Gajim - 2016-08-22

  1. linus finally fixed the parenting warnings for httpupload on gtk3. Depends on this — I could rewrite it without, but the changes to the core seem sensible to me. Thoughts?
  2. lovetox so it wasnt just the progress window
  3. lovetox the same error also happend with the filechooser dialog
  4. lovetox then i ask myself why doesnt the same error happen when you hit the jingle file transfer
  5. lovetox and the same image chooser is called
  6. lovetox also when you modify the filechooserdialog
  7. lovetox does the normal jingle transfer still work, cause this dialog was using the action parameter
  8. lovetox linus
  9. linus lovetox, the action parameter goes into kwargs now and gets passed on to the parent class constructor
  10. linus although there is another problem with Jingle file transfer caused by my changes
  11. linus because the jingle file transfer creates a FileChooserDialog relying on the order of the parameters :9
  12. linus :( *
  13. linus oh well
  14. linus I guess I'll just rewrite it to use set_transient_for, that way it doesn't need any core changes either
  15. lovetox could you fix the layout of the send button?
  16. lovetox in the chat window
  17. linus what's wrong with it?
  18. lovetox is it also on the left side beside the icons for you
  19. lovetox ?
  20. linus oh right, is it meant to be on the far side?
  21. lovetox at least here in gtk 2 it is, and maybe a bit bigger
  22. linus wait, it still works in gtk2?
  23. linus how does that make sense? x)
  24. linus the plugin is using gtk3...
  25. lovetox no
  26. lovetox im not talking about the plugin
  27. lovetox look at the chat window
  28. lovetox there is a "send" button
  29. lovetox to send messages
  30. lovetox where is it for you in gtk3
  31. linus it's next to the other buttons
  32. linus isn't that because of the plugin though?
  33. lovetox hm
  34. linus Is it where it's meant to be without the plugin? Because I suspect the plugin might be at fault
  35. lovetox no it isnt even without the plugin
  36. linus oh ok
  37. lovetox
  38. lovetox it looks ugly
  39. lovetox if you ask me
  40. lovetox but i wonder if its the same on linux
  41. linus it doesn't look exactly the same but the layout issue with the send button is the same
  42. linus hmm
  43. linus I managed to fix it for normal chats, but it's still in the wrong place for MUCs
  44. linus oh, groupchat_control has a separate UI file
  45. linus fixed :) I'll push the changes up to my repo
  46. linus lovetox,
  47. lovetox nice thanks, i will ask asterix to get push rights for the main repo so i can commit
  48. lovetox linus, so does the http upload patch now work without the gajim changes, or do you have to change something?
  49. linus no, I haven't changed that yet
  50. lovetox ok if you are finished, tell me then i commit to the plugin repo
  51. lovetox thanks for your work :)
  52. szajsung When I send a photo with send image via http upload, it's sent encrypted and works as intended on conversations, but only link is visible in gajim on linux and windows.
  53. szajsung That was from linux. From windows, it freezes.
  54. szajsung I have OMEMO plugin, the HttpUpload plugin and the Url image preview plugin on both gajims
  55. szajsung On conversations it also works somewhat unstable, loading takes forever
  56. szajsung requires tapping few times etc.
  57. szajsung when I send from linux with send file via http upload (not image) there's an error
  58. szajsung although it sends it
  59. szajsung "Got unexpected exception while uploading file (see error log for more information)" that the error
  60. szajsung I sent a pdf and it did not work
  61. szajsung TBH I think this is not a right way to do this, it's easy to implement, yes, but that's the only pro. Signal does it well.
  62. szajsung Conversations reports "Download failed".
  63. szajsung Let me know if you need any logs.
  64. szajsung Conversations -> gajim - still only links visible.
  65. cippaciong Are you sure the problem is not on the server? I use http upload an is both fast and reliable
  66. szajsung I don't know, but it works well from conversations to conversations.
  67. szajsung The server is
  68. cippaciong For the "only link" problem you can try to use one of this two scripts:
  69. szajsung One of the pohotos is visible in gajim.
  70. cippaciong Even though url image preview plugin should display your images correctly
  71. cippaciong I don't use it myself but i tested it some months ago
  72. szajsung Maybe the server dislikes sending lots of images.
  73. cippaciong I don't know, you should probably ask the server admin about it.
  74. cippaciong The other problems you were describing (slow download / upload errors) can easily be server errors but it's hard to tell without having access to the logs
  75. linus szajsung, what does the error log say?
  76. szajsung linus: how do I check?
