Gajim - 2016-08-23

  1. cippaciong Why not othemow?
  2. linus Owemo. Because after all, it's about us all
  3. cippaciong lol
  4. linus Also, is it just me or is a very large portion of the free software community German or French-speaking?
  5. SouL linus: yes, sometimes I feel learning english as a foreign language is not enough 😥
  6. arune is the default branch/gtk3 available as nightlie in ?
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  8. arune where's lovetox when you need lovetox
  9. kartoffelsalat What is the best way that my MAM problem get fixed? I can't report an issue as I don't have a trac account and also do not find where I can open an account. Is there another issue reporting tool?
  10. linus kartoffelsalat,
  11. linus it's right there in the top right area of every page...
  12. lovetox no arune default is not available as nightly i think, when asterix has time i hope he does that
  13. lovetox kartoffelsalat: you can create an issue, but i think you get more help here
  14. lovetox did you look in the advanced editor for the "last_mam_id"
  15. lovetox check gajims xml console if you connect, if it requests mam messages
  16. arune lovetox: do you have the URL to the daily windows builds of default branch? I'd like to test it, maybe the URL could be added to the dev wiki pages?
  17. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #8376 (Extend HowTo create a Ticket with trac-register link) created I found bugs in gajim and wanted to report tickets. There is a long HowTo? on creating tickets in this trac here: ​ What it fails to mention is that you need a trac account. If you follow the link to open a new ticket you get "Permission denied" and only the hint that you might not be logged in. Yes, there is a "Regi[…]
  18. kartoffelsalat not sure for what I should look in the XML console, there is so much...
  19. kartoffelsalat however, I found the last_mam_id in the advanced config editor, there is a value in it some hash, I guess
  20. kartoffelsalat this value does not change althoug I'm expecting a MAM message
  21. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #8377 (ampersand in MUC topic / title breaks tab title) created Bug description An ampersand in the topic / title (not sure where the difference is) cannot be display by gajim and leaves an empty tab / chat window title. The corresponding error message from the log is: /usr/share/gajim/src/ GtkWarning: Failed to set text from markup due to error parsing markup: Fehler in Zeile 1: Entität endete nicht m[…]
  22. lovetox kartoffelsalat: go offline with gajim, write some messages with conversations
  23. lovetox go online with gajim wait 30 seconds
  24. lovetox check if the id changed
  25. lovetox the id is always the id of the last mam message the server sends to you
  26. lovetox if you get no messages, this id should not change in my opinion
  27. kartoffelsalat should the value of last_mam_id correspond to values in the server? because I can't find this hash not in the mam archive (I'm using mod_storage_xmlarchive with mod_mam)
  28. lovetox yes the server gives every message it stores an id
  29. lovetox then we send a query like this
  30. lovetox <!-- Out 23.08.2016 18:27:51 --> <iq xmlns="jabber:client" type="set" id="160"> <query xmlns="urn:xmpp:mam:0" queryid="159"> <x xmlns="jabber:x:data" type="submit"> <field var="FORM_TYPE" type="hidden"> <value>urn:xmpp:mam:0</value> </field> </x> <set xmlns=""> <max>30</max> <after>1471902760761687</after> </set> </query> </iq>
  31. lovetox where we tell the server give us all messages after a certain id
  32. lovetox after that the server should respnd
  33. lovetox look for that in the xml console
  34. lovetox or another idea
  35. lovetox you could create an account for me on your server
  36. lovetox and i can check it
  37. lovetox arune, i do a build tonight
  38. lovetox i upload it to gajims webserver
  39. arune Oh, you have access there?
  40. lovetox to one folder yes :D
  41. arune 👌