Gajim - 2016-08-07

  1. linus where should I get nbxmpp for development purposes? (where's the mercurial repo)
  2. linus oh, found it
  3. Link Mauve linus,
  4. Link Mauve Heh, I was too slow. ^^
  5. linus abort: repository ​ not found!
  6. Link Mauve Wut, weird.
  7. Link Mauve It works fine here.
  8. Link Mauve Anyway, sleep for me. \o_
  9. linus aaah
  10. linus stray character snuck in there
  11. linus night Link Mauve
  12. linus where do the plugins live?
  13. lovetox just
  14. lovetox and click yourself through every rep
  15. linus I just found via
  16. linus and I can't remember how I found that x)
  17. linus oh well
  18. linus The plugin version comparison stuff seems to be broken. should fix it. I'm guessing I should make a ticket on trac for it, I'll do that tomorrow if that is the case (someone please confirm or correct :) ). For now I'm off to sleep. Good night!
  19. SouL Good night linus =)
  20. lovetox linus, i look into it tomorrow
  21. lovetox thanks for your work
  22. zak Hi there. I was just wondering: Are there plans to include the OMEMO plugin to the gajim main functions, i.e. so that it does *not* have to be downloaded and installed manually by the user?
  23. zak I am asking because I would rather not explain this hassle to everyone I might recommend Gajim and rather be sure that every Gajim contact does indeed support OMEMO and not only those who know that there is this extra plugin available.
  24. Link Mauve zak, I don’t think including in the core would be a good idea, but shipping some plugins alongside Gajim on various OS that don’t have a package manager seems sensible.
  25. zak Well of course code separation is good, I just think the casual user does in the best case never have to even think about that there is something called OMEMO where he has to install/activate/configure something. Some friends I can tell when I start to explain "...and now you have to click there, and activate this, and then ..." they will think that this "Gajim-jabber-stuff" seems to be complicated... (unfortunately)
  26. zak Including some plugins seems good enough, but OMEMO should be activated at well by default
  27. zak s/at/as/
  28. Link Mauve I do think shipping some plugins would make sense, enabling some of them by default too, but they would probably have to have less issues than this OMEMO plugin.
  29. Link Mauve Nothing that can’t be fixed of course, but as is I wouldn’t feel comfortable enabling it for every user.
  30. Link Mauve Of course it’s not my call what Gajim ships with, I haven’t found the time to work much on it in the past months. :/
  31. zak I don't know the complete state of the plugin right now. I agree, it should only be activated by default if it is considered stable enough. But I hope the works to this state are on the way :)
  32. zak I hope someone who can influence this reads this then and it is considered for the next stable Gajim release :)
  33. Link Mauve Asterix is on holiday, but the OMEMO plugin maintainers are here. :)
  34. lovetox zak, i thought about this, and at least in the windows nightly builds which come soon we will test to include default plugins
  35. zak That's great to hear! Thanks for the info.
  36. linus For the patch I wrote yesterday, should I create an issue on track?
  37. linus Trac
  38. lovetox wait a moment i check it, maybe its not neccessary
  39. lovetox btw how did you find this
  40. lovetox was there an error you were getting?
  41. linus lovetox: all the plugins are accepted version-wise even though they specify 0.16.10 as maximum
  42. linus I've just been testing though and the fix doesn't quite work yet
  43. linus sorry, they specify 0.16.9 as maximum
  44. linus while gajim's version is 0.16.10
  45. linus It isn't rejected however, because "9" > "10"
  46. linus I also think there should be some feedback to the user regarding why a plugin isn't appearing, AFAICT it just doesn't include the plugin if the version is incompatible
  47. lovetox yes you could add a info message to the log
  48. linus I think ideally the plugin would show up in the list but be greyed out and the reason would be shown if the user clicks on it
  49. lovetox but i dont know about using package resoruces
  50. linus but yeah a log message at least would be a good start
  51. lovetox i dont think this is in a python standard installation on every system
  52. lovetox oh maybe it is
  53. linus it's a dependency of setuptools, which in turn is a dependency of pip, which in turn comes with most python (3) installations
  54. lovetox what happens if it doesnt come?
  55. lovetox and import without exception catching fails, this leads to gajim not starting at all in windows
  56. lovetox in the whole gajim code we never import that package, i would rather not start now, can you find a way to test the version with string splitting?
  57. Link Mauve lovetox, adding that one as a dependency sounds pretty sensible, btw.
  58. lovetox im not really know how this works on linux, but can we add dependencys that are automatically pulled?
