Gajim - 2016-09-02

  1. Martin @linus, @lovetox: Debian stable will stay with gajim 0.16.1 and only receive security updates, but one can always request a backport. In the case of gajim, the backport of 0.16.5 is trivial and I will request an official one by the maintainers.
  2. praveen I'm on gajim 0.16.5-2 on debian sid (thanks martin for the package). I can't join a room which has subject in Malayalam/utf-8, it is greyed out and I can't type
  3. praveen on console I see: /usr/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/nbxmpp/ UnicodeWarning: Unicode equal comparison failed to convert both arguments to Unicode - interpreting them as being unequal if received == '':
  4. linus praveen: would you be able to try the latest version from mercurial?
  5. praveen linus: ok I'll try
  6. linus I don't know if it'll work, but it's more likely to get a fix as it uses python 3 which has much better unicode support. Or you could point me to the room in question so I can try it
  7. praveen
  8. praveen linus: ^
  9. linus seems to work out of the bo
  10. linus x
  11. praveen linus, may be its the specific subject
  12. praveen linus, I'll change the subject and try
  13. praveen
  14. linus I mean it works with the latest version from version control
  15. praveen linus: try this
  16. linus both work for me
  17. praveen linus: this was private group, now made public (its for jokes anyway)
  18. praveen linus: thanks, then I'll wait for next release
  19. linus That might be quite a while
  20. linus I think there are nightlies which you may want to use
  21. praveen linus: ok I'll try. I'll use conversations for this muc.
  22. praveen I tried installing http upload plugin and first gajim hanged, I killed it and now it crashes
  23. linus I believe that's a known issue, and there's a debian bug for it
  24. praveen linus: fixed in mercurial?
  25. Link Mauve lovetox: aye! Do you want me to start or do you start first? I can be co-author and provide any guidance you want. :)
  26. lovetox praveen upgrade your setuptools version
  27. praveen lovetox: ok I'll try that
  28. praveen Martin: gajim should recommend a recent version of python-setuptools (even depends is fine I think)
  29. Martin Currently it seems not to depend on it at all. praveen, can you enter a bug report, please?
  30. lovetox Link Mauve: i never authored anything, my xmpp knowledge is also not that vast, my idea was more of, you write it, i implement it in gajim, i know that leaves most of the work for you :/
  31. lovetox Martin, it doesnt but some plugins do
  32. praveen lovetox, that did not help, I moved away plugins folder and I can start gajim again
  33. lovetox its because some plugins use Cryptography package
  34. lovetox and Cryptography uses pkg_resources to find some default backends for decrypting
  35. linus What's this for?
  36. lovetox Cryptography?
  37. linus The co-author thing
  38. lovetox [21:22:00] Link Mauve: We really should make a SASL mechanism for one-time logins. [21:22:25] Link Mauve: Which would ask all of your other resources whether to allow you in. [21:23:09] Link Mauve: Something like XEP-0070 for the receiving side, and some SASL extension on the
  39. linus Oh right that
  40. lovetox praveen yes it seems its a problem with OMEMO
  41. lovetox but why did this error happen now?
  42. linus I wouldn't mind contributing either
  43. lovetox did you try it out now, or did you upgrade something?
  44. lovetox can you look into site-packages directory for python
  45. lovetox pkg_resources
  46. lovetox if you have a "_vendor" folder there
  47. lovetox linus: Link Mauve will be happy to hear that .d
  48. lovetox .d
  49. lovetox :D
  50. lovetox btw: how does the default branch work for you?
  51. linus For me? Fine
  52. lovetox ok good to hear, it has issues on windows
  53. lovetox but could be because of the windows port of gtk
  54. lovetox i have to look into it
  55. lovetox what gtk version are you using?
  56. Martin For those who use Gajim on Debian and like OMEMO: gajim-omemo is in NEW now: - hopefully it will be in Debian unstable in about two weeks.
  57. linus lovetox, 3.14.5 from debian stable
  58. linus Martin, great stuff!
  59. lovetox ah i compiled with 3.18 for windows, but maybe i should downgrade this also, 3.18 probably too new
  60. lovetox great thanks Martin !
