Gajim - 2016-08-26

  1. arune lovetox: I have a lot of icons in C:\Program Files (x86)\Gajim\data\iconsets\dcraven\16x16
  2. arune but but, I renamed the build folder to bin, started gajim which failed for another reason, renamed it back to build and then it started!
  3. arune maybe I just needed to start it again
  4. arune looks better!
  5. m4lvin lovetox: your update to the otr plugin just now, I am confused by the summary "Handle only groupchat messages". Should the restriciton not be to only handle 1-to-1 chats?
  6. maze Hi all. Does anyone have proper desktop notifications working with Gajim in Gnome 3?
  7. maze There is a Gnome extension ( which only does notifications for 1:1 chats. (Also, it is unmaintained, but can be partially made working on Gnome 3.20)
  8. linus Maze, you might need to install gir1.2-notify or similar
  9. maze linus, I'm on Arch. notification-daemon (as indicated by the Gajim package) is installed. Not sure what's missing
  10. maze Also, even if I could get said shell extension to notify on personal messages, it doesn't seem to be possible to configure Gajim to send desktop notifications for MUC messages
  11. linus You need the GObject Introspection bindings for libnotify, which may not be included in notification-daemon
  12. maze Installed and working as described at
  13. maze (python2-gobject is the package)
  14. maze linus, is there a way to debug this?
  15. linus I had a look at the notification code a couple of days ago, the logging in there is not great :|
  16. linus I'd love to help more but I'm visiting family so I can't really spend much time on it now, sorry
  17. maze No problem! I'm not a python dev, but maybe you can point me somewhere I can have a look at?
  18. linus maze: which version of gajim are you running?
  19. maze Newest from Arch, 0.16.5-2
  20. linus Oh right, I also don't know how libnotify integration works prior to the GTK3 switch...
  21. linus But I think in that case installing python-libnotify or similar might help
  22. cippaciong maze, I don't know if this might be of any help, I usually keep notification disabled, but if I enable them e start dunst (I use i3wm, which doesn't have any integrated notification sytem), I see gajim notifications in dunst
  23. linus cippaciong: GNOME has its notification service integrated and it starts with the session
  24. cippaciong yes, but I think both GNOME notification service and dunst would "catch" certain types of notification
  25. cippaciong like those sent with notify-send
  26. linus notify-send is just a command-line wrapper around libnotify
  27. linus Oh yeah but that would be sensible to test. maze, does notify-send work? (You might need libnotify-bin or so to get it)
  28. cippaciong Yeah, that's what I meant :)
  29. maze Yes, notify-send (and notifications in general) works
  30. cippaciong but gajim notifications don't?
  31. cippaciong maze, are you sure notification-daemon is installed? Becuase I just found out that pacman think it's installed here when it's not (really strange tbh)
  32. cippaciong notification-daemon: for desktop notification [installed]
  33. cippaciong pacman -Qi notification-daemon error: package 'notification-daemon' was not found
  34. linus cippaciong: notification-daemon is not what he wants
  35. linus It's part of GNOME and it's already running as evidenced by notify-send working
  36. cippaciong it's not
  37. cippaciong not in arch at least
  38. cippaciong
  39. cippaciong it's not part of the gnome group and it's required only by 4 other packages, gajim included, as optional dependency (not installed unless the user explicitly does it)
  40. linus But it's not what maze needs
  41. linus The notifications dbus service is provided by a GNOME component and installing something else that provides the same service would likely make things more convoluted
  42. linus maze, I've just checked in the source
  43. linus You need the package python2-notify
  44. q55 hello guys, I'm trying to post a new ticket but I don't get the verification token via email
  45. q55 normal?
  46. q55 does it generally take long?
  47. q55 it seems my email address was to blame
  48. maze Linus, python2-notify is probably installed. But I am AFK for the rest of the day, so I can't say for sure
  49. linus No problem, but its absence is the most likely cause I can think of for it not working so do double-check when you get the chance :)
  50. arune lovetox: Read the log from earlier today
  51. lovetox how?
  52. lovetox i only see the last 20 messages or so
  53. arune See this channel topic
  54. lovetox ah yeah
  55. arune There's web log
  56. arune Or I can repeat myself but that would be crazy
  57. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #8378 (XEP-0146 makes it possible to extract plain-text from OTR sessions) created I'm using Gajim nightlies and the Gajim OTR plugin coming from the repositories, also updated to the latest versions (automatically). I'm making my tests on Linux, for what is worth. The problem I'm exposing seems to already be known by a few users and developers. If you agree with what I'm saying and we share the same concerns I think it's time to address the p[…][…]
  58. lovetox so it works?
  59. lovetox nice
  60. lovetox :)
  61. arune lovetox: I did not find any plugin in the plugin manager, didn't linus or you fix the httpupload plugin?
  62. lovetox hm
  63. arune Yes, except for first start or whatever it was, I even reinstalled without problem
  64. linus arune: you need to use the gtk3 branch of the plugins repo
  65. linus I did fix httpypload
  66. lovetox he does
  67. lovetox i build the gtk3 branch for windows
  68. lovetox as exe
  69. arune linus: hm, the gtk3 version of gajim doesn't have a separate ftp with plugins?
  70. lovetox and he installed
  71. linus Oh
  72. lovetox arune: i think i forgot to add the plugin installer plugin
  73. lovetox yeah i just confirmed it
  74. lovetox forgot to add this, without this you have no access to download anything
  75. arune Except for missing plugins and the issue at start it worked and looked great! Also the send button was mispositioned but I think you discussed that earlier
  76. arune lovetox: ok!
  77. lovetox i do another build with some standard plugins already included
  78. arune Nice
  79. lovetox problem is asterix is not reachable
  80. linus I've done a fix for the send button position but
  81. linus Yeab
  82. linus That
  83. lovetox and at the moment we have no access to the main repo
  84. arune Oh, now I can test emojis which didn't work well in windows on Py 2
  85. lovetox but maybe i build from linus one
  86. lovetox yeah try that, python 3 should be full unicode ready
  87. arune I think that should be installed and activated by default (emojis)
  88. lovetox linus, do you know how i can change the commit message of a commit if i have already pushed?
  89. lovetox i wrote the complete opposite of what it actually is, in the last otr commit
  90. Link Mauve lovetox, nope, you can’t.
  91. lovetox so whats the recommended way to fix that
  92. lovetox do a empty commit with another commit message
  93. Link Mauve You can’t.
  94. lovetox or something like that
  95. linus lovetox: in git it's a bad idea but possible
  96. lovetox yeah ok i get that i can not undo it
  97. lovetox but what should be done
  98. linus Change your name and deny all responsibility :p
  99. lovetox :D
  100. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #8378 (XEP-0146 makes it possible to extract plain-text from OTR sessions) updated I should add I tried restarting Gajim after disabling remote_control as well
  101. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim Plugins • Changeset [907:26ac702fc014]: Correction: Dont handle groupchat messages Correction: Dont handle groupchat messages
  102. cippaciong lovetox: you can reset that commit and force push the new one but it's quite bad
  103. cippaciong If someone pulled your changes in the meantime and committed on top of that you will break its work
  104. Link Mauve The server should hopefully deny that, because every single user having done a pull would have to manually edit history and that’s not something they should ever have to do.
  105. lovetox yeah i did now a dummy commit
  106. lovetox should do the work