  77. linus on linux, just run it from a terminal and look at the output. For windows, I don't know
  78. linus lovetox, should do the trick
  79. lovetox run with -l gajim.plugin_system.httpupload=DEBUG
  80. lovetox ok i commit it later
  81. szajsung Are all the files downloaded every time gajim is run?
  82. lovetox yes :)
  83. lovetox only images
  84. szajsung Well, that can be quite a load on the server. They should be stored on the device and there should be option to save them.
  85. lovetox yeah they should
  86. szajsung Now all of them loaded very slowly in gajim on linux.
  87. szajsung 08/22/2016 11:58:28 (I) gajim.plugin_system.httpupload Account httpupload is_supported: False 08/22/2016 11:58:36 (I) gajim.plugin_system.httpupload can do http uploads via component 08/22/2016 11:58:36 (I) gajim.plugin_system.httpupload Account httpupload is_supported: True
  88. lovetox to find errors you have to differentiate between two things
  89. lovetox 1. is the upload
  90. lovetox if you can send links httpupload works
  91. lovetox 2. is the decryption of such a link on another device
  92. lovetox that has nothing to do with httpupload
  93. lovetox every device does it in another way
  94. szajsung Should decrypting work on Windows XP?
  95. szajsung Because that's what I have.
  96. lovetox i never tried it, but gajim brings every dependency with them for windows
  97. lovetox so you dont see images?
  98. lovetox on windows xp
  99. szajsung Yup, now I see them on linux (after some waiting and not abusing the server), but windows no luck.
  100. lovetox ah
  101. lovetox do you have the cryptography dependency in python?
  102. lovetox installed
  103. lovetox because without that the decryption takes ages
  104. szajsung I installed the gajim-axolotl 16.5 exe, except that no exes been installed
  105. lovetox no i mean on linux
  106. szajsung I only installed gajim, python-axolotl and python-protobuf
  107. lovetox please install cryptography also
  108. lovetox otherwise decryption is not native
  109. lovetox and needs like 1 minute for a 1MB file
  110. szajsung python-cryptography or do I need to leech pip?
  111. lovetox no that should do it
  112. szajsung brb
  113. cippaciong By the way, http servers can serve *many* images per second, so, unless is hosted on a single raspberry pi, I don't think you are having this problems because gajim is overloading the sender
  114. lovetox no the pictures need ages without the crypto dependencys
  115. lovetox so he thought the server cant handle it
  116. szajsung Surprise: python-cryptography is already the newest version.
  117. szajsung It was already installed.
  118. lovetox so if you send from conversations a 4MB+ file
  119. lovetox how long till it is decrypted in linux
  120. cippaciong is a Moscow, Russia located private server, operated by an individual, with a number of free services running for a general public. Please not abuse it and use appropriately. *The server is not situated in a data center environment and its hardware and Internet channel are not duplicated for a fail-safe operation*, hence its services can be inaccessible from time to time due to a network or power outage, a hardware problem or an upgrade.
  121. lovetox and you see it
  122. cippaciong Probably it's just a slow/domestic network problem
  123. szajsung ping to that server is top notch
  124. cippaciong ping is not relevant
  125. cippaciong It doesn't have any payload
  126. cippaciong It just gives you a sort of approximately information about server "distance"
  127. cippaciong And if the server is up of course
  128. lovetox for the windows xp problem, start the windows client with -l gajim.plugin_system.url_image_preview=DEBUG
  129. lovetox and post me the log
  130. szajsung If you want to test its speed it stores some bigger files here:
  131. lovetox ah i just see the encrypted http upload is not commited on windows
  132. lovetox but image preview should work
  133. szajsung 3MB took like 10 seconds now.
  134. lovetox so i think this is ok
  135. lovetox it also depends how fast your computer is
  136. szajsung It's a newish one, the laptop though is 10 yo celeron.
  137. szajsung with windows
  138. lovetox please start the windows one with -l gajim.plugin_system.url_image_preview=DEBUG
  139. lovetox and let the chat window open for a while
  140. lovetox maybe it just needs a long time
  141. szajsung I also have some errors with gmtime32.
  142. lovetox i have to go, i come back in an hour, check me the url image preview log
  143. szajsung where does it log that?
  144. lovetox C:\Users\xxx\AppData\Roaming\Gajim on windows 7
  145. lovetox so something similar on windows xp
  146. cippaciong szajsung, try opening the image on windows xp using one of the plugins I suggested earlier
  147. cippaciong If you have java installed you can directly use the compiled version of ImageDownloader
  148. cippaciong
  149. szajsung Ok, I will copy the gajim.log file from that dir
  150. szajsung
  151. linus szajsung, they don't seem to have a valid SSL certificate
  152. szajsung Why would it work elsewhere?