  61. lovetox can i contact you whenever we have updates for the plugin
  62. linus Do you have any information whatsoever as to how it crashes?
  63. lovetox ?
  64. linus Oh wait it doesn't crash. What kind of issues does it have?
  65. lovetox no it doesnt crash, its just slow in generell, and for example the notification area doesnt work
  66. linus (Windows gtk3)
  67. linus Ah OK
  68. linus I blame windows :p
  69. lovetox i will make a build with 3.14 and we will see
  70. lovetox ah yes
  71. lovetox and for example the window doesnt scroll
  72. lovetox in chat
  73. lovetox its weird little things like this
  74. linus Right
  75. lovetox can someone add the debian unstable repo in debian jessie?
  76. lovetox i guess yes
  77. linus No
  78. linus Well, it's possible, but it will break things badly
  79. lovetox ok so can we link them to such a .deb file? or is this the same as adding the repo
  80. linus Basically the same. We'd want to build the package both in sid and in jessie
  81. linus Is this for the nightly?
  82. linus I don't really get what the question is actually
  83. lovetox how can someone with jessie download omemo easily with all rependencys
  84. linus Actually maybe the package for sid would work, depending on how the deps are specified
  85. linus Martin said something about backporting it too though
  86. linus Which is the best option
  87. lovetox but that seems idiotic, people on the stable branch are left alone with installing all dependencys on their own? for every new software that didnt make it into stable
  88. Martin Yes, I'll ask the maintainers to do a proper backport of 0.16.5.
  89. linus lovetox: new software doesn't go into stable
  90. linus That's the way it is
  91. lovetox ook :)
  92. Martin The idea of "stable" is that: That there are no disruptive changes anymore, i.e. only security updates or maintenance updates.
  93. Martin E.g. if a Python library changes in stable, hundreds of packages might be affected.
  94. Martin And not only Debian packages, but also locally installed software.
  95. lovetox so people should not use stable if they know they want to try out new software
  96. linus Exactly
  97. Martin For new versions, that is not compatible, there is "backports".
  98. linus But if they want to run a reliable server, they run stable on it
  99. Martin If you like the latest sh*t, use either testing or unstable. E.g. I use "stable" at work, and a mixture of testing and unstable at home.
  100. Martin But I made a private adhoc backport of Gajim for my work computer anyway.
  101. linus I stopped using testing recently when I found out that it takes longer to get security updates
  102. linus I tried unstable and it was true to its name
  103. linus So now I'm on stable with a few backports
  104. linus The most irritating part was backporting awesome because there's no ready-made backport of it
  105. linus But it wasn't too bad :)
  106. praveen lovetox: stable+backports is a good compromise, you install only specific software from backports
  107. praveen lovetox: i had tried installing omemo earlier
  108. lovetox can you look into the pkg_resource folder
  109. praveen lovetox: i'll just try reinstalling omemo plugin
  110. lovetox if there is a _vendor folder?
  111. praveen lovetox: system wide or in my home?
  112. lovetox it is a pyton package
  113. lovetox usually installed with setuptools
  114. lovetox i have it in my site-packages directory
  115. Martin
  116. lovetox thanks martin
  117. lovetox i also wrote him a mail some days ago
  118. praveen Martin: we can do the backports ourselves as backports team is different
  119. praveen Martin: can you host it in collab maint? I'd like to build it locally
  120. praveen Is there a way to supress joined/left messages in muc?
  121. noon hello
  122. noon hello lovetox
  123. noon i tried the new version of gajim
  124. noon But there is also the problem with the unicode smileys
  125. noon I haven't debugged this though
  126. lovetox praveen: yes in the advanced options
  127. lovetox noon: give me an example
  128. lovetox of a smily that doesnt display
  129. noon 😊
  130. lovetox displays without problem in the default branch
  131. noon german flag 🇩🇪
  132. lovetox
  133. noon hmm. there seems to be something really fishy on my system...
  134. lovetox are you sure you used the default branch?
