Gajim - 2016-07-26

  1. arune kruks23: would be nice, but currently only the plugin manager is included ?
  2. tmolitor Arune: IT is Not gajim, IT is nbxmpp which has this Bug...
  3. tmolitor And IT is fixed since about 7 months ago...
  4. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #8202 (smacks resends *all* message since session startup on every reconnect) updated @asterix, could you please release a new version of Gajim with the fixed nbxmpp? I think this was supposed to end up in 0.16.5 but did not?
  5. Marzanna I've just notices "Ab" letters on last message correction image. I thought it was a factory or a tractor :D
  6. Marzanna I've just noticed "Ab" letters on last message correction image. I thought it was a factory or a tractor :D
  7. Darlan Marzanna, I did not find any appropriate alternative in Unicode. If you think of any potential Unicode character to replace "Ab", please refer me to it.
  8. Marzanna This icon is OK, but too blurry
  9. Darlan I agree, but a Unicode character is preferable and integrates better with various color schemes.
  10. Darlan
  11. Darlan U+2328 KEYBOARD is too small.
  12. Marzanna Darlan, is it possible to use symbol which Conversation uses?
  13. Darlan I do not know. May you post a screenshot of it?
  14. Marzanna Wait a sec
  15. Marzanna Wait a sec.
  16. Marzanna
  17. Darlan There are U+270D WRITING HAND ✍ and U+270E LOWER RIGHT PENCIL ✎; unfortunately, both are too small.
  18. Darlan Nevertheless, Gajim can use a custom Pencil icon. I will certainly ask Asterix to do so in the GTK+3 branch.
  19. Darlan It appears that Unicode characters appear better on Android or by the font used by Android on your device.
  20. Marzanna Yeah, the font is quite big.
  21. Darlan Please post another screenshot with these two characters ✍ ✎
  22. Marzanna
  23. Darlan Thank you. The proportion is much better on the screenshot than of Monospace font on Linux.
  24. Marzanna It doesn't look good in Gajim at all :(
  25. Darlan Apparently so.
  26. Darlan Perhaps we should take Conversations icon and add to a bright outline, if it does not have any.
  27. Marzanna Most of IM clients use small pictures instead of unicode symbols (emoji in other words)
  28. SouL I prefer unicode
  29. SouL but..
  30. SouL they are small!
  31. Darlan SouL, they appear to be bigger (or sensibly proportional) in these screenshots and
  32. c0cac01a OMEMO for Gajim 0.16.5 doesn't let me activate it. I've read in the plugin description that I need python-axolotl via pip. pip install python-axolotl fails because i have no visual studio 10 installed. where do i get it? google tells me about vs2010 which there is no download for and the vs2015 community edition isn't good enough for pip