Gajim - 2016-08-27

  1. zak Hi. If there is a new contact, will an OMEMO key automatically be loaded in Gajim? Or do I have to trigger some "Get keys" action?
  2. zak Actually I don't know if he uses an OMEMO compatible client, probably not, but I still want to ask
  3. lovetox there are multiple things that have to be considered sadly
  4. lovetox when your contact is online, and you dont see the omemo icon in the chatwindow with this contact
  5. lovetox he doesnt use omemo, or his client does something wrong
  6. zak You mean the fish icon in the bottom bar
  7. lovetox yes
  8. zak ok, it is available.
  9. zak But thinking about that, I think the jabber server doesn't support PEP
  10. lovetox seeing the omemo icon, does not mean we received fingerprints or have an active encrypted session
  11. lovetox if the contact is new, fingerprints will get queryd on your first message to him
  12. lovetox just type a message hit enter
  13. lovetox wait 2-3 seconds a window should pop up
  14. zak But this message cannot be encrypted then
  15. lovetox with the keys
  16. lovetox the message never gets send
  17. lovetox gajim doesnt let it send you
  18. lovetox its just staying in the box, like you never hit send
  19. zak Ah, okay. I got the message: "To send an encrypted message, you have to first trust the fingerprint of your contact!"
  20. lovetox yes, so klick the icon, and hit fingerprint
  21. zak But when I click the fish icon, no fingerprints are visible
  22. lovetox that means, the query wasnt sucessful
  23. lovetox to publish the fingerprints
  24. zak As I said, I think the jabber server does not support PEP
  25. lovetox your contact needs a server with pep
  26. zak Yes
  27. zak Maybe the plugin could tell this to the user?
  28. zak So at least he knows whats wrong
  29. zak (I know now, I mean others will probably get confused...)
  30. lovetox the problem is not receiving fingerprints could have multiple problems
  31. lovetox for example, if your contact is offline
  32. lovetox there is a bug in ejabbered
  33. lovetox that even if he has pep, but is offline, his server will not send you the fingerprint
  34. zak Hmm... but would a PEP-probe be possible?
  35. zak That would at least give some hint, because this would indeed be a problem.
  36. lovetox its an annoying bug for desktop clients, mobiles tend to be online all of the time
  37. lovetox on the other hand, you need this pep query only for the very first time
  38. lovetox then theoretically never again
  39. zak so, there are (at least) two possibilities: 1. Server doesn't support PEP, 2. Contact is offline
  40. lovetox yes
  41. lovetox is this the second device your contact has?
  42. zak I think if possible, a corresponding message to the would be good. "Contact is currently offline. For OMEMO initialization and key exchange, he needs to be online."
  43. lovetox cause if your contact doesnt have pep, the fish icon should never be visible
  44. zak I do not know, no, he came online after a long period of time
  45. lovetox and you dont have any key at all for him?
  46. zak no
  47. lovetox your suggestion for the message would not be true
  48. zak Ah, I see in the user info, that he is using conversations, so at least the client does support OMEMO
  49. lovetox because if your contact uses for example a prosody server
  50. lovetox he doesnt need to be online
  51. lovetox its just a temporary bug i hope in ejabbered servers
  52. zak ah okay
  53. zak But the server is Openfire 3.9.1
  54. zak Yes... I know
  55. lovetox so there is another way even without pep to initialize encryption
  56. lovetox he would have to write you a omemo encrypted message
  57. lovetox ah no i deactivated that
  58. lovetox that was actually a security hole
  59. zak ?
  60. lovetox there was a way to get a encrypted session without pep
  61. lovetox but its deemed insecure
  62. lovetox so conversations and the plugin dont allow for that anymore
  63. zak Well I guess requiring PEP is not so bad
  64. zak most servers should and do support it now
  65. lovetox openfire server will probably dont have it
  66. zak yes
  67. zak I am just thinking about how the plugin could handle this case
  68. lovetox many people including me think, instead of working around bad maintained servers
  69. lovetox the time would be better spent in talking to the server admins
  70. lovetox or users to change server
  71. zak I agree. But how will anybody approach the server admins, if they don't know that it is the servers fault.
  72. lovetox but i agree the icon should not show if there is no pep
  73. lovetox actually i dont know why it does
  74. zak As I said, some message "OMEMO not supported. Server does not support PEP (XEP-...)
  75. zak As I said, some message "OMEMO not supported. Server does not support PEP (XEP-...)"
