Gajim - 2016-08-29

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  3. maze @linus, a (late) update to my notification problem from end of last week. I am getting desktop notifications for 1:1 chats now. Not sure what it was, but I checked python2-notify had already been installed.
  4. linus Zash, 3.1.2 from debian jessie
  5. linus python 2.7.9 also from debian jessie
  6. linus maze, odd! Glad it works now though
  7. maze linus, but I am mostly doing groupchats (with Conversations), so my main interest is to get notifications for groupchat messages. Which I am still unable to figure out
  8. maze s/with Conversations/with Conversations users/
  9. maze The advanced option "notify_on_all_muc_messages" is active, but there is only the sound notification but no desktop notification on new messages
  10. linus maze, I'll have a look at it. It's possible that desktop notifications for MUCs simply aren't sent
  11. maze Ah, well. Also the tray icon is blinking, but on Gnome 3 it is hidden most of the time, so that doesn't help
  12. maze linux, thanks for having a look!
  13. linus maze, for a start it doesn't seem to use the notification daemon at all if the chat is open
  14. maze Okay, but I don't get _any_ notifications if the chat is closed, do I?
  15. linus it doesn't seem to notify for MUCs at all
  16. linus but for 1-1 chats it won't notify if the chat tab is open
  17. maze But it will if the app is not in the foreground. At least that's what happens for me (and it's good)
  18. linus hm, not for me :/
  19. linus There seems to be some gmail-specific code remaining in gajim
  20. linus but gmail/google talk/hangouts doesn't work with XMPP at all anymore, right?
  21. vorner Yes and no. Depends on if the user on the other end switched to hangouts or stayed on gtalk.
  22. vorner And I think you still can connect to old gtalk with gajim.
  23. linus really? wow
  24. maze Yes, works for me #gtalk
  25. vorner (but I haven't tried)
  26. Marzanna It is still possible to connect to gtalk using xmpp client
  27. linus ok so that code shouldn't be removed. Yet... :p
  28. vorner linus: They have the old and new version running in parallel. They interconnect them when both ends are on google. But if you come from other server and the google's contact is using hangouts, it breaks in odd ways.
  29. linus righ
  30. linus and google talk never federated either, did it?
  31. Zash They still do ... sorta
  32. Zash You can connect there ... sorta
  33. Zash You gonna have a bad time tho
  34. linus is there any point in still having gmail-specific code in gajim's core?
  35. lovetox probably not, but there are many things like that
  36. lovetox gajim should be slimmed down
  37. linus indeed, would make maintenance a lot easier
  38. lovetox arune: i found the problem with the plugin installer, i do a new build tomorrow, do you want some plugins to be installed from the start?
  39. lovetox like omemo and httpupload?
  40. arune lovetox, nice, I'd like emoticons, url image preview and httpupload
  41. arune are they known to work with gajim gtk3?
  42. linus I fixed httpupload for gtk3
  43. linus And URL image preview works afaict
  44. linus Don't know about emoticons
  45. arune sounds great
  46. sebastian hey there :-) maybe a stupid question, but how do i use the "correct last message" feature (xep-308?)? in conversations its easy, but i havent found any menu in Gajim (using Gajim 0.16.5-978573139f4b)
  47. Link Mauve sebastian, Ctrl-Up.
  48. sebastian CTRL? i tried ALT and SHIFT... but it never came to my mind there is control
  49. sebastian thanks!
  50. sebastian thanks! :-)
  51. Link Mauve :)
  52. sebastian now that i google with "ctrl+up", i found out i could have found out by reading the keyboard shortcuts carefully... however, when searching google for "gajim correct last message" i found nothing helpful... maybe if it is not too much to ask it's something for the FAQs? but maybe its just me ;)
  53. linus I didn't know either
  54. sebastian while i'm here, another question ;-) : is there a nice way to directly render images into gajim chat window? we setup an own Prosody at work and as the Admin recommended Conversations, 90% of the people use conversations on their android phones to connect to the xmppd. now when they send pictures i just receive the link in Gajim and either have to copy+paste it into the browser, or i have to take out my phone and check conversations (which i use as a second resource too) to see the picture.
  55. sebastian (httpupload is used for file transfering the pictures)
  56. Link Mauve Yet another reason why metadata is useful…
  57. linus sebastian, the closest option for that is the URL image preview plugin
  58. sebastian yeah, the funny thing is, i have that already, but it does not work, is there any special need to configure it?
