share/gajim and staring without any profile, I can see the available plugins
  94. tmolitor praveen, lovetox: the gajim version check seems broken, see my comment in the ticket (#8389)
  95. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #8389 (gajim default branch cannot use plugins from gtk3 branch of gajim-plugins) updated I didn't change any version settings, when I started w[…] • Ticket #8389 (gajim default branch cannot use plugins from gtk3 branch of gajim-plugins) updated Strange, the plugin_installer has 0.16.10 as min versi[…]
  96. arune tmolitor, lovetox: what do you think about changing connection_types in src/common/ to tls only?
  97. arune if someone really wants to use plain or ssl they can change in ACE
  98. de-facto cert pinning (and detrust CAs) also would be desireable
  99. sebastian hey :-) yet another question again... i have 4 resources online (2 pcs, 2 mobiles) under the same account. When i'm using gajim sometimes i'm not able to open received messages. The contact will have a blinking message indicator in the roster until i restart gajim... what to do?
  100. sebastian use case: sending text from pc to mobile...
  101. sebastian use case: sending text from pc to mobile... (between the resoruces)
  102. arune tmolitor, lovetox:
  103. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #8390 (Default to TLS only) created problem When Gajim cannot connect with TLS it tries SSL and plain also. analysis Gajim should only connect with TLS by default. If user really wants to connect with SSL or plain she can change in ACE. enhancement recommendation Change connection_types in src/common/ to tls only.
  104. Asterix tmolitor: table logs has no column named additional_data...
  105. Asterix tmolitor: upgrading the database schema should not be done the way you did it, but in an update function
  106. Asterix ho you put it in update_config_to_016101
  107. Asterix everybody using default it alreadu in
  108. Asterix you have to create a new version in this case
  109. tmolitor asterix: ah okay, I wasn't sure if I should do that....
  110. Asterix I commit that
  111. Asterix tmolitor: did you see my mail today?
  112. tmolitor asterix: I can do it, too
  113. Asterix done
  114. tmolitor asterix: okay...about 5 seconds faster than I ;)
  115. Asterix Gajim was unusable for me, and I lost 2 messages I received because they were not logged :/
  116. tmolitor asterix: oh...I'm sorry for that
  117. tmolitor what mail do you mean?
  118. tmolitor asterix: ah...14:48
  119. tmolitor I got it, but didn't read it yet
  120. Asterix ok
  121. tmolitor asterix: answering it right now :)
  122. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Changeset [16108:f9e24a65652e]: correctly update database schema correctly update database schema • Ticket #8386 (When Gajim starts, show only group chats/muc with real activity) closed worksforme: In the manage bookmark window (actions -> Join GroupChat? -> Manage bookmarks) you have a "minimize on auto join" option.
  123. Asterix
  124. Asterix it's about #8389
  125. star-aleppo :-|
  126. tmolitor asterix: you have an answer via mail :)
  127. Asterix ok let's discuss that here if you have a few time?
  128. star-aleppo Asterix:
  129. tmolitor asterix: sure, if you want :)
  130. Asterix tmolitor: for the completly separate dirs for profile: I'm still in favor of having things in common for some of the folder.
  131. tmolitor what things exactly?
  132. tmolitor and why?
  133. Asterix aving to install an emoticon pack in all folders is anoying and space consuming. Having to install certs in all folder is anoying too
  134. tmolitor well, but maybe you don't want to trust those certs in all profiles...
  135. Asterix having several time avatars downloaded is useless. Ok there may be confict when several instances runs, but: 1/ using several profile is for advanced users only 2/ that never happened since the begining of Gajim more than 10 years ago
  136. tmolitor usually people tend to use one or maybe two distinct profiles....
  137. tmolitor so there won't be much work if you really want to install a certain certificate in both profiles...
  138. Asterix and then you create a new profile and "WTF can't I connect to the same account?!?" ... "Ha yes the cert is not in this folder" ...
  139. Asterix and logs: you need to remmeber from which profile you talked to find history of a contact now
  140. tmolitor asterix: as I said before: I usually expect programs to behave completely decoupled if I use multiple profiles...I don't want my firefox customizations and style of one profile flood over to a new profile I create...and I don't want t have my browsing bookmarks of this profile in my other one...