  59. lovetox and why should it be sensible to add this if we never need it in the whole code?
  60. lovetox for splitting this string "16.5.1"
  61. lovetox but maybe another package already depends on it anyway i dont really know
  62. linus lovetox: I tested it by typing ("0", "16", "10", "1") > ("0", "16", "9") in a python shell
  63. linus we could of course convert each component to an integer, but we shouldn't really roll our own version comparison code
  64. linus adding a python dependency would be a lot easier if gajim used setuptools properly... Is there a particular reason we don't?
  65. lovetox no i dont know, you have to ask asterix
  66. lovetox so this works now with the patch?
  67. lovetox or were you saying it still doesnt?
  68. linus it does
  69. linus it does reject the plugins which specify 0.16.9 as max_version (all of them)
  70. linus updated patch to log incompatible versions
  71. linus updated again to use single quotes as per coding standard
  72. lovetox tmolitor
  73. lovetox could you add this patch to gajim 0.16 and default please
  74. lovetox linus did you send the same again?
  75. lovetox i dont see a difference
  76. linus same URL, changed patch
  77. lovetox not for me i dont see a log output
  78. lovetox oh lol
  79. lovetox chrome caches txt files
  80. lovetox ok have it now
  81. lovetox i think this never was seen
  82. linus what was never seen?
  83. lovetox that this check doesnt work
  84. lovetox because usually all plugins work with the current version
  85. lovetox its just now with the switch to GTK3 that we have to convert some of them
  86. lovetox good catch :)
  87. lovetox cause actually i need it for the OMEMO plugin
  88. lovetox should not be activated under 16.5
  89. lovetox and not over 16.9
  90. linus hm
  91. linus I'm trying to activate url_image_preview and running into a multitude of issues
  92. linus first it can't import it, because uses an absolute import which fails (adding a . before url_image_preview in its fixes it)
  93. linus but then there are syntax errors with function definitions like "def _decryptor((mem, alt), url, file_mime, repl_start, repl_end, key, iv):"
  94. linus I'm guessing this implicit unpacking is a language feature that's not supported by my Python version?
  95. linus oh. Yes, because it got removed.
  96. linus It seems like this plugin is written for python 2..?
  97. linus does gajim even support python 2?
  98. Link Mauve linus, only the old branch.
  99. Link Mauve The gajim_0.16 one.
  100. Link Mauve default is purely python3.
  101. linus right
  102. linus I'm guessing that either doesn't apply to gajim-plugins or some of the plugins there simply don't work?
  103. Link Mauve I don’t know.
  104. linus ok x)
  105. Link Mauve They seem to have two different branches at though.
  106. Link Mauve The default one, and gtk3.
  107. linus right
  108. Link Mauve My guess is that nobody bothered porting their fixes to gtk3.
  109. linus does gtk3 also imply python3?
  110. Link Mauve Yes.
  111. Link Mauve (In Gajim’s case.)
  112. linus right, the gtk3 branch seems to be more up to date and have more working plugins
  113. linus Thanks :)
  114. linus lovetox, I'm guessing by image viewer plugin you meant url_image_preview yesterday?
  115. lovetox yes
  116. linus thanks
  117. lovetox linux
  118. lovetox linus
  119. lovetox plugins are not ported to python3
  120. lovetox the importent ones at least
  121. lovetox omemo, httpupload, image_preview plugin
  122. linus url_image_preview seems to be ported, at least in the gtk3 branch
  123. linus of gajim-plugins
  124. lovetox probably we fucked it up when we integrated decryption for omemo
  125. lovetox you could start with that if you want :)
  126. lovetox also with that plugin its not just fixing
  127. lovetox its that we dont really know what this plugin should do in the future
  128. lovetox should it only preview pictures like the name suggest and ignore everything else
  129. lovetox but how do we then decrypyt for example a pdf sent with httpuload encrypted?
  130. lovetox the plan was to change the name and maybe offer a download and show function
  131. lovetox for all files
  132. lovetox but you should add tmolitor and talk with him before you do much work, he is the maintainer
  133. lovetox i think it would be best to make it work in default for now
  134. linus right
  135. lovetox i can now build gajim in windows which was stopping us
  136. lovetox from switching to gtk3
  137. lovetox so i think we will soon switch
  138. lovetox pluins working
  139. lovetox should be absolut priority
  140. linus ah right
  141. lovetox for example httpupload is also not ported
  142. lovetox also you could look in all the menues
  143. lovetox there are still windows that are not correctly sized in gtk3
  144. linus I've put my plugin loader changes in
  145. lovetox ok nice, when tmolitor has time today he will add it
  146. lovetox i dont have push rights on default
  147. lovetox thanks
  148. linus so what really needs done is fixing all the gtk3/python3 stuff?
