Gajim - 2016-07-07

  1. tmolitor Link Mauve, asterix: python 2.7.12 has sys.maxunicode = 65535
  2. Link Mauve >_<
  3. Link Mauve That’s beyond stupid.
  4. tmolitor yes :(
  5. tmolitor is there any trustworthy source of python for windows with wide unicode support compiled in?
  6. tmolitor Link Mauve: I think I have to compile python for windows myself and as asterix to include this one...
  7. Link Mauve tmolitor, the way forward is using python3, really.
  8. tmolitor well, but the default branch is still not very useful...and there even is no gajim nightly build of the default branch (not for windows and not for linux)...that would be helpful, too...
  9. tmolitor as it is now, I cannot install gajim default on the computers of my friends (easily)...
  10. tmolitor Link Mauve, that is my problem right now :(
  11. Link Mauve tmolitor, I know your pain, I tried to ship GTK+ with my python3 game, it was terrible.
  12. Link Mauve *on Windows
  13. Link Mauve If that’s any consolation, OS X is even worse.
  14. tmolitor Link Mauve, fortunately none of my friends use os x....
  15. tmolitor well...what do you suggest to make the situation better?
  16. tmolitor recompile python with wide unicode support or make nightly snapshots of the default branch available for windows and linux?
  17. tmolitor (in my opinion the second would be better)
  18. Link Mauve I wouldn’t really suggest my friends to use the default branch right now, too many pain points.
  19. Link Mauve I use it only because it isn’t any critical and so that I can report the bugs I have.
  20. Link Mauve It would be useful to have it though, on Debian it would be quite easy to setup, but on Windows I wouldn’t wish that upon my worst enemy.
  21. Link Mauve What would be really useful would be to find a Windows developer interested in maintaining it.
  22. Link Mauve But that’s super hard to find, I don’t know why.
  23. mathieui the OS is too underground
  24. Link Mauve Probably.
  25. Link Mauve I mean, I don’t know anyone around me using it.
  26. Link Mauve Maybe two or three people, that’s it.
  27. SouL Windows?
  28. JKing I'm on Windows, but I'm not qualified to maintain software. :(
  29. 007 IF i am writing this message : <message to="" type="chat"> <body>Hello</body> </message> As : msg.Type =; msg.To = new Jid(textBox2.Text + ""); msg.Body = "Hello"; rhCon[i].Send(msg);
  30. 007 How to write this : <iq type="set" id="2823"> <query xmlns="jabber:iq:privacy"> <default name="all"/> </query> </iq> Ind that format : ?
  31. noon hello
  32. noon I have now created the ne ticket for the problem. yesterday I did not have my credentials for trac
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  34. noon I think there must be a better procedure than making for every change a own ticket in trac.
  35. Tobias does gajim work on OS X?
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  37. lovetox i use default branch on windows
  38. lovetox but you are right it was a pain in the ass to setup had to comment various code out to get it working
  39. lovetox but asterix has a patch for that
  40. lovetox i have also the opinion that it is quite hard to contribute
  41. lovetox without the ability of pull requests
  42. lovetox and that there should be something like nightly builds
  43. lovetox would make it a lot more easy for people to get started
  44. lovetox a change to git would be wonderful, but i dont think asterix will make that happen :)
  45. Asterix Tobias: I don't really know. Some ppl already did some things to have things working, but I never got real feedback on that
  46. tmolitor asterix: would it be possible to offer nightly builds of the default branch?
  47. Asterix it would ... but I need to configure that ... and currently I have way too much work, then it will be vacation ... then work again ... Hard to handle everything ...
  48. arune I remember when "vacation" meant "working on hobby projects" ☺☺
  49. tmolitor asterix: I'd be more than happy to help you if there is anything I can do :)
  50. Asterix yes .. but now vacation means play with my sons ...
  51. tmolitor asterix: would nightly builds for windows also be possible?
  52. Asterix tmolitor: if you want to setup the build on your machine, I can open an FTP access to the server to put it there
  53. Asterix tmolitor: yes, but not by me. I never run windows, so can't build it every day
  54. tmolitor asterix: I could offer a windows vm on my server to do the nightly builds....
