Gajim - 2016-07-31

  1. SouL «Got unexpected exception while uploading file (see error log for more information)»
  2. SouL Where can I find that log, please?
  3. SouL Uhmm
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  5. SouL .local/share/gajim/logs.db ok..
  6. SouL How can I open it, please?
  7. lovetox SouL
  8. lovetox are you on windows?
  9. lovetox or Linux
  10. SouL No!!
  11. SouL Yes :)
  12. lovetox just google
  13. lovetox browse sqlite ubuntu
  14. lovetox or something like that :d
  15. SouL ah sqlite
  16. SouL ok
  17. lovetox but why do you need that
  18. lovetox to get history?
  19. SouL lovetox, «Got unexpected exception while uploading file (see error log for more information)»
  20. SouL HttpUpload
  21. lovetox the log is not in the db
  22. SouL Is the only thing I found with the name log in it
  23. lovetox if you want to log something you have to start gajim
  24. lovetox wit -l gajim.plugin_system.httpupload
  25. lovetox for example
  26. lovetox -l gajim.plugin_system.httpupload=DEBUG
  27. lovetox then there is a file written to your harddsik with log data
  28. lovetox or you start from terminal, then its there i believe
  29. SouL Thank you very much, lovetox :)
  30. de-facto likes gajim
  31. de-facto when i am trying to use "/me does something" i just see a sequence of boxes displayed instead of characters for the message. (e.g. the above). this also happens when someone else uses /me i guess. highlighting and copying the "boxes" works and its the correct text. is this some sort of font problem in gajim?
  32. lovetox is tired
  33. lovetox de-facto: hm for me it works as expected
  34. lovetox normally that hints to gajim not able to display the symbol
  35. lovetox cause its some unicode symbol thats out of range of the compiled python version
  36. lovetox but with normal text
  37. lovetox strange
  38. SouL Can someone check this, please?
  39. lovetox SouL
  40. lovetox some ssl error really weird
  41. lovetox try installing pyopenssl
  42. lovetox is that on every upload?
  43. SouL lovetox? :(
  44. lovetox SouL
  45. lovetox talk with tmolitor
  46. lovetox probably he knows more about this
  47. lovetox waht you should test is, make an account on another server that supports httpupload
  48. lovetox for example
  49. lovetox and check if this happens there also
  50. SouL Well, the issue is because the file is >10MB I think
  51. lovetox ask your server admin whats the allowed maximum filesize
  52. lovetox though then the server should never let you upload
  53. lovetox in the plugin itself there is no file size limit
  54. lovetox please test it with for example
  55. lovetox they have 50 MB limit
  56. lovetox then we can see maybe its a plugin problem
  57. SouL Ok lovetox, thank you. (I'm the server admin and the file size is 10GB (just for testing))
  58. lovetox also check if you have really the latest httpupload mod for the server
  59. lovetox also disable omemo encryption if you are using the plugin
  60. lovetox could also a cause of error
  61. lovetox i just uploaded 40 mb onto
  62. lovetox worked as it should
  63. lovetox
  64. SouL Does one need someone te get an account on, lovetox?
  65. tmolitor SouL: you could also use this external upload component to test if it is your httpupload component on the server ide that is causing the error:
  66. tmolitor I'm using this component in production since about 2 months...
  67. lovetox no inband registration SouL
  68. lovetox just out of gajim you can do it
  69. Link Mauve “20:40:47 lovetox> ask your server admin whats the allowed maximum filesize”, you already get that in the disco#info.
  70. Link Mauve Oh, he left.
  71. tmolitor Link Mauve, only if the server supports the second version of the xep...the original xep didn't announce the filesize in the disco info...
  72. Link Mauve Ah.
  73. tmolitor but nearly every implementation should support the new version by now...
  74. Link Mauve Great. :)
  75. tmolitor Link Mauve: (the external component written by daniel does, as does the prosody module and my implementation)
  76. tmolitor :)
  77. Link Mauve I deployed the Prosody one on JabberFR, so that makes ~800 users able to use it.
  78. SouL Is there any limit? I mean, technically, is possible to share 5GiB?
  79. Link Mauve Yes, if you have a perfect connection that will never drop.
  80. Link Mauve Because HTTP has no builtin error correction (aside from TCP), as you may already have found on websites that require you to upload a file.
  81. SouL How would you monitor the process of the upload? SSLError: ('The read operation timed out',) is what I get for files under 10MiB :(
  82. tmolitor Link Mauve, SouL: but not with the prosody module...this module has a serious memory leak making files greater 10MiB nearly impossible to send (at this filesize the ram usage is already at abous 3-4GiB)
  83. tmolitor that's the reason I wrote my own upload component with memory usage independent from upload size...
  84. SouL Is what I'm using tmolitor, I see..
  85. SouL I wonder if I will be skilled enough to install your component then, tmolitor :)
  86. Link Mauve tmolitor, err, really? oO
  87. tmolitor SouL, the memory leak could be the reason for your ssl error as using swap slows down prosody...
  88. tmolitor yes...sadly...
  89. Link Mauve tmolitor, do you have a bug report about that?
  90. SouL Ohh
  91. Link Mauve SouL, first check if Prosody is already in the swap.
  92. tmolitor Link Mauve, I don't know was 3 or 4 months ago when I discovered that...but I remember that it is known to other people, too...I think...
  93. tmolitor Link Mauve, yes, there is:
  94. Link Mauve Interesting.
  95. tmolitor on my server files larger than ~14MiB killed the prosody process because it tried to use more than 3GiB of memory on a 32 bit system...
  96. Link Mauve Ow.
  97. tmolitor SouL, you could easyly test if that is the cause for you: install atop on your server, start it, press m for memory usage and try to upload a large file...
  98. tmolitor you can use top as well, but I personally like atop more...
  99. Link Mauve Huh, it seems not a single user tried it since I enabled it a few weeks ago. :/
  100. tmolitor Link Mauve, really? that's strange...
  101. Link Mauve In the meantime I’ve had eight different people using mod_cloud_notify.
  102. Link Mauve tmolitor, I guess my users aren’t really interested in sharing pictures, or are already doing it in some other way.
  103. tmolitor are you certain that it works as intended? since every conversations user would use it automatically...and mod_cloud_notify users almost certainly are conversations users...
  104. Link Mauve Jingle is really superior, so I can understand.
  105. Link Mauve Hmm, I tried it manually, by getting a slot from my XML console and then uploading with curl, it worked just fine.
  106. tmolitor well, jingle doesn't play well with multiple resources and history/message carbons...
  107. tmolitor okay...but still it seems strange to me...
  108. tmolitor you should try to upload a large file (30MiB or such) to check if you have the memory leak, too....
  109. SouL It reached 70%, tmolitor
  110. SouL 1GiB
  111. SouL of course it didn't get uploaded
  112. tmolitor SouL, how big was your file you tried to upload?
  113. SouL 1GiB, tmolitor
  114. tmolitor SouL, okay, and what memory usage did you see on the server?
  115. SouL tmolitor, up to 70%
  116. tmolitor SouL, I'm talking about ram usage of the prosody process during the upload...
  117. SouL yes tmolitor
  118. SouL up to 70%
  119. SouL it was not always the same
  120. SouL like