Gajim - 2016-08-02

  1. temporary I have a one-line fix. What is the easiest way to send it in?
  2. Link Mauve temporary, either send it on the development mailing list, or email Asterix with the patch directly.
  3. temporary Link Mauve: I do not want to subscribe because of one line. What is Asterix' mail address?
  4. Link Mauve It’s at the bottom of each page on the website.
  5. Link Mauve Also, you can probably send an email to the list without being subscribed, in which case you will probably be moderated.
  6. Link Mauve But I have no idea how he handles that.
  7. temporary May I post it here (1 line explanation, 1 line of code)?
  8. Link Mauve Sure, but it may be lost before Asterix comes back.
  9. Link Mauve I haven’t seen him since mid-July.
  10. temporary Gentoo, net-im/gajim-0.16.5, Ugly message window after exception
  11. temporary src/common/ self.port = int(port) if port else None
  12. Link Mauve temporary, oh, was it crashing before?
  13. Link Mauve Do you have the full traceback?
  14. temporary TypeError: int() argument must be a string or a number, not 'NoneType'
  15. temporary I would have to close Gajim to reproduce it.
  16. temporary Here's the traceback:
  17. Link Mauve Ok, so that’s while sharing a file?
  18. Link Mauve I’m pretty sure it wouldn’t work if the initiator didn’t specify a port, as you can see on line 91.
  19. Link Mauve Hmm, I don’t understand how you can obtain that result.
  20. Link Mauve if not host or not port or not jid: self.proxies[proxy]._on_connect_failure()
  21. SouL Did you coloured the text, Link Mauve?
  22. Link Mauve That should definitely prevent line 91 from being reached.
  23. temporary I don't know what happens in detail. I'm just glad the annoying popup window has gone.
  24. Link Mauve SouL, using my poezio plugin.
  25. Link Mauve temporary, but the file transfer still failed, right?
  26. Link Mauve temporary, could you open the XML console (Actions > Advanced > XML Console) before you reproduce that error, then paste what was shown there? It doesn’t matter if you silenced the traceback or not.
  27. temporary Link Mauve: The problem is: The popup only comes on startup, before I have any chance to open the XML console.
  28. Link Mauve Hmm, pass the -v argument to Gajim, it should print a lot more things in the terminal.
  29. temporary Link Mauve: The message window only pops up, when I direct the output to >/dev/null. Then again, the -v output vanishes. I'll try to direct it to a file...
  30. temporary Link Mauve: The -v output is
  31. Link Mauve “The "port" attribute specifies the port to connect to. This attribute MAY be present. The value MUST be a valid port number in decimal form. If not specified, the port value is "1080" (in accordance with RFC 1928).” according to
  32. Link Mauve So your fix is almost correct, except it should be 1080 instead of None.
  33. Link Mauve I would personally replace line 87 with “port = int(item.getAttr('port')) or 1080” instead.
  34. Link Mauve Hmm, not exactly.
  35. Link Mauve port = item.getAttr('port') try: port = int(port) except ValueError: port = 1080
  36. Link Mauve port = item.getAttr('port') try: port = int(port) except ValueError, TypeError: port = 1080
  37. Link Mauve Meh, shitty /correct.
  38. temporary Link Mauve: So this discussion was better than a simple hg push.
  39. Link Mauve Indeed!
  40. Link Mauve Gajim wasn’t respecting the specification. :)
  41. temporary Thanks for fixing it!
  42. Link Mauve It’s not pushed yet, though.
  43. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #7492 (Gajim output on STDOUT) updated I have recorded the same bug but added: traceback.print_stack() to the code, so it should be easier to fix: ​ I use both gajim and nbxmpp build from mercurial (gajim commit: f769137e5867, python-nbxmpp: 685d8da6d4cf) these are the debugging code I have added: if not self.sendbuff: if not self.sendqueue: log.warning('calling send on empty buffer […]
  44. Link Mauve tmolitor, could you push this commit please?
  45. Link Mauve It should fix temporary’s issue.
  46. moparisthebest lovetox, I guess you got ahold of Asterix since it looks like DNSSEC issues are fixed, thanks! :)
  47. lovetox yes
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