  149. linus url_image_preview works for me
  150. lovetox in default branch?
  151. lovetox good
  152. lovetox its my opinion that it would be best if we finally could make that jump to gtk3
  153. lovetox then we can ditch the other branch really, and can foucs on implementing and fixing new stuff
  154. Link Mauve lovetox, I’d say a last 0.16.x release would do good before marking the branch as abandonned.
  155. Link Mauve But yeah, please focus your efforts making the default branch usable. :)
  156. linus so default identifying itself as is wrong?
  157. linus well, not wrong as in it shouldn't be that way
  158. linus but wrong as in it won't ever be released as 0.16.x?
  159. lovetox i dont really know what asterix has thought about that
  160. lovetox i think maybe this is a working title
  161. lovetox like to let it open to release more gtk2 versions 0.16.6-9
  162. lovetox with bugfixes or security fixes
  163. lovetox Link Mauve i also think we should do both at the same time maybe
  164. lovetox a finaly gtk2 version and at the same time the gtk3
  165. lovetox so that every fix until now goes also in the gtk2
  166. linus but the default branch is already gtk3, isn't it? So that'll be 0.17.x I presume
  167. linus or even... 1.x? :D
  168. linus Also, how are UI (Glade) changes handled? The patches generated are of course monstrous...
  169. linus Glade seems to be sorting <property>s by name, and they aren't sorted upstream
  170. lovetox i just change something and commit
  171. lovetox there is nothing to handle i think :)
  172. linus what a mess :p
  173. lovetox if you have an better idea say it :)
  174. linus well we could manually edit the XML to avoid change noise
  175. linus (better is subjective :) )
  176. Link Mauve “12:12:33 linus> but wrong as in it won't ever be released as 0.16.x?”, true, Asterix is planning on it being a 1.0 IIRC.
  177. linus right, thanks
  178. Link Mauve “12:14:35 lovetox> Link Mauve i also think we should do both at the same time maybe”, not gonna happen, if you try the default branch you’ll see it’s way too far from being ready.
  179. Link Mauve It’s a huge regression feature-wise and usability-wise from current 0.16.
  180. lovetox i dont really know what is working, because i dont really know what everything is in gajim
  181. lovetox but chatting works :D
  182. Link Mauve Most dialogs have _ everywhere, text fields are not aligned, writing more than one line in a chat window transforms it as a scrolling one, etc.
  183. Link Mauve Jingle is broken, Avahi is broken, disco browser is somewhat broken…
  184. Link Mauve And I found that in like half an hour of using it, a few months ago.
  185. Link Mauve Sadly I don’t have any time to allocate to fixing that currently, nor for the next few months probably, but I can give a hand at isolating those issues.
  186. linus I'm looking at alignment in the vcard info window right now
  187. Link Mauve Great, thank you very much for doing that!
  188. linus the alignment issues seem to be entirely because of using deprecated alignment properties
  189. Link Mauve Makes sense, gtk3 has evolved a lot since then.
  190. Link Mauve Btw with what you said earlier, using Glade to fix that is nice, but if you can do it with sed or another kind of automated transformation tool it would be a lot easier to fix the issue everywhere.
  191. linus yeah
  192. linus I'm just not sure if a general solution is possible
  193. linus because the alignment is generally weird, not just as a result of using deprecated properties but because they were used in odd ways
  194. lovetox _ this is because of translation
  195. linus I'm also renaming stuff like label51
  196. lovetox but it should work now
  197. linus I haven't seen any of the _ stuff
  198. linus so I'll confirm that :)
  199. lovetox is jingle not broken anyway
  200. lovetox i never got that working :D
  201. Link Mauve lovetox, _ is for the shortcut key in menus, you can see it for example in Actions > Discover Services.
  202. Link Mauve Most buttons at the bottom have it.
  203. lovetox ah ok i see
  204. lovetox will look into it
  205. Link Mauve lovetox, I had Jingle audio/video working back in the days when ThibG implemented it, I haven’t tested it again since then because I don’t like talking with my voice when I can talk with my keyboard.
