Gajim - 2016-08-18

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  2. kalkin Are we still discusing a move to some where else as trac?
  3. kalkin I still think people who want better workflow and more contributors should just fix trac
  4. kalkin Or johannes and Co should fork Gajim, give it another name (to reduce confusion) and just hack
  5. johannes I'll leave it as it is.
  6. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #8375 (pack d'émoticônes MSN) updated This is very likely illegal to redistribute, sorry. Maybe if you could get the authorization from Microsoft to redistribute it under a permissive license, but I wouldn’t have much hope for that.
  7. linus I'm looking at getting http upload working in GTK3, but am having some trouble with gajim hanging when I try to upload something. The process doesn't respond to SIGTERM or SIGINT (Ctrl-C) so how could I proceed to work out where it's hanging?
  8. linus Interesting... Exception ignored in: 'garbage collection' TypeError: Couldn't find foreign struct converter for 'cairo.Context' Fatal Python error: unexpected exception during garbage collection Current thread 0x00007f017d036700 (most recent call first): File "", line 513 in <module> Aborted
  9. lovetox linus, has your server a valid tls certificate?
  10. linus lovetox, yes
  11. lovetox cause that is a recent bug someone discovered, the plugin will hang
  12. linus right
  13. linus but it would be nice to have a general method of debugging hangs
  14. linus regardless of what's causing this particular one
  15. lovetox hm usually, i debug with putting debug log messages everywhere
  16. lovetox to see at which step it fails
  17. lovetox but probably on urlopen
  18. lovetox its not only gtk3
  19. lovetox its also python3 in gajim default
  20. linus ah
  21. linus wait, but gajim default is python3/gtk34
  22. linus s/4//
  23. lovetox yes
  24. lovetox and you should also look if urllib2
  25. linus oh right
  26. linus yeah no I already changed the imports as appropriate
  27. lovetox is still the best way to do this in python3
  28. linus urllib2 doesn't exist in python3
  29. linus :)
  30. lovetox ah good i thought so
  31. lovetox :)
  32. Link Mauve lovetox, linus, if Gajim is hanging in Cairo, you won’t be able to find out what it is without gdb.
  33. Link Mauve Also, nothing to do with TLS.
  34. linus I can handle gdb
  35. linus I'll try that, thanks
  36. Link Mauve Also install the -dbg packages provided by your distribution for Cairo, GTK+, etc. before going into gdb.
  37. Link Mauve Otherwise the bt won’t be very helpful.
  38. linus "Hanging in Cairo"... Could be Egyptian capital punishment as well as a software bug
  39. lovetox :D
  40. Link Mauve xD
  41. SouL Haha linus!
  42. SouL Xdd
  43. linus Race conditions ❤
  44. linus So... I'm trying to debug it, and the func argument to PyObject_Call has been optimised out. That's helpful!
  45. linus Actually it wouldn't have been helpful anyway
  46. linus Right. It's because of threading issues, i.e. gtk is being used on a thread it shouldn't be used on.
  47. linus Gdb just segfaulted...
  48. linus It's working!
  49. Link Mauve What was the issue?
  50. linus Trying to close the progress dialog as a result of urllib throwing an exception
  51. linus
  52. linus yay, it works here too!
  53. linus now I've fixed the exception that urllib was throwing (as a result of getting the URL as a byte string rather than a text string)
  54. linus but I still need to fix the hang that happens if an exception is thrown
  55. linus hang/crash
  56. linus HTTP Upload fixed for GTK3:
  57. linus who can review it?
  58. linus It's not perfect, has a lot of rough edges, but doesn't all of gajim on gtk3 :p
  59. arune linus: probably tmolitor
  60. arune Do you have links to diff's? I don't understand bitbucket
  61. linus arune,
  62. linus those are the changes from the gtk2 http upload
  63. linus for all the changes introduced by my commits, (httpupload was removed completely from the gtk3 branch so it's just adding the whole thing as new files). Also includes an unrelated crash fix