  153. linus Because other servers have valid SSL certs?
  154. szajsung I mean other apps.
  155. linus oh
  156. linus in that case either those apps don't verify the cert correctly, or gajim isn't in this case
  157. linus you may need to install pyasn1 or something
  158. szajsung certificate is valid according to the admin. So is the cert why it doesn't work and it would otherwise?
  159. cippaciong Windows xp doesn't support many recent ssl/tls features
  160. linus Still doesn't explina why it wouldn't work on linux
  161. szajsung As it sits now running on linux for a while without sending new stuff, only the last 3MB photo is visible, 5 previous are not, admin said he'll investigate that. This is only a test XP laptop, so I don't care if it works on it, I only test there because I have no other windows box and don't want to force problems to my friends.
  162. cippaciong
  163. cippaciong this is strange..
  164. szajsung The xmpp observatory thing ranked it very high, also in ssl terms.
  165. cippaciong Yeah, I saw that as well but SSL Labs test failing means that there has to be some problem with tls setup
  166. lovetox szajsung
  167. szajsung Huh?
  168. lovetox if the ssl cert is not valid
  169. lovetox httpupload freezes
  170. lovetox and crashes
  171. lovetox its a current bug
  172. lovetox but what do you mean they are not visible
  173. lovetox in gajim in the chatwindow?
  174. lovetox or on other clients aswell?
  175. szajsung In gajim.
  176. lovetox are you logged in on gajim and conversations with the same account
  177. szajsung Yes
  178. szajsung Two accs, two phones, two pcs.
  179. szajsung That ssltest works now.
  180. lovetox so send a picture from your other account from gajim
  181. lovetox and see on the other account if it shows in conversations and gajim
  182. lovetox so we can determine if http upload fails, or the decrypting fails
  183. szajsung Admin says its weird, but httpupload uses different port not 443.
  184. lovetox and which does it use?
  185. szajsung It shows on the phone.
  186. lovetox so httpupload works ok
  187. lovetox and you should have got the same message with the link in gajim
  188. lovetox and it doesnt show?
  189. szajsung It uses 5443
  190. szajsung Yup
  191. lovetox we are talking about linux
  192. lovetox ?
  193. szajsung But sometimes does on linux.
  194. lovetox so look at the log
  195. lovetox ..
  196. lovetox what happend
  197. lovetox but to be honest it would be better you use
  198. lovetox on linux
  199. lovetox its more convenient and you can also decrypt files
  200. lovetox
  201. szajsung admin: Well problem with Qualys was resolved just by clicking "Clear cache" link on their site. Seems like they stored expired certificate or something.
  202. cippaciong I tried clicking "clear cache" several times and it kept failing
  203. cippaciong Anyway, I created a test account on and httupload is working so far
  204. a hey guys
  205. cippaciong Gajim crashed while I was uploading a 14MB picture
  206. a admin of is here
  207. lovetox hi
  208. cippaciong I will try again with DEBUG logging enabled
  209. cippaciong hi
  210. lovetox i dont thing it logs something if it crashes, its probably because of some unhandled exception
  211. lovetox but what is the file limit on
  212. lovetox for httpupload
  213. lovetox size
  214. a as far as I'm concerned, there is some problem with HTTP File Upload when it used with OMEMO in Gajim
  215. cippaciong lovetox, I should see something in the terminal then right?
  216. a lovetox‎, limit is 100 MB
  217. lovetox you can try
  218. lovetox ok thanks a
  219. a and exact config is:
  220. a mod_http_upload: rm_on_unregister: true docroot: "/versatile/misc/ejabberdupl" put_url: "https://@HOST@:5443/upload" mod_http_upload_quota: max_days: 92
  221. a 100 MB limit is set by default by ejabberd
  222. lovetox does have inband registration?
  223. cippaciong yes
  224. a lovetox, sure
  225. cippaciong lovetox, it crashed again btw
  226. lovetox does your file have a space in the name
  227. szajsung should I be able to send two files at the same time from one account but two devices?
  228. cippaciong lovetox,
  229. lovetox hm, szajsung, i dont know what you mean
  230. cippaciong lovetox, no spaces in the name
  231. lovetox we dont send files, we only send links to files, the same rules like for a normal text message applys
  232. szajsung I see.
