Gajim - 2016-08-13

  1. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #8061 (AttributeError: 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'decode' in …) updated Ok, I think I got a better understanding of how to reproduce it: In the roster, start typing something until no contact matches the filter, keep it like that Hide the roster Suspend the machine Restore the machine Watch the errors show. For 3. maybe just the screensaver would be enough; this may or may not be linked to GPG, as I g[…]
  2. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #8047 (AttributeError: 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'our_chatstate' / 'jid') updated I have severe issues with that bug, and the patches/workarounds would really help. What do you need to reproduce it? I can provide a sane way, you only need three running clients. I can work out a full description from scratch, if this would end up in this issue being fixed. I understand that you do not want to accept a self.conta[…]
  3. Marzanna When my connection restarts Gajim warns me about Insecure connection. Sometimes another reconnect helps, sometimes I restart Gajim. Is it a known issue?
  4. lovetox Marzanna, no i dont think so
  5. lovetox try to start with -v
  6. lovetox and when it happens look at the log
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  8. kalkin So OMEMO + File Sending without HTTP Upload doesn't work on Gajim, right?
  9. lovetox that doesnt work anywhere
  10. kalkin ahh ok
  11. lovetox i mean it could work but without omemo encryption
  12. kalkin lovetox: you mean like it isn't suposed to work?
  13. kalkin If it's not supposed to work, than Gajim fucks something up.
  14. kalkin Because i get images from conversations on my gajim, but I can't open them
  15. kalkin I just thought they are encrypted
  16. lovetox they are
  17. lovetox its a encrypted file uploaded with http upload
  18. kalkin lovetox: no it isn't
  19. kalkin it's the old file sending stuff
  20. kalkin i don't have any http upload support on my server
  21. lovetox hm so maybe inputmice encrypts the file
  22. lovetox before sending it with the old file transfer
  23. kalkin I will ask him
  24. lovetox but how to decrypt this i wouldnt know
  25. lovetox daniel told me you could implement normal filetransfer with encryption
  26. lovetox but we talked about chat secure
  27. lovetox and he said, hopefully they do it with http upload
  28. lovetox from that i thought, the normal filetransfer is not implemented in conversation (encrypted)
  29. lovetox or it doesnt work well
  30. kalkin ok FT is encrypted via omemo
  31. kalkin for details see XEP
  32. kalkin lovetox: conversations supports FT normal and encrypted AFAIK
  33. lovetox ok didnt know that
  34. lovetox but the xep says not really something about it
  35. kalkin Dunno ask inputmice. This was his answer. I'm not really interested in further digging.
  36. lovetox i guess he does it similar to http upload, just encrypt it with AES and sends the key somehow
  37. kalkin lovetox: probably
  38. lovetox but filetransfer is working only half of the time for me, even if its unencrypted
  39. lovetox :/
  40. kalkin Yeah that's why there is httpupload 😀
  41. Holger
  42. lovetox ah thanks
  43. Marzanna Gajim's log is too verbose. It's difficult to catch the when it warns me about insecure connection.
  44. Marzanna Gajim's log is too verbose. It's difficult to catch the moment when it warns me about insecure connection.
  45. lovetox write down the exact message then i can look for it in the code
  46. Marzanna lovetox, do you mean log message?
  47. Marzanna I also encountered strange behaviour of Gajim when I try to quit. It hangs…
  48. lovetox the message gajim writes to youi
  49. lovetox ui message
  50. Marzanna
  51. Marzanna lovetox
  52. Link Mauve I love your domain name. <3
  53. Marzanna Link Mauve, thanks :)
  54. Link Mauve Also, Gajim should really remove that ability, it should never ask the user for whether they want to connect insecurely. :/
  55. Marzanna BTW, if I tick yes and click OK, I get a message that my password is incorrect.
  56. Link Mauve You should never do that either.
  57. Link Mauve That probably is that this account doesn’t exist already, or something like that.
  58. Marzanna This happens only with my server. I'm using let's encrypt certificate.
  59. lovetox on which version are you?
  60. lovetox nightly?
  61. Marzanna Gajim 0.16.5-06207bfa2cd8
  62. Marzanna It happens only when my connection hangs and I have to reconnect. It never happens in normal conditions.
  63. lovetox hard to say
  64. lovetox gajim switches to plain connection
  65. lovetox could be because of ssl problems
  66. lovetox you could try in the nbxmpp file
  67. lovetox to apply this
  68. lovetox
  69. lovetox maybe you get an ssl error then
  70. Link Mauve Someone please merge
  71. Link Mauve This should probably go into the release notes as well.
  72. lovetox release, ha :D
  73. Zash Link Mauve: Wat
  74. Link Mauve Zash, yes.
  75. Link Mauve I find it hard to believe that during all this time it wasn’t the default.
  76. Marzanna lovetox, thanks. I'll try tomorrow.
  77. lovetox also look into the ACE
  78. lovetox look for connection_types
  79. lovetox under your server there has to be tls
  80. lovetox "tls"
  81. Marzanna lovetox, for some reason it was "tls plain"
  82. lovetox no thats normal
  83. lovetox it just means both connections are possible
  84. Marzanna lovetox, I've set it to "tls"
  85. lovetox tls should be preferred
  86. lovetox ok but if the tls connection is not able to establish, then you cant connect anymore
  87. lovetox at least this is waht i think this means
  88. Link Mauve lovetox, that’s what you want.
  89. lovetox yes, but i dont know if he wants that :)
  90. lovetox or she :)
  91. Link Mauve That’s not a user preference…
  92. lovetox if you have a faulty ssl setup, and you cant talk to anyone anymore even for help because your clients enforces ssl on you
  93. lovetox not that good :)
  94. Link Mauve In which case you use a web client or something.