Gajim - 2016-07-13

  1. bjoernb hi
  2. bjoernb is there a dark theme for gajim?
  3. Natureshadow No
  4. Natureshadow But for GTK
  5. Natureshadow And there is a GTK theme plugin for Gajim
  6. bjoernb Natureshadow, is there a package in debian for that?
  7. Natureshadow No
  8. jubalh is there a way in gajim to hide all those joins/leaves ?
  9. Link Mauve jubalh, yes, something in the ACE (Edit > Preferences > Advanced > Edit).
  10. noon hello
  11. noon I have a patch for an error in the python2 branch common/ function _event_dispatcher with the event nbxmpp.features_nb.PRIVACY_LIST_RECEIVED. Could someone please review it before I make a trac ticket?
  12. mister noon, what does it fix? (if it is related to the issue of not being able to modify/edit privacy lists, I would gladly test it) (oh, he just left... ;-))
  13. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #8355 (Does not recognize gpg-agent) updated For me this change has not fixed the bug, yet. I had to add KEY_CONSIDERED in line 675 of file (in function handle_status) as well.