Gajim - 2016-07-25

  1. Link Mauve I’d say Gajim’s way of allowing uncounted stanzas to be sent is at fault.
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  3. erlehmann Link Mauve, the error did not happen
  4. erlehmann again
  5. markus.kaindl hi, when using gajims meta-contact feature, how do I choose the "main" contact, so the one I want to write to, when clicking on the collapsed meta contact?
  6. lovetox Link Mauve
  7. lovetox you found another bug, that the xml console doesnt increase the counter
  8. lovetox you didnt reproduce his problem
  9. lovetox which you cant
  10. Link Mauve lovetox, ah.
  11. Link Mauve lovetox, but any mismatch in the counter will eventually reproduce it.
  12. lovetox because you are on the newest version of nbxmpp i guess
  13. lovetox of course
  14. lovetox good catch :)
  15. Link Mauve Yeah, I run Gajim default.
  16. lovetox and the problem was not that httpupload sends stanzas outside the normal way, it was that smacks got later initalized then the plugin
  17. lovetox and the plugin was already talking when smacks got initalized
  18. lovetox at least that stands in the bug report
  19. tmolitor No...Not exactly...the plugin started to send stanzas before the smacks replay happened (but After smacks init)...and thus the New stanzas got "replayed" without need and ultimately went over the wire twice...
  20. Link Mauve lovetox, tmolitor, I see, thanks for the explanation.
  21. arune tmolitor: is it possible to patch httpupload-plugin until a new release of gajim is available?
  22. kruks23 Will httpupload plugin be installed by default in the next gajim release?