  206. linus Whenever I want to voice/video chat with someone I use my Spreed installation, just because it's easy to use even for the less technically inclined (WebRTC so it runs in the browser) and doesn't require account registration
  207. Link Mauve Oh, I never heard of this one, I generally tend to use Jitsi Meet for the same reason.
  208. Link Mauve It’s an XMPP client that runs in the browser and uses the Jingle to negociate a WebRTC session.
  209. Link Mauve linus, do you have a link?
  210. linus Link Mauve, for the software itself. It's not obvious on there but you can self-host it
  211. Link Mauve Doesn’t seem like it federates, meh.
  212. linus how is federation meant to work without accounts? :)
  213. Link Mauve The same way as with?
  214. linus I don't get it. How do you address someone if they aren't registered?
  215. Link Mauve You can send a link with some other method that you usually use to contact them.
  216. linus right
  217. linus I also don't get why you'd need federation without accounts
  218. linus does jitsi meet have federation?
  219. tmolitor linus: which version of the image preview plugin did work with the default branch?
  220. tmolitor linus: to my knowledge the py3 version of the plugin is about a year old (and thus outdated)...
  221. linus the one from the gtk3 branch of gajim-plugins
  222. linus that might be
  223. Link Mauve linus, it’s a normal XMPP client.
  224. Link Mauve But the instance at isn’t federated, no.
  225. tmolitor linus: do you know the version number?
  226. linus oh? How does anonymous XMPP work?
  227. linus tmolitor, 0.5.3
  228. Link Mauve linus,
  229. linus hah! What can XMPP not do? :D
  230. Link Mauve In Gajim, when you add a new account, check that you want an anonymous one.
  231. Link Mauve linus, coffee!
  232. tmolitor linus: okay, then it's a very old version...the version before I took over maintenance...
  233. linus oh right
  234. Link Mauve linus, also, I can perfectly well see why people would like to talk between people who already have an account and people who don’t, it’s a pain to switch to another client even just for one discussion, I wouldn’t like to do it everyday.
  235. linus Link Mauve, there are already IoT coffee machines out there, I'm sure that if none of them support XMPP some could be hacked to.
  236. linus right, fair enough
  237. Link Mauve Like, you have Alice who wants to talk with her friends Bob and Carol, she sends a normal MUC invitation to Bob because he’s in her roster, and a link to a federated Jitsi Meet to Carol by email, and then they happily chat together.
  238. linus I didn't know about jitsi meet, might be worth switching to
  239. Link Mauve It’s in Java, that’s been putting me off because my servers aren’t made of RAM. :/
  240. tmolitor linus: the current version of the http upload plugin and the preiew plugin (and the omemo plugin) still have to be ported to py3...
  241. linus right
  242. linus I think I'll have a look at porting those if I ever finish fixing the UI files
  243. lovetox im doing the omemo port
  244. tmolitor linus: would be very nice of you! :)
  245. tmolitor At the moment I don't have much time to do it myself :/
  246. lovetox tmolitor he puts patches here
  247. lovetox
  248. linus well, particularly HTTP upload because I like HTTP upload
  249. linus those are just the patches for the plugin loading though
  250. tmolitor lovetox: would be nice to have a nightly build of the default branch for linux, too...
  251. lovetox and my gcmessagestanza patch would be great if you could commit
  252. lovetox yeah im working hard on windows, linux should be easy
  253. lovetox i do it afterwards
  254. tmolitor linus, lovetox: just send me the links to those patches and I commit them :)
  255. tmolitor lovetox: good...I'll install it on my machine as soon as it is available :)
  256. linus tmolitor, I've already committed it on my own copy of the repo
  257. lovetox
  258. tmolitor lovetox: is this for the default branch or the 0.16?
  259. tmolitor linus: is that repo here?
  260. lovetox to be honest its so long ago i have to check if we can commit it to both, what i like
  261. linus tmolitor, yes, and that branch is the one I made the changes on
  262. tmolitor linus: good, thanks :)
  263. tmolitor lovetox: okay...I don't want to break something again...
  264. lovetox yeah i will check it
  265. tmolitor linus: I pushed your commits upstream :)
  266. tmolitor
  267. linus great cheers
  268. tmolitor linus: you're welcome :)
  269. linus in the vCard dialog, there doesn't seem to be a label at all to contain the Homepage field's value
  270. linus I guess I'll fix that too
  271. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Changeset [16081:29bba5077cf9]: Fix version comparisons in plugin loader, warn about incompatible plugins Fix […] • Changeset [16082:26510f3ca340]: Warn about plugin load failures rather than merely debug-logging them Warn abo[…]
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  273. kalkin Ho to tell gajim to use a custom nbxmpp source tree?