  233. cippaciong 08/22/2016 13:44:42 (D) gajim.plugin_system.httpupload upload progress: 42.93% (6070272 of 14139950 bytes) ** Gdk:ERROR:gdkregion-generic.c:1110:miUnionNonO: assertion failed: (y1 < y2) Aborted (core dumped)
  234. lovetox i dont have a single clue what that would mean
  235. lovetox can you try another file?
  236. lovetox are you sending encrypted?
  237. lovetox try unencrypted
  238. lovetox because i just uploaded 14 mb unencrypted just fine
  239. lovetox
  240. szajsung Weird, I don't have problems now. BTW, admin restarted the server just before he came here.
  241. a as far as I know, the problem persits in OMEMO-encrypted messages only
  242. a szajsung‎, it's gone?
  243. szajsung a: since I started logging 8 photos from all the devices and they all work except on XP.
  244. lovetox but the XP issue has nothing to do with the server
  245. a well, XP aside, the problem may be caused by the following. recently I updated ejabberd from 16.06 to 16.08. no system restart was performed. after couple of days some core erlang packages got updated either. probably after such kind of updates it is better to reboot the whole system
  246. a noted
  247. szajsung Only one thing may have went wrong, there's red x next to the image sent from linux gajim.
  248. lovetox that just means
  249. a it means that recipient has not accepted your identity probably
  250. lovetox that you got no receipt for the message back
  251. lovetox that can have a multitude of reasons and you can ignore it, in fact you can even disable it in the preference
  252. szajsung yeah, but only next to one, I sent more photos from that device.
  253. lovetox for every message there is a receipt requested, that it was received
  254. lovetox for some reason you got none for that message
  255. lovetox which does not mean it didnt reach its target
  256. lovetox it only means for some reason you got no receipt for it
  257. lovetox its quite common in gajim
  258. lovetox even with normal messages
  259. lovetox its an old xep thats not really good anymore
  260. lovetox just ignore it, or disable it in the preference
  261. cippaciong lovetox, crashed also with omemo disabled
  262. lovetox seems to be a linux problem i googled that error but i dont understand it really
  263. lovetox cippaciong
  264. lovetox did you use a programm called reportbug?
  265. lovetox nah
  266. lovetox cippaciong
  267. lovetox whats up with that error in your log
  268. lovetox ImportWarning: Not importing directory '/usr/lib/python2.7/site-packages/google': missing file, filename, etc = imp.find_module(subname, path)
  269. cippaciong lovetox, I think I should send you a screencast as well, the upload progress window is flickering in my Windows Manager (i3wm)
  270. cippaciong lovetox, tbh I don't know
  271. lovetox can you put just an empty
  272. cippaciong in that folder there is only the protobuf folder
  273. lovetox in that google folder
  274. lovetox and try again
  275. linus /usr/lib/python2.7/site-packages shouldn't even exist...
  276. cippaciong linus, why not?
  277. linus it should be /usr/local/lib/python2.7/site-packages. /usr/lib is the distro package manager's domain and all the python libraries that get installed by that go in dist-packages, not site-packages
  278. cippaciong linus, I installed everything using distro packages
  279. linus I guess it's google that's doing something wrong then :) which package is it from? (dpkg -S /usr/lib/python2.7/google)
  280. cippaciong I use arch :)
  281. cippaciong /usr/lib/python2.7/site-packages/google/ is owned by python2-protobuf 2.6.1-2
  282. linus oops, sorry, debicentricism >.>
  283. cippaciong lovetox, I think that the warning pops up just because protobuf is a subdirectory of google
  284. linus maybe arch does it differently, but the idea (defined by python) is for distro packages to put stuff in dist-packages, not site-packages.
  285. cippaciong linus,
  286. cippaciong arch tries to stay vanilla
  287. linus oh, my bad
  288. cippaciong usually is debian changing things :P
  289. cippaciong (I use Debian as well on servers)
  290. cippaciong linus, did you install protobuf using pip by chance?
  291. linus I don't have protobuf at all :p
  292. cippaciong I was wondering if protobuf would have the sime directory structure
  293. linus well it shouldn't, all python packages should have an
  294. cippaciong
  295. linus hmm, although the debian package doesn't have it either
  296. cippaciong I think, as you said, google is doing something wrong :)
  297. linus oooooh
  298. cippaciong at least tricky
  299. linus no I think it's the egg-info that points to the right place to find the package
  300. linus so if you import protobuf, it gets it from google/
  301. a okay guys, if there is nothing to do with server for the time being, I'm off. have a good day.
  302. a by the way, Qualys works now
  303. a
  304. szajsung Have a good day too!
