Gajim - 2016-07-14

  1. jubalh wonders why minimize on close isnt the default
  2. Marzanna Why can't I join conference if it contains '#' in jid?
  3. Marzanna Looks like it's not '#' issue. I can't join members only conference with Gajim, but can with Conversations.
  4. Marzanna Is it a bug in Gajim?
  5. Marzanna Jitsi also can join that conference. But in Gajim I get "conferencename@conference.mydomain.tld is not the name of a group chat." Why is it happening?
  6. markus.kaindl Marzanna, I had that problem, when a conference was in my roster like a contact, not only in the conference-list.. xabber is one of the clients doing this.. gajim has a problem with that
  7. Marzanna markus.kaindl, I actually have this conference in my contact list
  8. Marzanna markus.kaindl, wow! I delete it and I joined successful!y! Thanks!
  9. markus.kaindl did you use xabber before?
  10. Marzanna markus.kaindl, yes but for a short period of time
  11. Marzanna Well, I received an invite to a conference, but I couldn't join until I deleted that conference from my contact list. Is it a known bug?
  12. markus.kaindl it was enough for it to store the conference ;)
  13. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #8366 (data is a tupel in function _event_dispatcher) created In the function _event_dispatcher in common/ is data a tuple. The handling of the event nbxmpp.features_nb.PRIVACY_LIST_RECEIVED is affected. A patch is included attached. • common_connection.py_event_dispatcher.patch attached to Ticket #8366
  14. Asterix Marzanna: indeed there is a bug with mediated invitations. Gajim adds it to the roster to show the notification, then as it's considered as a contact, we cannot join. Link Mauve showed me that a few days ago
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  16. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #8366 (data is a tupel in function _event_dispatcher) updated hmm no. data is False or an IQ. In nbxmpp it is: disp.Event(NS_PRIVACY, PRIVACY_LIST_RECEIVED, (False)) or disp.Event(NS_PRIVACY, PRIVACY_LIST_RECEIVED, (resp)) I agree it should be changed in nbxmpp to be consistent with other events, the "," is missing to make it a tuple.
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  18. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #8363 (OTR Module raise an exception) closed fixed: Plugins have their own trac: ​ Please report bugs in plugins there. They are not necessarily maintained by Gajim dev(s) That would be interesting to know when it happens by printing the traceback. Those JID object should never go in Gajim or plugin code. Fixed there.
  19. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim Plugins • Changeset [800:d8d596f5120f]: [NooN8] Correctly convert JID objects to a string. see ticket 8363 in … [NooN8] Correctly convert JID objects to a string. see ticket 8363 in gajim's trac. • Changeset [801:f9ae5b16620b]: bump gotr version bump gotr version
  20. Marzanna When I try to send an encrypted message, Gajim says "To send an encrypted message, you have to first trust the fingerprint of your contact!" But when I click on Fingerprints button, I don't see fingerprint. List is empty
  21. Marzanna I'm using OMEMO version from git
  22. Marzanna Hmm… Conversations is also can't fetch MEMO keys. Probably not a problem with Gajim itself.