Gajim - 2016-07-28

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  2. grin Hello! It is great to have this subject so I can immadiately refer to it: it seems not to be possible to opena new ticket on /newticket; it requires registered account, and registration is inactive
  3. grin also as a newcomer it seems to be almost imposible to find a way to contact anyone, since most pages refer back to HowToOpenANewTicket :-)
  4. grin additionally the wiki page (if someone's lucky to find it) refers this room as but Gajim requires room name and room server separately, and it may not be obvious for a newbie
  5. mathieui grin, I think if you copypaste the address into the field it will split both properly?
  6. grin mathieui, applying common logic to the situation would result that I was able to do it since I am here. :-P But I may not be Average Joe after all.
  7. grin and someone may open a ticket about the problem when there is no net, gajim starts, tries to connect, fail obviously, then get into a state where it's connecting. net comes up, gajim is "connecting" (not really), cannot be disconnected and generally disfunctional. requires SIGTERM and restart.
  8. grin ( nothing special seems to be in the log: )
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  10. grin that's interesting. under chrome there is a header on trac which contains a few links, including registration. under firefox (50.0a1) there is no header.
  11. lovetox arune
  12. lovetox did you read my response to your bug report?
  13. arune lovetox: yes 👌
  14. lovetox and did you check your pyopenssl version? im curious
  15. arune No, I'm not at the computer much ☺
  16. arune I will also check the error message exactly when the cert is renewed next time at work, in about 2 years ☺
  17. devcon How to hide joined/left messages in group chats?
  18. lovetox in the advanced config menu
  19. lovetox "print status in muc"
  20. devcon done
  21. mulles That great maybe shouldn't be an advanced option, because it kind a spam in groupchats at least.
  22. mulles Or could even be default that those statuses are hidden?
  23. arune mulles: tmolitor said he'd fix that, I'll create an issue otherwise
  24. tmolitor Arune, mulles: I only changed the default settings in the default Branche...
  25. tmolitor *branch
  26. arune tmolitor: 👌I don't think the bot works...
  27. tmolitor Arune: What bot?
  28. arune tmolitor: I did not see the commit, maybe the commitbot was gone
  29. tmolitor Arune: ah... could be possible...but it was about 1-2 months ago...
  30. arune tmolitor: it was july 18 at 19:46?
  31. tmolitor Well...I really dont know...
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