Gajim - 2016-07-21

  1. LordVan hi
  2. LordVan anyone besides me ahve this problem?: Traceback (most recent call last): File "src\", line 1660, in _visible_func File "src\", line 1589, in contact_is_visible UnicodeDecodeError: 'utf8' codec can't decode bytes in position 10-11: invalid continuation byte
  3. vorner My guess is you have someone in your roster that has a really strange nick that is not valid utf-8. The server should have refused to create such roster item and should not send you such thing (and maybe even should have terminated your XML stream when you tried to create it), but when it is already there, it probably gives trouble to gajim.
  4. vorner But it is just a guess, of course.
  5. LordVan i assume it is from the facebook spectrum transport
  6. LordVan not sure why the server accepts it
  7. Link Mauve LordVan, then it’s mostly a Spectrum transport issue, you should report it to them.
  8. Link Mauve It could be made better in Gajim, but meh, your server should already take care of that.
  9. LordVan well what definitely would be great for gajim error messages in general would be if I didn't get the same box 50 times over ^^
  10. LordVan maybe "collect" them in one dialogue or supress same messages that come within the same 10 sec or so
  11. Link Mauve LordVan, please open a ticket for that. :)
  12. LordVan if I remember my password ^^
  13. LordVan what would also be nice woudl be an option to show which contact and / or edit&fix it
  14. LordVan ^^
  15. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #8370 (Supress / Collect Errors) created problem When there's an error (e.g. UnicodeDecode? error on roster,..) it tends to pop up 20+ Windows with the same error message. analysis It seems to happen with errors on roster names (non-utf8 for example) which causes multiple boxes e.g. when typing as you search contacts enhancement recommendation I propose to suppress (and/or collect) those messages[…]
  16. Marzanna Then I click "Toggle audio session" error appears: Error: Resource not found. Debug: gstjackaudiosink.c(358): gst_jack_ring_buffer_open_device (): /GstJackAudioSink:autoaudiosink0-actual-sink-jackaudio: Cannot connect to the Jack server (status 17)
  17. Marzanna Why is it trying to connect to jack?
  18. Link Mauve Marzanna, IIRC you can configure that in Edit > Preferences > Audio/Video.
  19. Marzanna Link Mauve, I can configure it. But in audio input I have only Autodetect and Audio test
  20. Link Mauve Marzanna, maybe you have JACK installed and Gstreamer somehow thinks that is usable?
  21. Marzanna Link Mauve, looks like I fixed it. I've installed gstreamer0.10-pulsaudio
  22. Marzanna Now I can select PA devices in Gajim. I see Gajim in Recording tab in PA Volume Control but not in Playback
  23. Link Mauve I wish it was easier to get debug infos out of Gajim for audio/video, the current way is very opaque and I’m not sure who’s at fault.
  24. Marzanna Video also doesn't work :(
  25. Marzanna Where is the plugin API? Where can I find it?
  26. arune Marzanna: in code I think 😬
  27. Marzanna arune, I'm already examining the code.
  28. Marzanna But it's not very convenient in comparison with clear API reference
  29. arune I fully agree
  30. c0cac01a Is the OMEMO plugin known to not work with gajim-nightly or am i doing it wrong?
  31. lovetox c0cac01a, start with
  32. lovetox -l gajim.plugin_system.omemo=DEBUG
  33. lovetox probably you miss some dependencys
  34. lovetox dependency is python-axolotl
  35. c0cac01a lovetox, i don't see it after installation in the plugin manager. However, it is in the ~/.local/share/gajim/plugins/ dir
  36. c0cac01a i have python-axolotl
  37. lovetox and you are definitly on gajim 0.16.5
  38. lovetox ?
  39. lovetox check in the help -> about window
  40. c0cac01a Gajim 0.16.5-f161efd21ce1
  41. lovetox did you restart gajim?
