Gajim - 2016-08-25

  1. praveen zak: push is required only for ios, android supports tcp connections.
  2. praveen zak:
  3. praveen zak: your contact should just whitelist conversations, no need for push
  4. zak praveen‎: Thanks for the link, I will read that later. As for push on android: What whitelist do you mean?
  5. linus zak: app info > battery > battery optimisation
  6. linus Set it to not optimised
  7. zak Doesn't that go (semi-)automatically? I cannot remember doing that explicitly for myself, but Conversation is listed there already for me.
  8. linus Then it should be fine
  9. zak I don't know?
  10. linus I'm not 100% sure but I think that's what needs to be set
  11. zak I will check later with my contact, thanks.
  12. linus Confirmation/correction welcome :)
  13. arune lovetox: thanks
  14. arune lovetox, I didn't get it working though:
  15. arune
  16. m4lvin Is it a problem to enable OMEMO, OTR and OpenPGP plugins at the same time? If I do so, opening contacts using OpenPGP provokes an endless chain of "Received plaintext message! Your next message will still be encrypted!".
  17. tmolitor lovetox: see m4lvin's message. I think the omemo plugin might be to aggressive here (if it is the omemo plugin causing this messages).
  18. m4lvin tmolitor: indeed, those messages are generated by and my guess would be that it is triggered by OTR sending or receiving some invisible message(s).
  19. tmolitor m4lvin, then lovetox should fix this, he is the maintainer of the omemo plugin...
  20. lovetox hm this is a problem
  21. lovetox its triggered by the body that every pgp message has
  22. lovetox but i could check for the pgp namespace, i will add this in the next release
  23. m4lvin lovetox, thanks! :)
  24. lovetox though for OTR this is much harder because it doesnt use any normeal xmpp technics
  25. lovetox and it will only work for incoming messages
  26. lovetox so you cant activate 3 encryptions with one contact, and hope that gajim figures out which you want to use just now
  27. lovetox maybe you can explain, why you have to keep omemo activated, though you want pgp encrypted messages with your contact, m4lvin
  28. lovetox just to understand your usecase better
  29. m4lvin i have different contacts using different other clients
  30. lovetox yeah but you can choose the encryption for each contact
  31. lovetox deactivate omemo for contact A
  32. lovetox and activate it for B
  33. m4lvin true
  34. m4lvin but somehow OMEMO activated itself, i only activated the plugin
  35. m4lvin and the contact was even offline.
  36. m4lvin hm, maybe i did something wrong or there were old settings around.
  37. lovetox if omemo sees that your chat partner has a omemo device it activates itself
  38. lovetox but only the very first time
  39. lovetox if you deactivate it after that, it will only activate itself again if you get a omemo message
  40. m4lvin ok
  41. m4lvin i will deactivate it and see what happens when the person comes online again.
  42. lovetox yeah please, i still will integrate though that the message doesnt appear even when omemo is activated
  43. lovetox but the problem is if its activated, you probably will have problems with outgoing messages
  44. lovetox you cant use 2 activated encryption at once when you send messages
  45. m4lvin yes. maybe in general a warning would be nice if multiple encryption methods are active.
  46. lovetox also cause i saw the conversation in the other channel
  47. lovetox you need to have latest gajim
  48. lovetox otherwise i cant guarantee for the result
  49. lovetox 0.16.5
  50. m4lvin Yes, I am on 0.16.5 now. The endless repeated message happened there.
  51. lovetox yeah thats unrelated i know :)
  52. lovetox its because openpgp in fact sends with every encrypted message, also an unencrypted
  53. lovetox is something like "This is a openpgp message"
  54. lovetox arune
  55. lovetox did you delete the gajim directory in your user folder first?
  56. Link Mauve lovetox, that issue is typically solved by EME, fyi.
  57. Link Mauve Instead of having to have each plugin aware of every existing encryption mechanism, it will simply have to know that a message encrypted with “something else than what it handles itself” is already encrypted and back out.
  58. Link Mauve I will include that in the 0.0.2.
  59. lovetox yeah i understand the concept and like it, though OTR is on another level, even if you know that it is a OTR message, you still cant handle it with simply check for a namespace
  60. lovetox you basically have to drop all messages that start with ?OTR
  61. Link Mauve You can with EME.
  62. lovetox yeah i know
  63. Link Mauve OTR is nothing special with that.
  64. lovetox correct
  65. lovetox though in my opinion something like OTR should identify itself with a namespace SOMEWHERE, whithout the need of other xeps doing it for it
  66. Link Mauve ?
  67. lovetox thats just discovery
  68. lovetox if a device is capable
  69. lovetox the only way to identify a OTR message is, if the first 4 letters are ?OTR
  70. lovetox in a standard, with tags, namespaces and attributes, thats fucking lazy
  71. Link Mauve ?OTR?v23? Right. :p
  72. Link Mauve Oh, four people. :D
  73. lovetox :D
  74. Link Mauve de-facto, arcade, m4lvin and mister sent me a private message asking me to enable OTR. :D
  75. Link Mauve I thought this had been fixed long ago…
  76. lovetox na why fix it, they should suffer :D
  77. mister Link Mauve, i did that? ;-) what is gajim doing behind my back... ?