  305. lovetox cippaciong
  306. lovetox do you have the same problem on other servers aswell
  307. lovetox with the freezing on big files
  308. cippaciong lovetox, it fails both with and with my server
  309. cippaciong I think it can be a gajim ui issue
  310. cippaciong I try to upload the same image using conversations now
  311. lovetox yes i think it has something to do with gtk
  312. cippaciong lovetox,
  313. lovetox and the flickering only happens if the file is bigger?
  314. cippaciong the flickering always happens
  315. cippaciong btw the image just got uploaded from conversations
  316. lovetox but you never said anything
  317. lovetox there was always flickering?!
  318. cippaciong yep
  319. cippaciong but I never said anything, because it rarely fails, probably because I usually send much smaller files, it takes less time and there are less chances for the error to occur
  320. cippaciong (it happens quite randomly)
  321. cippaciong and I think the issue is relative to my windows manager, or at least to tiling windows manager in general which are probably much less widespread
  322. linus lovetox, just realised what I sent earlier was the previous fix. Here's the new one
  323. lovetox ok thanks
  324. mario Hi altogether. I'm looking for a Python XMPP library to start a new project/work on an idea.. So, I thought it could be a good idea to hang around in this chatroom and say hello..
  325. lovetox mario, i think there are many, for example
  326. lovetox
  327. szajsung IF I install python-gnomekeyring, are all passwords encrypted then?
  328. lovetox i dont know
  329. lovetox question for Asterix if he comes :)
  330. szajsung Can I set one contact's (or contacts resources) messages to only arrive to one od my resources? I use omemo and contact uses otr, I'd set it so that otr only comes to my phone and nothing breaks. Currently my only other resources does not have otr support.
  331. lovetox you want to send a message to only one resource?
  332. lovetox you can right click on the contact in the roster
  333. lovetox and klick "start chat"
  334. lovetox and then select the resource
  335. szajsung Id like to receive to only one resource.
  336. lovetox if your contact doesnt adress his messages to a specific resource, your server will sent it to every resource
  337. szajsung Can chatsecure do this?
  338. lovetox i dont know
  339. lovetox but what is it you want to achieve
  340. lovetox not getting otr messages on a specific device?
  341. szajsung Otr not breaking because i use two devices.
  342. lovetox yeah otr is just not for multiple devices
  343. lovetox it would be easier to switch to pgp or omemo
  344. lovetox chat secure should implement omemo very soon
  345. szajsung And i have this friend who has an iphone..
  346. lovetox yeah hold out a month :)
  347. lovetox they are working hard on it :)
  348. lovetox should be ready soon
  349. szajsung Perhaps i could give them an address like this? user@server/resource
  350. lovetox xmpp allows that a message is targeted at a specific resource
  351. lovetox but i dont know if chatsecure can do this
  352. lovetox you would have to look
  353. lovetox gajim can do it
  354. szajsung It cant do it. Should i make a separate account for otr chatting?
  355. szajsung Ive never tested how otr works with two devices.
  356. kartoffelsalat I'm not not sure, if I understood MAM correctly, but gaijm it seems not to catch up offline messages that were catched by another client. If my gajim is offline and I get a message that another client receives, it never ever shows up when I start gajim. gaijm correctly retrieves offline messages not received by other clients. Conversations retrieves all messages, regardless whether other clients received the messages before.
  357. szajsung Do u use omemo?
  358. heli kartoffelsalat: really? My conversations does exactly what you wrote about gajim. I dont know, how to change this. Maybe its a wrong server configuration. I have ejabberd running and I wonder how mod_mam and mod_offline are able to work together....
  359. arune kartoffelsalat: gajim does not do muc mam.
  360. arune kartoffelsalat: also, mam messages is not displayed in the chatwindow in gajim but in the history window
  361. kartoffelsalat I'm not talking about muc mam, this actually works fine (however you call it - I see all messages)
  362. kartoffelsalat but: I do not see all messages in single chats, also not in the history window
  363. arune No, gajim does not support muc mam, in that case you see the last x messages that the muc gives, but not all messages
  364. arune Are you sure mam works on your server?
  365. kartoffelsalat conversations says yes in the server info
  366. kartoffelsalat I'm running a self-hosted prosody 0.10 nightly
  367. kartoffelsalat with mod_mam enabled
  368. lovetox so test it
  369. lovetox go offline with conversations
  370. kartoffelsalat and conversations does catch all messages
  371. lovetox let a friend write you a message you receive with gajim
  372. lovetox thats maybe because you are never offline with conversations
  373. kartoffelsalat I am often offline -- I only use WIFI and no mobile internet
  374. kartoffelsalat but I'll try this now
  375. lovetox do you use encryption?
