Gajim - 2016-08-19

  1. linus Is there an existing plugin to have gajim use libnotify for notifications?
  2. lovetox linus just search the gajimplugin repo
  3. lovetox every plugin is in there
  4. linus Oh OK so no
  5. Holger Doesn't Gajim support that out of the box?
  6. Holger linus: 'use_notif_daemon' in the ACE. Or is that not what you mean.
  7. linus ACE?
  8. Holger
  9. linus Oh right
  10. linus Thanks
  11. linus hm, tmolitor hasn't been around recently. Who else can look at my changes for httpupload in gtk3?
  12. linus (where "recently" is today and yesterday x) )
  13. lovetox he is on holidy
  14. lovetox comes back in a week i believe
  15. linus ah right
  16. lovetox i can test if i can commit to the default plugin repo
  17. lovetox yes i believe i can
  18. lovetox linus please always edit the manifest.ini when you are finished with a bunch of commits
  19. lovetox to a new version
  20. linus ah right
  21. linus oh yeah, I should probably also update the minimum version
  22. linus seeing as it won't work on gtk2
  23. lovetox hm im actually not sure if it matters
  24. linus why not?
  25. lovetox i dont believe the gtk3 version pulls the plugins from the same spot as gtk2
  26. linus oh, and it will probably still crash/freeze the whole program under certain circumstances
  27. linus Yeah I don't think it's merge-ready yet
  28. linus Well, the plugins live in the same repo, just on different branches
  29. linus regardless of whether they do or not, I don't think it's nice to have incorrect information in the manifest
  30. lovetox under what circumstances does it crash?
  31. lovetox gtk3 version of gajim is development state anyway
  32. linus if an exception is thrown during the upload
  33. linus
  34. linus I should at least add a comment to note that it crashes
  35. linus or better comment out the line that causes the hang and point out that it's missing
  36. lovetox but is it any different in the gtk2 version?
  37. lovetox i mean for example if there is no ssl certificate, the gtk2 version hangs also
  38. lovetox but of course if you still want to work on it do it, just tell me when i can merge it
  39. linus lovetox, it'd be nice if it didn't hang at all :)
  40. linus I don't know if it's different in gtk2