  59. linus This is in gajim 0.16.5?
  60. sebastian yes
  61. sebastian i updated to a recent nightly this morning
  62. maze sebastian, the image preview plugin works for me with http upload images _most of the time_
  63. linus Isn't the nightly 0.16.10 or something? (I might be wrong)
  64. sebastian Gajim 0.16.5-978573139f4b + Url image preview 0.7.5
  65. sebastian i just realize when i'm testing on my own server between two accounts (one on conversations and the other on Gajim) that the image link seems to be broken ( says that "the image http://blablabla/blabla.jpg cannot be displayed because it contains errors")
  66. sebastian but transfer from conversations to conversations work fine...
  67. maze sebastian, you could post an image here so we can see what's wrong ;)
  68. sebastian so i can http-upload share images from Gajim<>Gajim, then the links work...
  69. sebastian but i still dont see a preview by the url image preview plugin
  70. linus love the amount of logging done by url_image_preview... xP
  71. sebastian linus, is that sarcastic, or is there really extensive logging? where would i find it?
  72. sebastian Ahh shit...i'm stupid...
  73. sebastian pictures are omemo encrypted... hence i can't view them in the browser....
  74. sebastian Now, when i share unecrypted pictures, i'm shown the link twice in the chat window, so still not working somehow
  75. linus sebastian: sarcasm, there's nothing :p
  76. sebastian i thought so, but i'm always bad at getting the sarcastic message ;)
  77. sebastian but maybe Daniel Gultschs image downloader helps here...
  78. linus It is hard to convey through text
  79. sebastian it is ;-)
  80. sebastian so just to update you, i was able to setup the imagedownloader from Daniel Gultsch (the conversations guy) and i now can click IMages in Gajim and it opens in feh (image viewer) ... it is at least a nice workaround
  81. linus Well, "nice"
  82. linus Isn't "nice workaround" mostly an oxymoron?
  83. linus One day we will have nicer Jingle negotiation and life will be good
  84. sebastian you're right, its not nice ...
  85. sebastian its a cripple compared to the flawless ux in conversations... but it works...
  86. arune sebastian, is your company xmpp server open for server2server communication or why are you using E2E-encryption at all?
  87. sebastian arune, no s2s is not enabled, it is securerd with TLS, e2e encryption is only used by a few people who know that conversatoins can do it ;-) (plus me, because i found out that the gajim omemo plugin is finally working... or maybe i should say: i finally found out how to make it working in my linux mint ;-))
  88. sebastian i have to add: we're just a bunch of paranoid techies
  89. sebastian w00t i just tried on my windows laptop and there gajim can show the image with the i mage preview plugin
  90. arune sebastian, so disable e2e?
  91. arune or maybe you don't trust your own server?
  92. sebastian well... i don't only want to use it on my companys jabber environment, but also on my private one ;-) i think i have trace.... i had a look into that patch that the preview plugin is built on... it uses some python lib to show the image... maybe i dont have it installed
  93. sebastian naah no... it was urllib that seemed strange, but thats probablynot for hte picture it self and should be there....
  94. sebastian after some trying i think it might have to do with too many resources ;-) somehow, when i have two gajims and one conversations involved, then it gets strange because on one laptop i receive a message one time in the one window and another time in another window... but thats something i will elaborate on another day...
  95. sebastian at least i have seen the preview pluginn working, both on linux and windows
  96. onetwothree Hi, I'm trying to resister at, but I doe not get any registiration e-mail. I tried resend and verified the e-mail-address. How can I now create a ticket?
  97. linus onetwothree: Someone else had the same problem the other day. Not sure there's anyone here who can help with the registration, sorry... But you're more likely to get help here than on the bug tracker anyway, so just go ahead and describe your issue :)
  98. onetwothree linus: Well, I'd like to post some bug-reports. Not sure if a chat-room is a good place for this?!
  99. arune ehm, I don't recall someone having problem registering, there was one person that didn't find the register link?
  100. arune onetwothree, if you create a bug report in pastebin, I can make a bug report on trac for you
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  103. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • HowToCreateATicket edited (diff) • Ticket #8376 (Extend HowTo create a Ticket with trac-register link) closed fixed: Done, thanks for pointing that.
  104. linus arune: yeah and then he didn't get the confirmation email either once I'd pointed it out
  105. arune Aha
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  107. linus asterix is alive! :D