Gajim - 2016-08-15

  1. kalkin
  2. kalkin ups sorry
  3. Anders I see. Have to update on both types of clients then.
  4. Anders Wrong thread :-)
  5. lovetox Anders
  6. lovetox do you still get the httpupload error?
  7. Anders Lovetox, I would expect so. I'm at work now, so I can't check until tonight. One thought. Could it be a thing with ipv6 which I use,?
  8. lovetox nope its something much more trivial
  9. lovetox did you rename your account maybe?
  10. lovetox or add one and delete it afterwards
  11. lovetox it trys to get this account u'lechevalier.se1'
  12. lovetox but cant
  13. lovetox i suppose such a error would be gone after a gajim restart
  14. Anders Yes, I renamed the account since we have two accounts, me and my wife :-)
  15. lovetox yes i thought that, its a bug, if you rename the account, the plugin still searches for the old one and crashes
  16. lovetox but after a gajim restart this should be gone
  17. Anders Hm did several restarts yesterday due to crashes. Still same issue. Maybe there is an reference in the config file...
  18. lovetox Anders, no i dont think thats it
  19. lovetox if you come home test it again, and see if the same error comes up
  20. Anders I'll check tonight. Thanks.
  21. lovetox zak: do you know how to clone a github repo?
  22. lovetox i added the message
  23. lovetox
  24. lovetox you could try it before i merge it
  25. Anders Lovetox. Seems to be more problems on my windows side :history manager crashes often, I don't anyways get chat history and one account shows online on 4 resources but two have only an id instead of a name like /mobile, /windows...
  26. lovetox you did use the installer from the
  27. Anders Actually, I reinstalled with the omemo enabled installer
  28. Anders As it was rather difficult to get all dependencies otherwise
  29. lovetox yes thats ok
  30. lovetox ok history manager works for me, but on closing it always has this error message
  31. lovetox but history manager aside
  32. lovetox you have a chat history in the chat window
  33. lovetox button beside settings
  34. Anders Yes, that is empty, while history manager isn't
  35. lovetox for every contact?
  36. Anders I only have wife's account now, but yes.
  37. lovetox do you use some kind of encryption with her?
  38. Anders Omemo only
  39. lovetox hmm
  40. lovetox there is really no reason why the log shouldnt work
  41. lovetox go to preference
  42. lovetox ah no
  43. lovetox it makes no sense :/
  44. lovetox you have 4 devices?
  45. lovetox you can change the resource name
  46. Anders Something is really off. I deleted the files in appdata and program files and reinstalled. Still I get wrong identities. Gajim is set as Windows resource, but info pop-up shows Computer. I used computer first time (yesterday).
  47. Anders No, only mobile and gajim
  48. Anders The prosody console show correct users
  49. lovetox i think you maybe added the same account multiple times to gajim
  50. lovetox what does the account window say
  51. lovetox this seems not like gajim resources
  52. lovetox from gajim i know something like this
  53. lovetox 173457905553442051471733866
  54. lovetox but not with "-"
  55. lovetox could it be that you added multiple accounts to your mobile maybe?
  56. lovetox or there is really a server issue here, if you have only 2 devices there should never 4 resources
  57. lovetox actually it would the best you made a test account, on or
  58. Anders No only one account on the mobile too
  59. lovetox just to check if the problems there are the same
  60. Anders Check l2.png
  61. Anders Does gajim store elsewhere than appdata\Roaming\Gajim?
  62. lovetox not to my knowledge, but resources are not stored
  63. lovetox thats something you get on connect from the server
  64. lovetox as i said i really would try another server first, i never heard of such a problem
  65. lovetox i dont know how expierienced you are with running an xmpp server, but its not so trivial
  66. lovetox or get me a test account on your server :)
  67. Anders Yes. I'm not very experienced. I'll try reinstalling gajim again
  68. lovetox but does http upload work now?
  69. Anders Could it be something with enabling omemo at the wrong time?
  70. lovetox no i dont think so, and it would be easy to test, just deactivate in the plugin menu
  71. Anders Didn't try that yet. Because of these other issues
  72. lovetox na anders i wouldnt try gajim reinstalling, there really cant be much going wrong in the install process
  73. lovetox get me a test acc on your server
  74. lovetox and i can look at it
  75. lovetox or can i register somewhere
  76. Anders I believe I have so you can create a user
  77. Anders Note that SSL cert is expired at the moment
  78. lovetox url?