  55. Asterix same thing, if you run that, I'll open a FTP Access to server without any problem
  56. tmolitor asterix: yes, that would be nice :) I'll set up a new debian vm for this...
  57. tmolitor and windows vm for the windows build :)
  58. Asterix excellent
  59. tmolitor are there any build instructions you can share?
  60. Asterix for win, the build.bat is in the repository
  61. Asterix for debian, I have a script that adds the plugin_installer plugin to the archive
  62. tmolitor asterix: okay...wouldn't that be good to add to the windows build also?
  63. Asterix it's in the script
  64. tmolitor asterix, ah, okay :)
  65. tmolitor in the build.bat I see something like "copy msgfmt.exe gajim_built"...where an I get those exe and dll files?
  66. Asterix in my vm ...
  67. Asterix but getting latest versions couldn't hurt ..
  68. tmolitor asterix: is that vm only for gajim builds or a general vm you use?
  69. tmolitor if it's only for gajim you could upload it to my server as a starting point for me to use...
  70. Asterix tmolitor:
  71. Asterix it's only for gajim dev, but I don't have a windows licence, not not sharable
  72. tmolitor asterix: I could buy a license if it is windows 7 that would only cost about 15 euros...would be okay for me...
  73. Asterix it is a win7 yes
  74. 0xAFFE Asterix: couldnt you use to make windows builds?
  75. 0xAFFE that would be free for open source
  76. sol Is there a good Windows-native xmpp client?
  77. Asterix 0xAFFE: no idea ... But it's not an open source service ... Not very nice, but if that does the job ...
  78. Tobias Swift?
  79. 0xAFFE sol: not to my knowledge
  80. Tobias Pandion was once but i don't think it saw any development the last couple years
  81. sol Tobias: Ah. What's
  82. sol Gah. Meant to ask: What's Swift built on? Not Qt or Gtk?
  83. Tobias sol, it's written using Qt, yes..but it also uses lots of native APIs to improve UX and integration
  84. tmolitor 0xAFFE, asterix: well, we could give it a try, I think...
  85. 0xAFFE I will give it a shot
  86. Asterix nice!
  87. tmolitor 0xAFFE, thanks! I can help you, just write me a private message :)
  88. sol Tobias: Hmm.. I know for Pidgin and Gajim (both GTK+?) I have to download additional stuff to get them to run on Windows. That's not needed for Swift?
  89. Asterix sol: you don't have to d/l anything to make Gajim work under windows. Everything is in the installer
  90. Tobias nope..that's not just download the installer and it comes with everything needed
  91. tmolitor asterix: the make_hg_snap script is for packaging the plugin installer and create a source tarball for the build process?
  92. Asterix tmolitor: yes, it's the script I run to create the current hg snap (on gajim_0.16 branch)
  93. sol Asterix: doesn't the installer download Gtk stuff from the net (just like Pidgin)? Or is it all packaged in the same exe?
  94. Asterix it's all packaged. Nothing is downloaded
  95. Tobias ready to be installed from your favourite floppy device
  96. tmolitor asterix: lovetox told me you have a patch for gajim default to make it build/run under windows and already build gtk3 for windows?
  97. tmolitor could you give me those files, too?
  98. Asterix I should commit them yes ...
  99. lovetox
  100. tmolitor Asterix: that would be nice :)
  101. Asterix LOL
  102. lovetox :D
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  104. tmolitor Marzanna: I'm trying to fix the grey rectangle problem now...
  105. tmolitor could you test the new plugin version before I upload it?
  106. Marzanna tmolitor, of course
  107. tmolitor Marzanna: thanks :)
  108. tmolitor asterix: I changed the plugin manager to also check for new plugin updates every 24 hours (in the default branch)...
  109. tmolitor you can merge that to the 0.16 branch if you want :)
  110. Marzanna Hmm... When I send encrypted image using http_upload, I don't see xhtml preview, but regular image preview appears after few sec
  111. Marzanna tmolitor, where can I get the updated version?
  112. Asterix tmolitor: I don't think it's a killer feature that require a port to 0.16 branch
  113. Marzanna Is it ready for testing?
  114. Asterix tmolitor: patch for windows GTK3 version pushed
  115. tmolitor asterix: thanks!