  78. Link Mauve mister, answering groupchat messages starting with ?OTR in private.
  79. m4lvin wow, that's bad :-/
  80. mister yes, the problem is... i did not answer any such messages... in fact, any messages from this group... in quite a while
  81. m4lvin ?OTR
  82. m4lvin okay, it's not that easy?
  83. lovetox ?OTR?v23?
  84. Link Mauve m4lvin, you may need to disable your OTR plugin in order to see OTR messages as actual messages.
  85. lovetox its that easy
  86. m4lvin ?OTR
  87. m4lvin okay, why should otr react on group chats? can we make gajim stop that?
  88. lovetox its the otr plugin
  89. lovetox maybe because the dev forgot
  90. lovetox its not that often that someone writes these letters into groupchat
  91. m4lvin oh, gajim-otr is actually not maintained since 2 years?
  92. arune lovetox: yeah, renamed it
  93. lovetox ok i will look at it arune
  94. lovetox yes m4lvin, its bad use pgp or omemo :)
  95. lovetox and tell your friends to do the same
  96. arune lovetox: it came right after install at first start
  97. lovetox yeah it has something to do with icons and not find a certain path, are you using windows 7
  98. arune Win 7 yes
  99. lovetox ok i should be able to reproduce this
  100. lovetox_ ?OTR?v23?
  101. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim Plugins • Changeset [906:a9323a8dd51a]: Handle only groupchat messages Handle only groupchat messages
  102. lovetox i hope this fixes that problem
  103. arcade Link Mauve, your bot wants something from me?
  104. Link Mauve My bot?
  105. SouL arcade: nice song!
  106. arcade Link Mauve, dunno, I got a personal message about you don't want to use OTR
  107. Link Mauve arcade, you sent me an OTR message in private.
  108. Link Mauve Update your plugins, lovetox just fixed it.
  109. lovetox i suspected Link Mauve beeing a bot for a long time :D
  110. arcade updated
  111. arcade I'm pretty sure hadn't sent any private messages, probably some reaction in client when I was highlighted...
  112. arcade srry :)
  113. lovetox no the otr plugin reacted on group messages that OTR in it
  114. lovetox it thought the one writing this wants a private conversation
  115. lovetox it was a bug
  116. lovetox arune: strange error can you check if the icons 16x16 are in your directory Gajim\data\iconsets
  117. lovetox especially
  118. lovetox the dcraven icons
  119. lovetox do have gajim installed on a network drive or something like that?
  120. lovetox maybe
  121. arune lovetox: not a network drive no
  122. lovetox just a usual harddrive no shenanigans?
  123. arune I'll wont be able to check until tomorrow (win computer at office)
  124. arune Shouldn't be any shenanigans
  125. lovetox it basically gets an error when looking for the icons
  126. lovetox i dont see what there can go wrong except maybe the icons are not there for some reason
  127. lovetox if the icons are there i will make you a debug build
  128. arune I'll check!
  129. zak Hi there. Why do I keep getting update notifications for the OTR-plugin for Gajim when it says in bold letters "It's dead." on its github page?
  130. lovetox cause i fixed a bug where it would initiate private conversations with people who write ?OTR into groupchat
  131. zak Where was it fixed? I do not find any commit activity.
  132. lovetox
  133. zak okay, so is something different? maybe the link should be updated in the description
  134. lovetox its not something different, its the repo the original maintainer used
  135. lovetox its still dead and unmaintained
  136. zak okay
  137. lovetox but zak
  138. lovetox the gajim otr plugin is build on
  139. lovetox and that is also unmaintaind for 2 years
  140. lovetox also there are recent security patches to lib-otr
  141. lovetox
  142. zak great...
  143. lovetox that will probably never find its way into that python lib
  144. lovetox so i would say, if you can get away from OTR do it :)
  145. zak fortunately there is OMEMO now
  146. zak I only keep this for these stubborn ignorant Pidgin users
  147. zak (this=the otr plugin)
  148. lovetox i also have one mac user
  149. lovetox who i have to keep it for
  150. zak That would be Adium then
  151. lovetox yeah i think
  152. zak When the next Gajim version will be released with hopefully OMEMO already integrated in the installer I will try again to persuade some to migrate.