Gajim - 2016-07-20

  1. polsaker Is it normal that I can't see the plugins description on the PluginDownloader? The plugin list takes all the screen and I can't resize it.
  2. lovetox how small is your display?
  3. lovetox polsaker
  4. polsaker lovetox, 1360x768
  5. lovetox i have this on my 10" ebook
  6. lovetox but it is nor problem to resize it
  7. lovetox i guess you are on linux?
  8. polsaker Yes. I can't resize the plugin window
  9. polsaker and the "OMEMO Multi-End Message and Object Encryption" plugin name takes about half the window's size
  10. lovetox you cant make it bigger?
  11. lovetox first make the window way bigger that it takes the whole screen, then try to resize the description area
  12. lovetox the separator inbetween plugins and descriptions is resize able
  13. lovetox but the window has to be big enough first
  14. lovetox but i think i will change the OMEMO name to something short
  15. polsaker I can't resize that window
  16. polsaker I can resize any other Gajim window, but not that one
  17. lovetox thats weird, on what distri are you
  18. lovetox are you using gajim nightly?
  19. polsaker I'm using Gajim from the Debian (Jessie) repos.
  20. lovetox thats probably bad
  21. lovetox can you check which version?
  22. lovetox in the help -> about
  23. polsaker It says 0.16
  24. lovetox yeah thats really old
  25. lovetox use this
  26. lovetox OMEMO will not work with that version anyway
  27. polsaker Alright, thanks.
  28. lovetox after downloading and installing the plugin
  29. lovetox do a restart of gajim
  30. polsaker I didn't install any plugin yet.. Because I can't read any of the descriptions :P Will try after updating Gajim
  31. lovetox if you have problem with OMEMO come to me :)
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  33. polsaker Just updated Gajim. I still can't resize the plugin window, but at least i can see the descriptions because the OMEMO plugin has a shorter name
  34. lovetox i think this is maybe a bug with your desktop enviroment
  35. lovetox what do you use?
  36. lovetox polsaker