Gajim - 2016-08-01

  1. SouL 65%-70&
  2. SouL 65%-70%
  3. tmolitor 70% of what? 4GiB, 8GiB etc.? and how big was the file you tried to upload and how far did the upload go before the ssl error happened? 100% as in your log you posted earlyer?
  4. SouL ah haha sorry tmolitor
  5. SouL tmolitor, the server has 3269MB
  6. SouL of RAM
  7. SouL yes, the upload reached 100% according to Gajim
  8. tmolitor thats more than 2GiB only for prosody...seems like you could have the bug, too...
  9. tmolitor if you need assistance in installing my component I'm glad to help you :)
  10. SouL Ok tmolitor!
  11. arune tmolitor: where's your component again?
  12. tmolitor
  13. tmolitor arune: here --^
  14. мέнđì Hi
  15. lovetox hi
  16. moparisthebest's DNSSEC setup is messed up
  17. moparisthebest causing it to be inaccessible from most of the well-behaving DNSSEC validating web :/
  18. moparisthebest can anyone contact someone who can fix it?
  19. lovetox could you send that to
  20. moparisthebest looks like RRSIG's expired
  21. moparisthebest lovetox, actually I can't, because my server won't resolve that domain either, same issue: :(
  22. lovetox ok i send him that chat
  23. moparisthebest his rrsig signing dns server is down or not sending updates correctly, *probably*
  24. moparisthebest yea dnssec is a double-edged sword, great for security, but TERRIBLE when things go wrong :)
  25. lovetox so i send this to asterix hope he has time :)
  26. moparisthebest thanks much
  27. lovetox moparisthebest: should be fixed
  28. erik hmm. trying to install the OMEMO plugin, but not succeeding.
  29. erik (on Linux Mint)
  30. erik anybody with experience to share?
  31. Marzanna erik, have you installed python-axolotl?
  32. erik yes.
  33. erik although I'm not sure if it was succesful
  34. erik how can I test that?
  35. erik the ui keeps saying that "the selected plugins have been succesfully downloaded"
  36. erik (I've just (re)installed gajim-nightly)
  37. erik hmm. running pip install python-axolotl
  38. erik says Requirement already satisfied (3x)
  39. erik so, I take it, that's what should happen?
  40. Marzanna erik, run python. Type "import axolotl" and hit enter. If it won't print anything that means that everything is ok.
  41. erik no error, (for root, but also for my user)
  42. Marzanna erik, so axolotl is installed properly.
  43. Marzanna do you have any contact in your roster with omemo enabld client?
  44. Marzanna do you have any contact in your roster with omemo enabled client?
  45. Marzanna Is OMEMO plugin checked in installed plugin list?
  46. erik no, it's not appearing in the installed plugin list.
  47. erik that is, for me it isn't. for my contact, who's installing it too, it doesn't want to enable.
  48. erik (i had that situation, but then my gajim refused to start up after that)
  49. erik so, I upgraded to gajim nightly.
  50. erik but now, the plugin isn't appearing in the plugin list.
  51. Marzanna no idea atm. But you can try to clone git repo and see if it works.
  52. erik ok. I'm now running with 0.7.5, which says it's the latest release.
  53. erik but it still doesn't show up.
  54. erik I'll clone the git repo indeed.
  55. erik no, the omemo plugin still doesn't appear in the list of installed plugins.
  56. erik yet the directory 'gajim-omemo' exists as a git clone in ~/.local/share/gajim/plugins
  57. lovetox no
  58. lovetox its the protobuf problem
  59. erik ok.
  60. erik what to do about it?
  61. lovetox,-what-should-i-do%3F-(Linux)
  62. lovetox go to the last point straigt
  63. lovetox and try pip install protobuf==2.6.1
  64. erik ah!
  65. erik ok. back in a sec.
  66. erik lovetox, yup. that did it.
  67. erik the extremely weird thing is:
  68. erik I did see an error about "not importing google"
  69. erik and I was wondering if it had something to do with all this.
  70. erik but then I decided that google didn't have anything to do with axolotl or xmpp
  71. erik so that it couldn't be it.
  72. erik apparently, it is.
  73. erik does.
  74. lovetox nice
  75. erik yea.
  76. lovetox if you have problems at first contact
  77. erik can't this be easier though?
  78. erik more seemless?
  79. erik :-)
  80. lovetox like not receiving fingerprints
  81. lovetox try signing out and in again after adding your contact
  82. lovetox this will be better in the next version
  83. lovetox about the protobuf bug
  84. lovetox thats a bug google introduced
  85. erik yea.
  86. lovetox its not clear how to handle this
  87. lovetox its not a missing package
  88. lovetox it is that google doesnt include a anymore with the newer version
  89. erik no, but pip / python didn't want to import it because of a missing __<> file?
  90. lovetox so python doesnt detect it as package
  91. erik by which they apparently broke some parts of the world...
  92. erik can we convince them to stop doing that?
  93. lovetox yeah it will resolve itself someday, but right now i dont know how to handle that
  94. erik lovetox, well, thanks for the hints and thanks for the plugin. I hope it's the solution to my encrypted messages no longer syncing between desktop and mobile.
  95. lovetox if you have questions and problems just come ask
  96. erik will do.
  97. lovetox but im out for now :)
  98. lovetox n8
  99. erik night!