Gajim - 2016-09-01

  1. Martin OK, I will open a bug report on Gajim trac about this.
  2. sebastian is it possible to remove resources from a contact from the roster? The bot i'm playing with has now accumulated 4 resources (until i found out how to code it ;-)) can i remove the ones that will never be online again? Somehow the bot appears offline because 3/4 of his resources are offline....
  3. sebastian another question: how to change the window title? ;) i have two accounts in gajim and i set it up to show a message window for each accunt with tabbed conversations. Now i have two windows in the Taskbar that start with "messages - Gajim ...." and i cant differentiate without opening them... any idea/hint?
  4. mt sebastian: about the resource thing, you should be able to end the user session, right click on your account name (above the roster), execute command, end user session
  5. mt sebastian: i think you can use full jid (with resource) to end a specific user session
  6. sebastian mt, thanks for the hint, but i just saw that after re-adding the contact, the offline resources are also gone ;-)
  7. Martin I entered a bug report, but Trac said, that it was spam.
  8. Martin It was quite a long text.
  9. Martin When I got back in the browser, the text was removed.
  10. Martin Can I enter a bug report by other means? E.g. email?
  11. Martin Or xmpp?
  12. Martin :~)
  13. linus Bug reports are welcome here too
  14. linus Afaik
  15. Martin OK, I try to get the text again from my bio-memory and repeat it here ;~)
  16. arune Martin, I feel for you, it happended to me too several times :(
  17. vorner Firefox has a „Lazarus“ addon that helps recover lost texts. Not that it would be a solution for the real problem, but it is handy nevertheless.
  18. Martin @arune: We need to remember to write the text outside the browser. At least one does not loose all the Shakesperean writing by using "back".
  19. Martin @vorner: OK, I will check Lazarus (the bible zombie was it, right?)
  20. Martin Here is my bug report (second attempt to enter it in trac just failed):
  21. Martin Summary: Retire Bug description: There is currently an open bug in Debian, related to demandimport. Searching the Gajim trac, leads to quite a number of (fixed) bugs related to demandimport, too. I wonder, why demandimport is used by Gajim in the first place. From its description, its goal is to reduce startup time of short running processes, such as command line programs. It seems not be useful for long running processes like GUI programs (Gajim!) or server applications. It there is no other reason to use, I'm not aware of, I ask to retire it, i.e. replace it by a dummy, so that existing plugins will still work.
  22. linus Ooooh that
  23. linus I've already made a commit for it in default
  24. linus Err, my copy that is
  25. linus Haven't submitted it
  26. Martin Ah, wow, that was fast :~)
  27. linus But it's trivial, it's not used anymore in the default branch so it's just a matter of removing the file
  28. Martin I promised to make a bug report, but could not imagine that the reaction is so snappy. Cool!
  29. linus For 0.16.5 it should be enough to remove all references to it
  30. linus No I did it several days ago :p
  31. Martin Ah, OK :~)
  32. Martin You guys solve bugs, before I can think about them :~) Magic!
  33. Martin OK, can you push the changes to the public repo, so that I can point the Debian maintainer to the commit?
  34. linus I can't, don't have commit access
  35. Martin Ah, OK
  36. linus Besides, the fix won't be available in Debian until the first gtk3 version is released
  37. linus I'll have a look at applying the fix on 0.16.5 later today thougj
  38. Martin I wonder whether one can replace with a dummy, so that the plugins can still "use" it without failing, just without any function behind it.
  39. Martin That would be a very small change.
  40. linus Yeah, but it's better to just remove it and all the references to it
  41. Martin Which milestone would be GTK3? 0.16.6? Or later?
  42. linus Because that isn't complicated either
  43. linus Idk, it's labelled as currently
  44. linus But I think the actual release might be 1.0
  45. Martin Yes, I mean this just as a workaround for Debian until the real solution is done by Gajim.
  46. Martin OK.
  47. Martin Different question: Is this conference/room mirrored somewhere on a web server? Like many IRC rooms?
  48. linus Yes, see topic :)
  49. Martin Ah, stupid me. Sorry!
  50. Martin Last question for now (no promise, however): There is a plugin for XEP-0363 (HTTP File Upload),
  51. Martin Does anybody have experience with it? I.e. does it work?
  52. linus Yes
  53. linus It works, at least in the default branch (I fixed it)
  54. linus And I haven't heard any complaints about it in 0.16.5
  55. Martin Very good. I will package it for Debian then :~)
  56. vorner I used it already and it worked for me. But I think it didn't have OMEMO integration at the time (I don't know about now).