  376. kartoffelsalat yes, mostly
  377. kartoffelsalat omemo
  378. lovetox then you have a key problem
  379. lovetox either you dont trust the conversations key in gajim
  380. lovetox or the other way around
  381. kartoffelsalat I get all messages when I'm online, inclduing encrtypted messages
  382. lovetox so that still leaves messages you send
  383. lovetox are you sure you are missing messages that are send to you
  384. lovetox or do you miss messages you sent to others
  385. lovetox either way to get to the bottom of this problem
  386. lovetox you should 1. disable encryption on all devices
  387. lovetox then go offline with one and send a unencrypted message with the other
  388. lovetox check if the messages sync
  389. lovetox if not you probably have a server issue
  390. lovetox if you use the latest gajim version
  391. lovetox mam should work, there wasnt any issues reported in months
  392. lovetox also if you selfhost the server you can look into the logs
  393. szajsung Are calls from gajim to gajim end to end encrypted?
  394. lovetox calls? you mean audio
  395. lovetox i dont think spo
  396. Marzanna Do calls work in Gajim?
  397. lovetox i never tried it
  398. lovetox it should on linux
  399. Marzanna It never worked for me.
  400. szajsung Theres such an option on both windows and linux so I wonder.
  401. szajsung If they p2p and used tls that would be e2e.
  402. szajsung
  403. szajsung A friend has a problem.
  404. kartoffelsalat I went offline with conversations and send a message to a contact with gaijm. I went back online with conversations and the message was synced.
  405. kartoffelsalat I did the same vice versa, that is: gajim offline and conversations online. I send a message with conversations, then turned back gaijm online and the message does _not_ sync
  406. arune szajsung: have you googled for the error?
  407. kartoffelsalat encryption turned off and yes, I'm looking in the chat history (although I would expect the message also in the chat window, I'm using the restore_lines option, called probably a bit different)
  408. kartoffelsalat prosody log has only this message, that I do not understand:
  409. kartoffelsalat Destroying session with 16 unacked stanzas
  410. kartoffelsalat using gaijm 0.16.5 on fedora 24, btw
  411. szajsung arune: gonna duck it tomorrow.
  412. cippaciong lovetox, I forced the http ulpload progress window to be non-floating and I uploaded two ~15 MB pictures without any crash so far.
  413. Holger Ah I'm seeing that flickering as well.
  414. lovetox cippaciong: great, is the flickering gone
  415. lovetox what does non-floating mean
  416. cippaciong i3wm is (one of the many) tiling windows manager
  417. lovetox sorry i have no clue what that means .. maybe you can find out if we have to do something different in gtk with window managers like this
  418. lovetox Holger: what do you use?
  419. cippaciong so when you open a new window it won't float like it usually does in floating windows manager but it will be placed in it's screen portion
  420. cippaciong It's easier if I show you
  421. Holger lovetox: Same thing, i3; so no doubt it's related to the interaction of Gajim and that window manager.
  422. cippaciong lovetox,
  423. Holger But I've never seen this with any other program besides the plugin's upload progress window :-)
  424. cippaciong the first 1 or 2 minutes are enough
  425. cippaciong Holger, same for me
  426. lovetox so its only with the progress window
  427. cippaciong yep
  428. cippaciong actually, if I think about it, http upload progress windows starts in "float mode" while usally every windows start in tiling mode and I have to explicity tell them to use float mode (for example copy progress in my file manager)
  429. cippaciong for_window [title="HTTP Upload"] floating disable for_window [title="Avanzamento delle operazione sui file"] floating enable for_window [class="Lxpolkit"] floating enable for_window [class="Galculator"] floating enable
  430. cippaciong HTTP Upload is the only one with floating disable
  431. lovetox yeah i see its not a standard dialog window
  432. lovetox could you try something
  433. lovetox clone gajim default from source
  434. lovetox
  435. lovetox the default branch
  436. lovetox start, download the http upload plugin
  437. lovetox i wonder if its in gtk3 the same
  438. lovetox that progresswindow should inherit from gtk.dialog
  439. lovetox then probably the problems will be gone
  440. lovetox when i have time i do this
  441. lovetox kartoffelsalat‎: go to preference -> advenced -> editor
  442. arune kartoffelsalat: maybe there's some debug switch you can enable for mam
  443. lovetox and check if you have value under "last_mam_id"
  444. lovetox if there is an id, that means a mam query was made
  445. lovetox and the server gave back an ID
  446. lovetox also you could status:offline, open the xml console inside gajim
  447. lovetox go online
  448. lovetox and copy all stanzas
  449. lovetox and look for the one that is requesting mam messages
  450. lovetox and see what the server sends back
  451. lovetox szajsung‎: i dont speak russian, but on windows this should not happen
  452. lovetox the question is when does this error occur
  453. lovetox at start? i would say, reinstall
  454. lovetox is the installer downloaded from, or is it self build
  455. szajsung lovetox: at installation, its the axolotl gajim exe. The russian text says "procedure not found"
  456. lovetox the error comes at installation?