  135. noon yes. I have made a new checkout
  136. lovetox if you go to the help -> about menu
  137. noon one moment please
  138. lovetox what version do you see
  139. linus aw, does gtk not support multi-codepoint characters?
  140. linus (guessing because the German flag shows up as DE for lovetox and as two boxes for me)
  141. lovetox linus i think its because python 2.7 is not compiled with unicode support
  142. lovetox but you should see it because you use default?
  143. lovetox and does my gajim not also use gtk, so if it wouldnt support it it shouldnt display on both systems
  144. noon lovetox, the version is
  145. noon aah. the problem is the gpg encryption and not the unicode cahr
  146. lovetox hm? your messages to muc werent encrypted
  147. noon here they are unencrypted. to my friend on an other tab the messages are encrypted with gpg
  148. lovetox yeah but you said you didnt saw them in the muc here either?
  149. lovetox or did i understand that wrong
  150. noon I only tried it by my friend. on a short test.
  151. noon but there seems to be a problem with gpg. now I'm searching the log file to see if there is something there to help me
  152. lovetox noon do both clients use the default branch?
  153. lovetox is only for the receiving side not shown
  154. lovetox or also for the sending?
  155. noon she uses conversations.
  156. noon I think from f-droid
  157. linus lovetox: it displays two separate characters, whereas it's actually two codepoints representing one char
  158. linus The fact that it shows as boxes for me is just a matter of fonts
  159. noon linus: correct
  160. lovetox noon but where does the "not correctly showing" happen
  161. linus Actually the fact that it doesn't show up as a flag is probably a matter of the font too
  162. noon these are special codepoints for flags. some iso std. for the land: DE->germany, FR->france
  163. lovetox ok so its a problem of having a font that supports that
  164. noon the font/client should replace this with a flag
  165. linus noon, but they're not single codepoints, it's two codepoints for one flag
  166. linus but yeah I think it's because of the font, not because of gajim or gtk
  167. noon you can also install the noto emoticon package
  168. lovetox so did you try to switch font?
  169. linus noon: I can't, debian stable doesn't have it :)
  170. noon linus to the codepoints: I can't say much. I only discoverd that two "bytes/codes/stuff" define a flag.
  171. lovetox so what you are saying the debian system font doesnt support these unicode symbols
  172. noon I'm sorry. Have to leave. At home I can try it with debian. hopefully there will be no errors about missing stuff from gtk :-/
  173. noon bye
  174. linus lovetox, there's not really such a thing as "the" system font
  175. linus but yes, the font gajim/gtk is using doesn't support it
  176. lovetox but gajim uses the system font, meaning the same you see in on your desktop
  177. lovetox actually i just changed the font in gajim multiple times, and didnt found a font that didnt display those flags
  178. lovetox after 10 i stopped
  179. linus Well it's not displaying them as flags so it's still kind of wrong :p
  180. linus and I don't use GNOME so not really
  181. lovetox so can you see that
  182. lovetox
  183. lovetox also i dont find any flags here
  184. lovetox oh i see, they can be shown as roman letters
  185. lovetox but also as a flag
  186. linus ⽷ shows as a box with the unicode codepoint number in it on my laptop
  187. javier linus, looks OK here. You are lacking a font that has that character.
  188. Martin License question: What is the license of the httpupload module? Where can I find it?
  189. lovetox hm was never specified, i would say take the same as Gajim
  190. Martin lovetox, it would be nice to have this "written down" in some form, be it a line in manifest.ini or whatever
  191. Martin Debian always wants to know about the license and copyright holders. The latter is in manifest.ini, but license information is missing.
  192. lovetox hm yeah i would have to talk to all the authors
  193. lovetox should not take long
  194. Martin Cool!
  195. kartoffelsalat I cannot reproduce the bug that leads to this backtrace, but maybe it helps anyone of you nevertheless?
  196. kartoffelsalat
  197. kartoffelsalat I had two gajim instances open and wanted to close the second one. now it is blinking in the tray and throwing infinite amount of this errors
  198. kartoffelsalat as far as I can tell
  199. Darlan kartoffelsalat, can you reproduce this bug?
  200. kartoffelsalat no, I think not.