  42. c0cac01a multiple times. will try again with omemo debug flag
  43. lovetox thats really odd, until now no one had this problem, it points to omemo failing with something at loading
  44. lovetox maybe also start only with -l gajim=DEBUG if the previous one yields no results
  45. lovetox will be a long log
  46. lovetox but maybe you can search for plugin related stuff
  47. lovetox do you have google-protobuf installed?
  48. c0cac01a /usr/lib/python2.7/ ImportWarning: Not importing directory '/usr/local/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/google': missing
  49. lovetox yeah i thought so
  50. c0cac01a /home/luis/.local/share/gajim/plugins/gotr/ GtkWarning: Unknown property: GtkMenu.ubuntu-local
  51. lovetox its the google problem
  52. c0cac01a 21.07.2016 21:51:11 (W) gajim.c.check_X509 Import of PyOpenSSL or pyasn1 failed. Cannot correctly check SSL certificate
  53. lovetox reinstall google-protobuf dependency
  54. c0cac01a package name for ubuntu?
  55. c0cac01a apt or pip?
  56. lovetox pip
  57. c0cac01a ah
  58. c0cac01a is waiting for it
  59. lovetox but sometime i have to find out why the is missing
  60. lovetox in the standard installation
  61. lovetox and why this is a problem
  62. c0cac01a pip install google-protobuf
  63. c0cac01a fails
  64. lovetox onlyprotobuf
  65. lovetox install protobuf
  66. c0cac01a ok
  67. c0cac01a restarting gajim...
  68. c0cac01a Didn't help, still google error
  69. c0cac01a Missing init
  70. lovetox ok try this
  71. lovetox pip install protobuf==2.6.1, python-axolotl==0.1.35
  72. lovetox what distri are you using?
  73. c0cac01a it complained about the comma but removing it worked
  74. c0cac01a linux mint cinnamon 17.3
  75. lovetox are you sure that pip installs python 2.7 and not python 3+
  76. lovetox but try now
  77. c0cac01a it works
  78. lovetox good to hear, if you encounter any errors please tell me
  79. c0cac01a will do
  80. c0cac01a terminal fills with omemo debugging messages but no errors
  81. c0cac01a Feature request: Emoji support. Get rid of those boxes filled with hexadecimals
  82. lovetox i think there is emoji support
  83. lovetox :)
  84. lovetox if you mean some of the emojis conversations sends
  85. lovetox then i believe it has to do with how your python is compiled
  86. lovetox the standard python 2.7 is compiled without support for these unicode symbolds
  87. c0cac01a How do I force python3?
  88. lovetox gajim nighly works only with python2
  89. lovetox for what reason do you want to force python3
  90. c0cac01a Emoji
  91. lovetox to gain support for wide unicode
  92. lovetox you would have to compile python 2 yourself with this flag --enable-unicode=ucs4
  93. lovetox or maybe find a python package that is compiled that way
  94. Marzanna Just discovered that Gajim has "Quote" function :)
  95. Marzanna Can anyone point to callback for receiving message?
  96. lovetox _nec_message_received
  97. lovetox in
  98. lovetox and maybe _nec_decrypted_message_received
  99. lovetox in
  100. lovetox every non encrypted message is called "decrypted message"
  101. lovetox even if it never was encrypted
  102. Marzanna lovetox, is it possible to use it in plugin?
  103. lovetox if you want to know how a plugin works
  104. lovetox why dont you just look at one
  105. lovetox like omemo
  106. lovetox you can register to events in a plugin
  107. lovetox
  108. lovetox these are the events you can register to
  109. lovetox you can even tell gajim if you want to get the event before the rest of gajim gets it
  110. lovetox so you can modify every incoming message
  111. Marzanna lovetox, thanks!
  112. lovetox the easiest way is to look at plugins like omemo or otr, they catch outgoing and incoming events and more and act on it
  113. lovetox also how to get a UI into gajim
  114. Marzanna Does Gajim support XEP-0231: Bits of Binary?
  115. lovetox maybe this list is still up to date but i dont know
  116. lovetox