  141. tmolitor asterix: yes...that's right, but that's just need to know if you talked to someone via mail or sms, too...
  142. Asterix I do want my logs of all my profiles to be in the same database
  143. tmolitor and sometimes even which mail account you used...
  144. tmolitor I don't want this...I don't want gajim default branch to mess around with my history of my production 0.16 gajim..
  145. Asterix you think that's natural. google don't. If you use their service (I don't) message sent by SMS and mail is listed at the same place and you search in both in the same place
  146. Asterix then we need to find a solution for both usages. You changed things while I never got a complain about the actual way Gajim works
  147. tmolitor the whole point of using multiple profiles instead of using just multiple accounts is to separate instances...why the hell do you want to merge them again afterwards? if you want the same history you simply could use one profile with multiple accounts...
  148. tmolitor I (and lovetox, too) did complain (not to you to be fair)....
  149. Asterix not if I want to connect to the same account from the same machine with 2 Gajim instances
  150. tmolitor asterix: why would you want to do that?
  151. Asterix to tests things for example
  152. tmolitor if I test things I usually don't want to retain the history...and if I want, I usually know I have to search for it in the test profile and not in my main one...
  153. Asterix to be able to restart Gajim every 2 minutes in a second profile while testing things with a contact without having to restart the Gajim with which I'm connected to my main accounts
  154. Asterix I do want to keep logs of the tests I did with a contact
  155. tmolitor and besides that...if I test my changes in the default branch and something goes wrong I *don't* want to have my history deleted...
  156. tmolitor asterix: sure....but why do you want to have those logs in your main instance?
  157. Asterix anyway, each one has a way of working. 2 ppl have a different way, I'm not against that way of working, but breaking the way all other ppl work without complaining sounds hard to me
  158. tmolitor maybe add a config setting or commandline switch to disable the profile separation?
  159. tmolitor a commandline switch would be a good option...
  160. Asterix I'll do. I'm not sure yet which will be the defalut. It seems the whole separation is needed by 2 ppl only
  161. tmolitor I think completely separate profiles are a cleaner way than the merging of some of those resources (while separating others) the commandline switch should force the merge and not force the separation...
  162. tmolitor well....needed or not...separating all resources sounds like a much cleaner way for me...and cleaner ways tend to be much less error prone...
  163. Asterix once again, that's your way of thinking and lovetox's too, but not the way of all other Gajim users. At least they never complained
  164. lovetox to be honest, for me only the not separated log files was a problem at developing
  165. tmolitor well...why not ask the people in this muc?
  166. Asterix less error prone, but more BW, more HD space, more user work when he want to install something in all its profiles, ...
  167. lovetox and i think NO ONE knows that these switches even exist
  168. tmolitor well more hd space because of some very small avatars and certificates?
  169. Asterix because nobody use profiles, that's sure
  170. Asterix $ du -sh ~/.cache/gajim/avatars/ 48M ~/.cache/gajim/avatars/ $ du -sh ~/.cache/gajim/vcards/ 226M ~/.cache/gajim/vcards/
  171. tmolitor wow...tha'ts big :o
  172. tmolitor are you sure that your cache only holds the recent information?
  173. tmolitor I would argue that there are numerous files that are outdated for a long time but never got deleted...
  174. Asterix things are never deleted in those folder, yes
  175. tmolitor asterix: that's the reason why your folders are so big ;) But I guess if you delete everything and repopulate the cache it is about 8MB big or something like that...
  176. tmolitor well...if you ask me it is much cleaner to separate everything...but if you don't want to have this as default it is fine for me...but I definitely want a commandline switch to activate this separation....
  177. Asterix I don't want to have to delete things. but that's not the problem. why would I duplicate things as I'm sure it's duplicate. The avatar of a JID is the same, whatever the profile I use
  178. Asterix sure I'm not against a way of separating things completly.
  179. tmolitor asterix: the accumulated size of your cache is much more than the size added by a second profile ;)
  180. tmolitor okay...I don't want to be rude or something like that...let's keep it the way it was before I changed things and add a commandline switch to activate my changes, okay? :)
  181. Asterix yep that sounds perfect to me
  182. Asterix for additional data, I now understand what you want to do
  183. Asterix where are those data filled?
  184. tmolitor asterix; every plugin can fill the data in the event listeners it registers...