  274. kalkin via PYTHONPATH/
  275. kalkin ?
  276. linus kalkin, it's best to install it editably
  277. linus pip install --user -e <path to nbxmpp>
  278. kalkin i see thanks
  279. Link Mauve kalkin, yes, that’s how I run it, with PYTHONPATH.
  280. kalkin hmm, how do i find out know which version of nbxmpp uses gajim?
  281. kalkin The about dialog doesn't show the version used
  282. Link Mauve No idea. ^^
  283. Link Mauve It might be nice to add it to that about dialog.
  284. linus it is in the about dialog
  285. linus at least for me...
  286. kalkin Using Gajim 0.16.5-06207bfa2cd8
  287. linus maybe it's because I'm on the default (gtk3/python3) branch?
  288. kalkin Only Shows GTK+ & PyGTK version
  289. kalkin linus: Yeah this makes sense
  290. kalkin How is the gtk3 version? Is it more stable and has cool features, or is it not work to migrate to gtk3 version yet?
  291. linus kalkin, you could run python3 -c 'import nbxmpp; print nbxmpp.__version__'
  292. linus for stability I can't say much, it hasn't crashed yet.
  293. kalkin linus: i could, but it has the exactly same version as the one installed from dnf or pip
  294. linus Feature-wise, a lot hasn't been ported yet so it has less features
  295. linus in that case python3 -c 'import nbxmpp; print nbxmpp.__file__'
  296. kalkin linus: yeah exactly, that was alos my second idea :)
  297. kalkin awesome works
  298. kalkin linus & Link Mauve: thanks for the hints
  299. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Changeset [16085:7f8b3cc6cf0b]: Added some more files for automatic appveyor builds Added some more files for automatic appveyor builds
  300. Link Mauve Asterix: it might be nice to be able to get a receipt when we send a normal message.
  301. tmolitor Link Mauve, what do you mean by this?
  302. Link Mauve Hmm, I sent this message long ago, sorry. ^^'
  303. Link Mauve But it was about the “Actions > Send Single Message…”, which doesn’t include any feedback that the recipient received it, nor any error if their JID wasn’t correct.
  304. tmolitor Link Mauve, well, I don't know if such a single message feature is even needed :/
  305. Link Mauve What do you mean?
  306. Link Mauve Also Asterix, welcome back!
  307. kalkin ohh that reminnds me i need to push the new gajim-omemo version
  308. Asterix Link Mauve, Hi !
  309. Link Mauve Asterix, how were your vacations? :)
  310. Asterix Nice and still running ;)
  311. Asterix Link Mauve, Nice and still running ;)
  312. Link Mauve Heh. ^^
  313. kalkin lovetox: gajim-omemo 0.8.1 is released
  314. lovetox niiice :)
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  316. arune lovetox: you can build gajim for windows? Nightlies for windows would be awesome!
  317. lovetox yeah
  318. lovetox a little thing is missing but as soon as tmolitor pushes it, it will work
  319. lovetox but its not that awesome, translation does not work really and probably more bugs then in gtk2
  320. Link Mauve Is it possible in Gajim to not set a resource? Whenever I remove it, it goes back to “Gajim”.
  321. Asterix Link Mauve, Hmm no I don't think so
  322. Link Mauve Ok.
  323. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Changeset [16086:bef1fa5ffbd7]: add pkg_resources to the Windows build add pkg_resources to the Windows build
  324. arune Asterix: if you want I can help with approvals on trac, message and accounts approvals I suppose. Darlan wanted some help ☺
  325. Asterix ho yes, Thanks! It's only for trac-plugins. trac is not handles the same way.
  326. Asterix arune, you now have rights to see pending moderation ans accepting them
  327. arune Yay, will I get a mail when there is an action for me?
  328. tmolitor asterix: you should give lovetox ftp upload rights for the nightly far as I know he succeeded in building nightlies of the default branch with appveyor :)
  329. tmolitor asterix: gan you give him or me some directions in how to build nightly debs for the default branch? (or just do it yourself if that is easier)?
  330. Asterix arune, I think so, yes ... Ask Darlan ...
  331. Asterix tmolitor, already done
  332. Asterix tmolitor, I'd like to get time to do it on my server, but I'm in vacation, so not for now
  333. tmolitor Asterix: problem :)
  334. tmolitor asterix: when will your vacation end?
  335. Asterix in 2 weeks