  57. linus Is there not a package of all the default plugins?
  58. Martin If I'm not mistaken, there is only a Gajim package in Debian, containing no plugins other than the plugin installer.
  59. Martin I don't know, whether it is more useful to have a "gajim-plugins" package with all (or most) plugins or one package per plugin.
  60. linus I thought there was a gajim-plugins package
  61. Martin Some plugins have faster release cycles than others. Esp. when they are new such as OMEMO.
  62. linus But yeah I think that a gajim-plugins package would make sense
  63. linus To match the upstream
  64. linus Plugins that aren't maintained in the gajim-plugins repo could then have their own separate packages
  65. linus (That is, plugins like OMEMO
  66. linus )
  67. Martin How about OMEMO? I see that it is maintained both separately at GitHub and in the plugins repo.
  68. Martin Both seem to have version 0.9, right?
  69. linus Oh, it's in gajim-plugins too?
  70. linus What a mess :|
  71. linus In that case I guess having a separate package for each plugin does make the most sense
  72. Martin Yes, but at least it is a current version.
  73. linus Still, I don't think there should be two separate version histories for it :/
  74. linus Oh well
  75. Martin We can still have an empty gajim-plugins package that depends on all plugins that are currently packaged (so far: none).
  76. Martin Many thanks for your advise and help! Cheers
  77. linus That sounds like a good plan :)
  78. linus Will these packages be backported to Jessie too by any chance? Asking for myself :)
  79. linus Actually never mind, because I'm using the default branch anyway so the packages won't be much use to me
  80. linus NP gp p
  81. linus Uuuh don't know how that happened.
  82. lovetox Martin, could you update the package for Debian Jessie?
  83. lovetox Gajim is 0.16.1 there
  84. lovetox pretty outdated
  85. lovetox also there is no need for a separate http upload plugin
  86. lovetox because http upload has no dependencys that are not already in gajim
  87. lovetox you can just download the plugin from the gajim interface
  88. lovetox for omemo it would make sense, because there are dependencys needed not provded by gajim
  89. linus lovetox: Jessie is the stable distribution, i.e. no version updates
  90. lovetox so it will stay on 0.16.1 forever?
  91. lovetox great !
  92. linus In Jessie, yes
  93. linus Only security updates
  94. linus But if there's a newer version in testing then it'll be in the next stable release
  95. Link Mauve To the person who fixed OTR messages from MUC the other day (lovetox?), please close this issue:
  96. Link Mauve Actually not close, because it still isn’t fixed (the part where it also works in the middle of a message…), but comment that it’s fixed in MUC.
  97. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #8344 (Gajim 0.16.5 w/ OTR plugin annoys people complaining on MUCs about OTR) updated fixed for groupchat messages ​ Note: the commit message should read: Dont handle groupchat messages
  98. Willly Hallo
  99. lovetox hi
  100. hermann Hi, somebody knows a good browser based XMPP chat client? Preferably Open Source? THere is a list here , but some of them have been discontinued or aren't updated anymore. Any experience with Converse.js?
  101. lovetox you can test converse.js on their site
  102. lovetox just put in your account data
  103. hermann but do I send my password over to their server?
  104. lovetox of course
  105. hermann hm...
  106. lovetox so make test account
  107. lovetox :)
  108. lovetox the offer OTR, but in my experience it didnt work
  109. lovetox no other encryption as of my knowledge is supported
  110. hermann ok, I'll try, but I'd rather have a self-hosted service which isn't too complex
  111. hermann movim looks interesting, but also not simple
  112. Link Mauve We really should make a SASL mechanism for one-time logins.
  113. Link Mauve Which would ask all of your other resources whether to allow you in.
  114. Link Mauve Something like XEP-0070 for the receiving side, and some SASL extension on the emitting side.
  115. lovetox Link Mauve: lets do it :)
  116. linus hermann:
  117. linus And yeah I really like that as an auth mechanism too
  118. linus Best of all would be if the client that got authed then doesn't automatically get the ability to auth further clients
  119. hermann thanks, I'll have a look