  185. tmolitor like this:
  186. tmolitor def handle_message_sent(self, event): event.additional_data["real_id"] = event.msg_id
  187. tmolitor for the message sent event this records the stanza id of the message...
  188. Asterix ok sure. But currently, you talked about the OOB data. So it's filled in Gajim itself or in the plugin?
  189. tmolitor later on in the print_special_text gui extension point I could use this data to do something meaningful...
  190. tmolitor only in the plugin...
  191. tmolitor gajim currently doesn't use the additional_data property...
  192. Asterix it does for logging
  193. tmolitor it only gets passed around from event to that the data is still there in the DecryptedMessageReceivedEvent even if it was set in the MessageReceivedEvent...
  194. Asterix but except fot this logging thing, why prefering that instead of Event.My_data_I_want_in_this_event = "qwe"
  195. tmolitor yes, okay...this additional_data is also stored in the history log...but it is never filled by gajim...currently...
  196. tmolitor because of the integrated logging of those data ;)
  197. Asterix ok because it can't be passed to child events ..
  198. tmolitor otherwise you would be right...setting a property on an event would be easy...
  199. tmolitor and yes...that's right, too...child events wouldn't get those information...
  200. Asterix ok ok
  201. tmolitor I wanted to have something to set arbitrary data on events which is even persistent across events and stored in the history db for later retrieval....
  202. tmolitor * persistent across events = persistent across child events
  203. Asterix yep ok fine
  204. Asterix who is Linus Heckemann?
  205. Asterix he commit things, but I don't what who he is.
  206. lovetox he is usally in this cannel
  207. lovetox nick: linus
  208. lovetox but offline since 2 days for some reason
  209. Asterix I never added his ssh key as authorized ... or He changed his nick ...
  210. lovetox you didnt for me
  211. lovetox and im also in that list
  212. Asterix I did
  213. Asterix you sent my your ssh key
  214. lovetox not for main repo
  215. lovetox its because
  216. lovetox if you export your patch
  217. lovetox and i send it to you
  218. lovetox and you add it
  219. lovetox my name will be in the list
  220. lovetox so linus or jeffrey baits
  221. Asterix ok but who committed his patch?
  222. lovetox the dont have access
  223. lovetox tmolitor
  224. Asterix haaaa ok
  225. Asterix strange I have no way to know who did the commit :/
  226. lovetox really? i mean maybe not on the website
  227. tmolitor asterix: if you want I can add my name to the commit message if I commit other people's patches :)
  228. lovetox but somewhere should see witch ssh key did commit or
  229. tmolitor asterix: what about this patch?
  230. Asterix tmolitor: no no, don't. I was just wondering
  231. Asterix tmolitor: #8389 was about a patch of linus
  232. tmolitor
  233. lovetox yeah it fixed one problem
  234. Asterix tmolitor: fixed here:;node=334cce896289
  235. tmolitor that's the new commandline switch to separate profiles completely...
  236. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Changeset [16109:334cce896289]: fix Gajim version comparison for plugins. Fixes #8389 fix Gajim version comparison for plugins. Fixes #8389 • Ticket #8389 (gajim default branch cannot use plugins from gtk3 branch of gajim-plugins) closed fixed: In 16109:334cce896289: fix Gajim version comparison for plugins. Fixes #8389
  237. lovetox but it seems if you add a hash behind the version like
  238. lovetox it breacks again
  239. lovetox i think he didnt think about that
  240. Asterix tmolitor: hmmm ??? That's my patch
  241. tmolitor no...that one:
  242. Asterix lovetox: the hash is added when we use it from hg. The hash removal was in the previous code, he removed it
  243. Asterix not a so big pb
  244. Asterix tmolitor: still my patch
  245. tmolitor asterix: what do you mean by "my patch"?
  246. Asterix tmolitor: the link you give be send my this diff:;node=f9e24a65652e
  247. tmolitor strange...I definitely posted another one...
  248. tmolitor and in my window it is another one...