  457. lovetox so you cant install the programm
  458. szajsung Okay, its at runtime.
  459. lovetox is there also a name what procedur is not found?
  460. szajsung I think its the last one mentioned line 14 or all thw lines mentioned. The russian text does say its a specific procedure, so something from those shown surely.
  461. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim Plugins • Changeset [905:b435f0133a68]: httpupload: Fix GTK warnings Episode 2: no core changes required httpupload: Fix GTK warnings Episode 2: no core changes required
  462. lovetox linus: that transient you set for imagewindow and filewindow
  463. lovetox does nothing i think
  464. lovetox i think it must be set in the init of the dialog itself
  465. lovetox but that would be a core change, but i write it down, hopefully i get commit rights, then we can change this
  466. linus lovetox, I've made the appropriate core changes in my repo as shown
  467. linus As I showed you earlier *
  468. linus But the second change set squishes the warnings for me too...
  469. lovetox for me only the one which is given if the progressbar opens
  470. lovetox but not when the filechooserdialog is opend
  471. lovetox which is logical because you set the transient after the dialog is created
  472. szajsung It may be related to cyrillic
  473. lovetox yeah could really be
  474. lovetox rename the directorys
  475. lovetox or better
  476. lovetox install gajim to some folder with no cyrilic locals
  477. lovetox the error basically means, it cant find some module
  478. lovetox but the think is, on windows installer is everything included
  479. lovetox there is nothing taken from the current system
  480. lovetox so my only idea is that there is some problem with the paths
  481. lovetox linus:
  482. lovetox you can give the transient as argument to the FileChooserDialog
  483. linus Yeah, but I thought I'd set it after construction for consistency's sake
  484. lovetox why where is this done?
  485. linus (Because it's not possible for ImageChooserDialog)
  486. lovetox ahhh
  487. szajsung lovetox: renaiming the user folder in AppData or Users folders in C isnt a good idea right?
  488. lovetox haha sorry, im just now getting into it :D
  489. linus Of course the cleaner option is to have the constructors just forward extra params to the superclass
  490. lovetox szajsung, i dont think the problem would be with the App folder
  491. lovetox no modules are stored there, thats only user data
  492. lovetox also you can start gajim like this
  493. lovetox
  494. lovetox and decide a directory for the userdata
  495. lovetox portable version
  496. lovetox linus: i will add this for the image chooser to the core class, i think this was just forgotten
  497. linus Use **kwargs like I did in mine though, so we can add any options understood by Gtk's FileChooserDialog
  498. lovetox k
  499. linus The only change it'll need from what I did is adding back the action parameter for FileChooserDialog because the Jingle code relies on its presence as a positional parameter
  500. lovetox ah i see you made this already
  501. linus Yeah
  502. lovetox but i dont understand the change to the filechooserdialog
  503. lovetox same thing
  504. lovetox just adding kwargs?
  505. linus Yeah
  506. linus That way it passes on any extra keyword arguments to the parent class constructor
  507. lovetox but what about that stuff a bit later on with the responses
  508. linus Oh yeah
  509. linus That's to allow more than two possible buttons
  510. linus It just splits the list into twos
  511. linus And avoids coding only the specific cases of one or two buttons
  512. lovetox ok sounds good :)
  513. lovetox im not an pythong/gtk expert myself, you probably know more than me, but for now it seems like im the only one that cares :D
  514. lovetox so we just take your commit then
  515. lovetox linus: do you use omemo
  516. lovetox ?
  517. linus But as is my commit breaks Jingle File Transfer
  518. lovetox ja i know, because of the action
  519. lovetox param
  520. linus Not really, but I would
  521. lovetox im commiting know the omemo gtk3 version
  522. linus Oh sweet
  523. lovetox if you use the gtk3 gajim version anyway maybe you can test it :)
  524. linus I do
  525. linus Nothing quite like using something to help make it more usable :p
  526. lovetox :D
  527. linus And yeah I'll probably have time to test it tomorrow
  528. lovetox do you use conversations on your phone?
