Gajim - 2016-07-18

  1. arune And also the fingerprint dialog on cert update, normal users does not understand what to do and why
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  3. tmolitor Arune: what Parameters? I'll change them :)
  4. arune tmolitor, some of them, I will have to diff config to see which more print_status_in_muc = none print_status_in_chats = False accounts.<accountname>.autonegotiate_esessions = False (this I assume is created on account creation) notify_on_signin = False soundevents.contact_connected.enabled = False soundevents.contact_disconnected.enabled = False soundevents.message_sent.enabled = False = False
  5. arune the I think some of the plugins should be installed and activated by defaukt
  6. tmolitor Okay...sounds sane...
  7. tmolitor I'll change that for the default branch :)
  8. tmolitor arune: and yes, it would be good to have some standard plugins preinstalled...I had exactly the same thoughts some time ago...
  9. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim Plugins • Ticket #133 (Emoticons tab focuses when updated plugins to install) created When there are updated plugins to install there is a popup question if you want to update those plugins. When clicking ok normally one would be presented with the Available tab in the plugin manager where you can update the plugins. But if you have the Emoticons plugin installed this tab will be prestented instea[…]
  10. tmolitor but I'm not sure how to accomplish that though...
  11. arune for my company we have our users install Gajim by running a bat-file, that manually adds some plugins (image preview and httpupload), adds a prepared config and installs the gajim-exe, it also asks the user about the username and password
  12. arune not beautiful but mostly works
  13. arune but I don't like at all that gajim can only store password in clear text on windows
  14. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim Plugins • Ticket #134 (Autoupdate plugins) created Make it optional, but default, to always update plugins. For "regular users" it's cumbersome and strange to update the plugins "manually". Maybe the "plugins to update"-messagebox could be extended with a "update automatic"-button next to "review-and-update-with-pluginmanager"-button, but the best would be to n[…]
  15. arune so I'm reporting some issues I've seen in gajim the last couple of years :)
  16. arune one more coming
  17. arune #8368, 93% probability of spam wtf
  18. lovetox that bug tracker is horrible :)
  19. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #8367 (Store passwords with keyring on Windows) created Bug description XMPP account crede[…] • Ticket #8368 ((Optionally) Remove the fingerprint check on certificate update) created problem When a server certificate has changed there is a popup about fingerprint changed. analysis Regular users don't understand or need this information. (to compare, your internet ban[…]
  20. arune here comes one more
  21. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #8369 (Default minimize muc on "close") created problem When closing a muc window there is a dialog/popup asking if you want to leave the group chat. analysis For regular users the concept of leaving and then not receiving any more messages for that muc is strange, they also expect to be able to close windows without dialogs. enhancement recommendation Make it default to minimize muc […]
  22. arune now get to work tmolitor :)
  23. arune maybe some of those are kind of simple, but requires someone to actually take the decision on how the behavior should be
  24. arune I think the current behavior affects usability for regular users, those that goes in to the config anyway the first they do when they install new programs will anyhow find the knobs to change the behavior to their liking (if there are settings available)
  25. tmolitor arune: yes, thats very true...
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