  249. tmolitor hmmm...I'll send it via mail then ;)
  250. tmolitor oh well...the file contents are're right :D
  251. tmolitor I forgot to do an hg commit prior to export :D
  252. tmolitor
  253. tmolitor asterix: that's the right one :9
  254. tmolitor :)
  255. Asterix yep sounds good. Thanks
  256. Asterix tmolitor: also linus's patch uses pkg_resources, which is in setuptools. So now Gajim requires it. Not sure it's very nice ...
  257. tmolitor okay...I'll commit it then :)
  258. Asterix tmolitor: yes thanks
  259. lovetox ha Asterix
  260. Asterix omemo plugin uses it too
  261. lovetox i argued the same thing
  262. lovetox but Link Mauve argued for it
  263. lovetox like its prettey much standard
  264. lovetox and one other thing i came across
  265. lovetox its not easy to compare versions
  266. lovetox with standard python lib capabilities
  267. lovetox pkg_resource really has the best thing going on for that for our needs
  268. Asterix I agree it's not easy. setuptools is common, sure, but maybe more for ppl developping in python
  269. tmolitor asterix, lovetox: the question is: what would the alternative be?
  270. Asterix The goal of that is mainly for packaging python modules, no?
  271. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Changeset [16110:55eefca1f745]: Make complete profile separation configurable via commandline switch. … Make complete profile separation configurable via commandline switch. Use -s or --separate to use the new co[…] • Changeset [16111:73696[…]
  272. Asterix manual parsing, like it was, but more robust. changing strings to int before comparison
  273. Asterix it's not as good as pkg_resources, sure. but maybe enough for us?
  274. lovetox its not pretty to import a dependency for like only that one thing
  275. lovetox though there is a need for that
  276. lovetox for example in the omemo plugin i have to check for axolotl version, and protobuf version
  277. lovetox etc
  278. lovetox some python packages use something like this 3.0.0b2
  279. lovetox etc
  280. Asterix is it the case for axolotl and protobuf?
  281. lovetox axolotl uses easy to compare
  282. lovetox but protobuf uses this beta identifieres
  283. lovetox but on another note:
  284. lovetox for encrypting / decrypting things with AES
  285. lovetox cryptography lib is needed
  286. lovetox and cryptography lib uses pkg_resources
  287. lovetox so right now, if you want encrypted httpupload, and decrypt pictures with image_preview_plugin
  288. lovetox and you want native encryption/decryptioon for OMEMO messages
  289. lovetox you need cryptography, and then also pkg_resource in dependency
  290. lovetox i know all plugins ..
  291. Asterix ok, butthose are plugins.
  292. Asterix :D
  293. lovetox but still i think it will become more usual in the future
  294. Asterix at least it has to be added in the required list
  295. Asterix currently the list is very short: <h2>Runtime Requirements</h2> <ul> <li>python3.4 or higher</li> <li>python3-gi</li> <li>gir1.2-gtk-3.0</li> <li>python-nbxmpp</li> </ul>
  296. lovetox yeah should be in it if that change stays
  297. Asterix all other are optional
  298. tmolitor I would opt to add it to the is good for plugins (even fture ones) to be able to rely on a robust version comparison module...
  299. Asterix I'd say not depending on setuptools is better ... I'll see what Link Mauve think another day
  300. Asterix ok why not ...
  301. lovetox on another note, demand import is commented out in the default branch
  302. Asterix yes because it caused problems. I haven't tried to re-enable it ...
  303. lovetox i would argue we shouldnt even try :D
  304. Asterix lovetox: maybe you're right. It caused several problems. But it makes Gajim start a bit faster ...
  305. tmolitor it causes more problems than it solves...
  306. Asterix yes I agree
  307. tmolitor well...gajim is a long running application, I think it doesn't matter if it starts 2 seconds faster...
  308. Asterix but ... a bit faster ...
  309. Asterix sure, but if we can win 2 seconds, it's better than nothing ...
  310. lovetox :D
  311. Asterix but I hate it for sure
  312. lovetox lets concentrate on the things we love
  313. Asterix but it's time to sleep for me now
  314. tmolitor most ppl start gajim once or twice a day I think...
  315. tmolitor lovetox: yes :)
  316. lovetox have a good night
  317. tmolitor asterix: okay...gn8 :)
  318. Asterix thanks CU