  529. linus Yep
  530. lovetox only the gtk3 gajim version has an event that allows the omemo plugin to make groupchat work
  531. lovetox so i hope i can work on that soon
  532. linus Cool!
  533. lovetox
  534. lovetox just clone it into your pluginfolder
  535. linus Also, I'm not a GTK expert in the slightest
  536. linus I do consider myself fairly handy with python though :)
  537. lovetox thats good, im working with pyton since 3 monts
  538. lovetox but i like it, its nice somehow
  539. lovetox so efficient often
  540. linus Yeah
  541. linus I like static typing though
  542. linus One language I've really come to like is Haskell
  543. lovetox i dont know that, what is typical programmed with that language?
  544. linus But the only piece of software that I use which I know to be written in Haskell is Pandoc
  545. linus It's a functional programming language
  546. linus I'm not sure why but people don't use those much outside research and such
  547. linus Although they're very elegant
  548. Holger There's an XMPP server written in a (somewhat) functional language :-)
  549. linus Oh yeah, forgot Erlang is one too
  550. Holger Then again not everyone considers that one elegant ;-)
  551. linus Erlang or ejabberd?
  552. Holger Both I guess :-) But I meant Erlang.
  553. linus Right
  554. Holger And whether it's 'functional' depends on definition of course. If you ask Haskell people, no popular language besides Haskell is really functional.
  555. linus I've never tried erlang, but I do have quite some difficulty trying to make sense of the errors ejabberd produces when misconfigured
  556. Holger Yes, bad error messages can be an effect of how Erlang works.
  557. linus A lot of my coursemates hate Haskell though, because oh goodness you have to think to write it
  558. linus Haskell can have pretty confusing error messages too. Although that's usually at compile time
  559. Holger I like Haskell a lot. But due to the almost-unpredictable memory usage I'd not really dare using it for serious things, except for 'one-shot' programs (like Pandoc, for which it's perfect).
  560. linus Getting all the types to match up right is half of the work, the rest is easy :D
  561. Holger Yes. A good static type system is awesome.
  562. Holger ML/OCaml is similar in that regard.
  563. linus Yeah, I think pandoc's function (no pun intended) very much reflects the functional "philosophy" too
  564. linus It's like a function itself, it doesn't really do anything side-effecty. Takes one thing and turns it into something else.
  565. Holger Yup.
  566. lovetox btw linus, this
  567. lovetox came in handy today when porting the omemo plugin to python 3
  568. linus :)
  569. linus I found out after that that it becomes more useful if you add exc_info=True to warning()'s parameters
  570. linus (Proper stack trace)
  571. lovetox and i would have needed that too today
  572. lovetox haah
  573. lovetox i added it myself then
  574. Holger rt
  575. Holger 23:27 <== <Holger> I like Haskell a lot. But due to the | [C] Jackline
  576. Holger Oops.
  577. Holger Sorry.
  578. lovetox you can achieve the same thing with log.exception
  579. lovetox it always adds a stacktrace
  580. linus Yeah but you can't adjust the level with that
  581. lovetox true
  582. linus I think warning is a more appropriate level than error for plugins?
  583. linus Maybe?
  584. linus I don't know :p
  585. lovetox probably
  586. lovetox with omemo i check all dependencys now and display the error message in the pluginmanager window
  587. lovetox so people dont have to search in logs why a plugin didnt load
  588. linus Ooh, that's nice
  589. linus Generally that could do with improvement, giving errors more GUI feedback
  590. lovetox bit i made the same error like you fixed already in gajim, wanted to compare versions as strings
  591. lovetox doesnt work ^^
  592. lovetox i use also now pkg_resources
  593. linus Good :D
  594. linus Also, important existential question... How is OMEMO pronounced??
  595. lovetox to be honest i never heard anyone say it besides me :D
  596. linus The logo is a clownfish, and it looks like Nemo, so maybe it's Omeemo
  597. Marzanna You can watch iNPUTmice's speech at froscon
  598. Marzanna OMEMO was mentioned several times
  599. cippaciong linus: "The OMEMO encryption /oˈmiːmoʊ/ [...]"
  600. cippaciong
  601. linus :D the mystery has been dispelled
  602. cippaciong So yeah, something like omeemow
  603. linus Thanks Marzanna and cippaciong!
  604. Marzanna Omeow
  605. Marzanna :P
  606. linus I think I might design an alternative that's less self-centred. Oyoumow.