  201. kartoffelsalat I'll try
  202. Darlan kartoffelsalat, do you have a trac account?
  203. kartoffelsalat yes,
  204. kartoffelsalat and found the next bug in gajim: darlan, I saw the notification that you send me a private message, but I can nowhere see it in the UI. I can see it in conversations, though.
  205. kartoffelsalat I do see a [2] in the tab of the gajim MUC, but nothing more
  206. kartoffelsalat @darlan: done.
  207. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #8381 (gajim shows error messages after closing the window) created Bug description I wanted to reproduce a MAM related bug and had two instances of gajim open. I did several reconnects with at least one instance of gajim. Then, I closed this instance via the X in the top right and got a blinking tray icon. When I clicked on the tray icon an error message appeared with the following content: Traceback (most recen[…]
  208. Darlan The PM message might be a bug that was already fixed. I am using Gajim Gajim 0.16.5-bf2bc1530719.
  209. Darlan I think it was a bug that tmolitor has fixed. Asterix has also asked me to test a patch which I did not test. I don't think that I have even bothered to update Gajim.
  210. Darlan Yes, tmolitor, in last January.
  211. Darlan I desperately need an extra computer machine for testing purposes.
  212. lovetox .
  213. baitisj Hi there folks. I have a patch versus head to get the ../plugins to load under python34 that also removes new in favor of types
  214. linus baitisj, I already made the types changes
  215. baitisj i did a hg pull. maybe i'm on the wrong branch or something
  216. linus I don't think they've been integrated yet
  217. baitisj nope, on default branch... i assume that's where the development is happening?
  218. baitisj oh well. sorry. hoping to get it working.
  219. linus wait, where was new used? I haven't actually even committed the new → types changes (to dbus_plugin) yet
  220. linus don't know if it was anywhere else
  221. linus and what do you mean by getting the ../plugins to load?
  222. lovetox i think maybe he means the sample plugins ins the plugins folder?
  223. linus those are sample plugins?
  224. baitisj correct
  225. linus I thought they were intended beyond sample usage
  226. lovetox sorry that i said sample, i dont really know what they are used for
  227. lovetox they are not used in the windows version
  228. lovetox not even shipped in the installer
  229. baitisj windows doesn't have dbus, so that makes sense
  230. linus hm ok
  231. baitisj I'm going to guess that it started off as an example for future plugins
  232. baitisj but then dbus and some other plugins got included by default
  233. baitisj at any rate, a couple of them used new
  234. lovetox ah i know why i said sample
  235. lovetox because there is one called new events example
  236. lovetox ^^
  237. lovetox so where is your repo?
  238. arune I'm running your test version of the default branch for windows lovetox and it works great!
  239. lovetox the maintainer of gajim is sadly quite inactive right now, but if we get him online we can show him your changes, so he can commit
  240. lovetox arune: yeah but i have some issues with it
  241. lovetox for example does your chatwindow in muc scroll correctly
  242. lovetox on new messages
  243. arune Didn't notice
  244. linus lovetox: we have tmolitor who can help too though, no?
  245. arune The text input is not petty when typing more than one line
  246. lovetox yes he can also commit :)
  247. lovetox and also sometimes the notification area is also not working
  248. lovetox linus i found another major bug right now
  249. linus oh?
  250. lovetox if another client invites us to group chat
  251. tmolitor what do you want to commit?