  76. lovetox yeah but thats a bold statement, it could also be a problem with the server of you, or your client, or the version you are using of the plugin, or or or
  77. lovetox also with the current bug in ejabbered
  78. zak yes, but *if* the missing of PEP could be detected, this would still be a factor
  79. Link Mauve Sure you can detect whether PEP is supported or not, it’s in the disco#info of your bare JID.
  80. lovetox but you cant detect if its working
  81. lovetox at least for now, because ejabbered doesnt send you events if the user is offline
  82. zak ok
  83. lovetox but i will look over the code, there definittly can be better ways to display if something is wrong
  84. lovetox if there are no fingerprints, and we get no pep event, icon shoudl not show
  85. lovetox or be grey
  86. lovetox or something like this
  87. Link Mauve lovetox, wut?
  88. Link Mauve It shouldn’t be exposed if it isn’t working, that’s a bug if it is.
  89. lovetox its exposed but all it does if you use it is, telling the user why it isnt working
  90. lovetox in that case, that there are no fingerprints
  91. lovetox but thats complicated thing, there has to be a activate button, or esle i wont know if the user even wants that i should tell him whats not working
  92. Link Mauve lovetox, you should tell your service operator to stop advertising it.
  93. lovetox ah i think we talked about different things there
  94. lovetox you mean pep
  95. lovetox no it is working for example on ejabbered, but it sends only events if you are online to other contacts
  96. lovetox omemo is designed to work and build sessions, even if useres are not online at the same time
  97. lovetox its a bit tricky at the moment
  98. Link Mauve Ah, you mean you can’t use +notify if your contact is offline?!
  99. Link Mauve That’s definitely a bug too.
  100. lovetox it is a known bug
  101. lovetox for mobiles its not that relevant, cause they are online all the time
  102. zak Do you have a ticket number/URL ?
  103. zak @lovetox: Unfortunately that's not completely true either
  104. zak You only need contacts without Push Support, then Android-doze, and offline is your contact after some time.
  105. lovetox Holger, is there i bug report on ejabbered for that, pep bug?
  106. zak By the way, can I disable login/logout notifications in MUCs in Gajim somewhere?
  107. lovetox yes
  108. lovetox preference -> advanced
  109. lovetox -> editor
  110. zak okay...
  111. lovetox and there search for muc or something
  112. lovetox Print_status_in_muc
  113. zak Found it. Thanks!
  114. Holger lovetox: I'm not sure there's a bug report, but everyone is aware of that so it won't be forgotten :-)
  115. Holger lovetox: It works for local offline contacts BTW. Remote contacts don't receive your PEP notifications if you're offline.
  116. lovetox k thanks :)
  117. Holger zak: By the way, ejabberd's mod_push tries to interact with stream management in a way that lets the client appear as always-online, as long as the client actually responds to push notifications. So that hides the PEP bug ;-)
  118. Holger zak: Oh you meant contacts *without* push support, then you're right of course.
  119. zak But mod_push is not yet done, isn't it?
  120. zak ...for ejabberd
  121. Holger Works for me but isn't integrated yet, right.
  122. zak Yes I meant without push support
  123. Holger Of course that PEP issue needs fixing either way.
  124. zak By the way, there is a red X next to one of the pull codes of those last issue mentioned before...
  125. zak For the push requirements thing.. You know what I mean? Don't have it just now
  126. Holger Yes but the changes are fine ("make test" is happy on my box); Travis builds are broken on the plain 'master' branch since a few days, so all recent PRs get that red cross as well.
  127. Holger Someone[tm] should fix that!
  128. linus There are Tests? :o
  129. Holger Sure?
  130. linus That's good to know x)
  131. zak
  132. zak I meant this
  133. Holger Yes me too :-) That's mine.
  134. linus Oh right for ejabberd?
  135. zak Okay. Then I hope it gets merged soon
  136. linus I thought for gajim
  137. Holger linus: Ah sorry.
  138. linus Or does gajim have tests too?
  139. Moul Hi, can I do something to avoid Gajim window asking me plugins upgrade? I don't know how to upgrade them.
  140. lovetox just go to the menü and click plugins
  141. lovetox then to available
  142. lovetox and click upgrade for the ones you have
  143. arune (they should autoupdate)
  144. arune (or at least you should be able to select to have them automatically updated without using the plugin manager)
  145. lovetox autoupdate is complicated
  146. lovetox cause you would have to do this before gajim starts
  147. lovetox or lets say its a bigger amount of work
  148. Moul Ok, thanks a lot. In fact, I enlarged the window. I couldn't see the upgrade button. I am using a ~4K and 13 inches screen, and GTK2 app are displayed small :D
  149. lovetox yeah the window has layout issues