  116. tmolitor asterix: what feature exactly?
  117. tmolitor Marzanna, xhtml is only used for unencrypted messages (and I plan to remove it entirely when I rewrite the plugin for the default branch)...
  118. tmolitor asterix: ah, I get mean the 24 hours patch...
  119. tmolitor yes...that's true...
  120. tmolitor Marzanna, no, I'm working on it...stand by :)
  121. Marzanna tmolitor, thanks. I'll wait then
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  123. tmolitor
  124. tmolitor Marzanna that's it...
  125. lovetox Marzanna, if you send messages with omemo, xhtml is disabled
  126. lovetox because everything in the xhtml tag is not encrypted
  127. lovetox it would send the picture preview in plaintext, and you think because omemo is enabled, that its encrypted
  128. Marzanna tmolitor, I'm testing :) But I need some time
  129. Marzanna lovetox, what if I send xhtml-im image?
  130. lovetox i dont know what this is, but if it uses the xhtml tag, it should not be possible when omemo is activated
  131. tmolitor Marzanna, because sending the image in xhtml would be unencrypted...
  132. tmolitor Marzanna, thanks!
  133. lovetox but what is the gain from sending an image with xhtml to sending it with http upload?
  134. Marzanna lovetox, I use send stickers using xhtml-im :)
  135. lovetox and this works with omemo activated?
  136. Marzanna *I send
  137. lovetox the problem is in the OMEMO xep it is defined to just encrypt the body tag
  138. lovetox so im inclined to filter everything out except the body
  139. Marzanna Just tested. It works. But I haven't got an acknowledgement from recipient yet
  140. lovetox cause it would leak data
  141. lovetox could you open the xml console
  142. lovetox and send one again
  143. lovetox and look if there is the html tag?
  144. lovetox also how do you send stickers with gajim?
  145. lovetox is there a plugin, i dont see it
  146. Marzanna lovetox, xhtml-im plugin
  147. lovetox i dont have that in my list
  148. Marzanna lovetox, it's called "Image"
  149. lovetox oh i see
  150. lovetox i will test
  151. Marzanna lovetox, i don't see html tag in xml console
  152. lovetox this does not work
  153. lovetox your contacts cant see the image
  154. lovetox only you when you send it, cause the xhtml is removed after showing in the chat window
  155. lovetox it never reaches your contact
  156. Marzanna But I they see
  157. lovetox hm
  158. lovetox i fixed this recently
  159. lovetox maybe your on an old version
  160. lovetox was commited 24 days ago
  161. Marzanna lovetox, version of OMEMO plugin?
  162. lovetox 0.6
  163. lovetox but its only available from github right now
  164. lovetox
  165. Marzanna Looks like I'm using old version
  166. Marzanna I'll test git version later (and updated preview plugin)
  167. Link Mauve Marzanna, this is the main issue with OMEMO, it wasn’t made to handle anything but plain text.
  168. Link Mauve I’ve started working on fixing that a few months ago but got stalled by Axolotl being incompatible with the license of the library I was integrating it into.
  169. tmolitor Marzanna, okay...thanks :)
  170. Marzanna tmolitor, got first result. I sill see gray rectangles.
  171. tmolitor Marzanna, oh...that's sad :(
  172. tmolitor Marzanna, could you comment out a line and check if it helps?
  173. tmolitor line 199 and 200...
  174. tmolitor this one:
  175. tmolitor pixbuf, w, h = self.get_pixbuf_of_size(pixbuf, self.plugin.config['PREVIEW_SIZE'])
  176. tmolitor maybe its the pixbuf resizing that goes nuts...
  177. Marzanna tmolitor, sorry I just switched my laptop off. I can try tomorrow evening only
  178. tmolitor Marzanna, thats okay...thanks anyway...
  179. tmolitor are you using windows or linux?
  180. Marzanna tmolitor, Linux
  181. tmolitor Marzanna: gajim nightly?
  182. Marzanna tmolitor, yes
  183. tmolitor should work least it seems so for me...
  184. tmolitor lets see what your test tomorrow reveals :)