  252. lovetox i cant join
  253. lovetox try it
  254. linus I also have some weird rendering issues in all chats, I don't know what causes it... Might be the "last-seen line"
  255. linus tmolitor, baitisj 's changes
  256. lovetox he made the plugins in the /plugins folder load under 3.4
  257. tmolitor oh...very nice :)
  258. tmolitor get me the hg export file and I'll commit it :)
  259. baitisj at any rate, the diff is here:
  260. baitisj I also moved plugins/ to plugins/
  261. baitisj because it is very f'n confusing to name it when the class imported is actually GajimPlugin
  262. tmolitor baitisj, can you do a hg export to include a commit message and your name...that would be helpful :)
  263. baitisj oh i didn't know that.. .thanks
  264. baitisj I haven't used hg before today really
  265. tmolitor baitisj, if you don't I have to invent a commit message myself ;)
  266. tmolitor baitisj, I didn't use it before I started to contribute to gajim, too :D
  267. tmolitor if you do a hg export I can import it and push it to the repo and your commit message and your name will show up there :)
  268. linus baitisj, if you're coming from git: don't try to use branches
  269. baitisj ok export is
  270. linus that's all I've really learnt about mercurial so far x)
  271. tmolitor -->
  272. baitisj and linus, thanks... I will keep that in mind
  273. baitisj I am coming from GITland
  274. lovetox baitisj, thanks for doing some work, next time you want tow work on something maybe lets talk about it beforehand, not that two people do the same thing
  275. baitisj haha indeed...
  276. baitisj I guess I didn't realize that there was significant active development happening because last commit was 13 days ago
  277. baitisj hopefully I don't collide with you guys
  278. baitisj at any rate, I really want gajim to work better!!!!!!
  279. tmolitor baitisj, your patch looks good...I'll commit it :)
  280. baitisj thanks much <3
  281. tmolitor baitisj, your patch has line ending problems :(
  282. baitisj Waaaah
  283. baitisj maybe it's pastebin
  284. tmolitor maybe...
  285. tmolitor here the reject file:
  286. baitisj tries to place blame
  287. tmolitor --- +++ @@ -1,1 +1,1 @@^M -from plugin import DBusPlugin^M +from .plugin import DBusPlugin^M
  288. tmolitor I'll try to get rid of the "^M"...
  289. baitisj there should be no ^M; i'm using unix
  290. baitisj yes. if you "download" from pastebin, it provides it to you in dos mode
  291. baitisj laaaame
  292. baitisj just open the downloaded file in vim, se ff=unix, save, then apply patch
  293. tmolitor baitisj, I know, its uploaded now :)
  294. baitisj thanks! :D
  295. baitisj I assume it runs OK on your end.
  296. baitisj apparently I missed something here
  297. baitisj okay, tmolitor , one more, this time under github for hopefully no problems:
  298. tmolitor baitisj, thanks, I already fixed it :D
  299. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Changeset [16092:04723bd1dd57]: Use correct event var on gc-invitation Use correct event var on gc-invitation • Changeset [16093:7414c5ecff7c]: Modified source to work under python3 Modified source to work under python3
  300. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim Plugins • Changeset [933:1938ce0462db]: Add license and change authors Add license and change authors • Changeset [934:1b3448308794]: Add license and change authors Add license and change authors
  301. baitisj thanks, bot!
  302. baitisj it seems i'm dead in the water under FreeBSD with libressl. Not even the 1.6 branch runs...
  303. linus are the problems with SSL?
  304. baitisj but... it's not a problem with libressl. it's a problem with UI events.
  305. baitisj it won't go online.
  306. baitisj i get some assertion fails in
  307. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Changeset [16094:f5209cb10665]: Accidentally went with camel case here on the filename. Won't fail … Accidentally went with camel case here on the filename. Won't fail under windows, but will under *nix
  308. linus baitisj, do other gtk applications work fine?
  309. baitisj yep. I'm thinking that I have an issue with roster_window.ui
  310. linus What do the assertion failures look like?
  311. baitisj
  312. baitisj nope, that wasn't the issue. nbxmpp is next likely candidate
  313. linus Yeah none of those are critical I believe
  314. baitisj linus, do you tend to install the latest nbxmpp from ?
  315. linus Yeah, I clone it and use pip install -e to link it in
  316. baitisj cool, i'll try with --user
  317. baitisj I bet that's my issue -- having the wrong version of nbxmpp
  318. linus Yeah with --user too :)
  319. baitisj and... lookie there. it works.
  320. baitisj :D
  321. baitisj 1,524 buddies in roster. waiting waiting.
  322. baitisj now there is possibility of me to figure out what the performance issue is
  323. baitisj thank you for your help!
  324. linus Great!
  325. linus I didn't do much though :p
  326. baitisj you did enough to get me going, which is what I needed