Gajim - 2016-07-10

  1. hobo Hi. How can I change the way Gajim formats messages in (one-on-one) conversations?
  2. hobo hi
  3. hobo hmm
  4. hobo I can't seem to chat
  5. grobbs hmm
  6. mathieui you can’t see any of your messages ?
  7. grobbs I don't know what's going on with the other client but I can see messages, here.
  8. grobbs So, if anyone can help point me in the right direction, I'd like to format messages a little differently in Gajim. Something other than the standard [timestamp] [name]: [message]
  9. grobbs hmm
  10. grobbs2 test
  11. grobbs looks like it worked.
  12. q3 hello guys, I have a question for you. Would it be possible in the future to let you save messages in Gajim for offline that will be sent when they're back online?
  13. nicolas q3, is there any xep with it?
  14. q3 oh, I really don't know
  15. q3 it's something I would use in Pidgin, that's all I know sorry
  16. nicolas no problem
  17. nicolas q3, there seems not. The problem is handled by server keeping message by itself.
  18. q3 I know I know. However, very often your server doesn't store and forward messages to offline users. That's why mobile clients like ChatSecure or Conversations store messages locally until a connection to the user is available again. It's automatic and sleek, and paired with OTR in ChatSecure (great!). It did the trick for most people ;) I run a Prosody server that lets me do that, and it works very well. But on different accounts (and I use many in Gajim) you can't, so a simple feature like that would make a huge difference to me :)
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  20. grobbs2 Hi. How can I change the format of the text chat in Gajim? I'd like something different than <timestamp> <name>: <message>
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